Great DJ Stories: Reviewing DJ Pauly D’s Show

It’s been a few months since our last edition of Great DJ Stories (about DJing at Obama’s election party), but this morning we’ve been sent another spectacular story about a unique situation in which DJs find themselves. Today’s story is a critical-yet-humorous review of a set by Jersey Shore celebriDJ, Pauly D, published in full by our friends down under at inthemix.

Here’s our favorite selection from the minute-by-minute account by Andrew Wowk – a self-proclaimed “techno nerd”:

9:37pm – Pauly attempts to scratch for the first (of many) times. Someplace, somewhere, DJ Shadow shudders and doesn’t know why.

9:38pm – Pauly drops a track that the support DJs just before him finished with. I do not profess to know its name, my knowledge of commercial ‘EDM’ admittedly (and proudly) limited. His status as some kind of idol for the frontally lobotomised is confirmed: the crowd explodes.

9:45pm – As the set carries on, Pauly raises what looks like a deformed limb (possibly an arm) and thrusts it upwards into the sky. He calls this a “fist pump” and demands the crowd perform it with him (they, of course, do). Its purpose is lost on me, but if I had to speculate, I would say it is some kind of movement designed to appeal to those who were not born with the ability to dance with their hips and legs.

Read the full account over at inthemix.

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  • Numbdrum

    Fricken EPIC! If you don’t get the humor of this article then you are lost without hope and have no personality! Well done DJTT!

  • tetrix

    Im sorry bit everyone getting but hurt over this article needs to calm down. The purpose of this article was just to show people what dance music ,or “edm” as its grotesquely called now, is like to those who are joining it as a fad. I found this article interesting and funny, it showed me that theirs a flaw with many djs that as long as someone is famous and keeps a few twats who call dance numsic the “rave scene” we cant say anything. This guy is everything thats wrong with our lifestyle, its all about the money and fame now, nothing about playing something new and something old and trying to have a good time.

    If you honestly wouldn’t be pissed as a dj if this pauly d guy came into your town and took your favourite djing spot and took everything you loved in a djing atmosphere and destroyed it then your not human. Because that’s exactly what this guy is doing, hes the start of something fucked up and half of you are all to Pc to wanna say “yeah this guy is a dick and I wish he was dead”

  • DJTT sure has changed!

    Is this what passes for DJTT articles now, reposting snarky fluff pieces that take shots at easy targets? Save the mean-spirited pettiness for the forums, blogging these types of articles just makes DJTT seem way juvenile and trashy.

  • JR

    I love the bit about the fist-pumping. This is my biggest peeve with the whole “EDM” thing these days. It’s called dance music, but really it’s just a sorry excuse for people who couldn’t really dance to begin with to flail limbs in the air and call it dancing. Starting back with swing music in the early 1900’s, dance music facilitated actual dancing. Take it thru disco and then early house music, and it’s the same thing. EDM? Completely different thing, and that’s where this so-called music loses it’s soul. I really think it should stand for “electronic drugged-out music”.

  • werv

    author is a tech snob nothing worse….. some times u gota play for the masses! At the end of the day certain crowds are goin to see certain djs…….. if everyone is “jumping” (unlike if they seen the ‘said author’ dj where they would have to be off there head on horse tranquilisers…. pauly d is doing he job and probably a good one at that if the crowd is loving it whats more important like?

  • Dinn Winnwood

    haha Pauly D you are the BIGGEST Vaughn Dutch Dousche Face EVER!!! Get outa hear with your cheezy DJing

  • boggie

    This article makes absolutely no sense, the guy is doing his “job”. otherwise he would not be touring. if not, ask the club owners to review his performance. and NO, performances like this do not send the wrong signals to upcoming djs, Why, cause is impossible for them to get where Pauly D is without the help of media or a reality tv show. If Pauly D got where he is im glad for him,would i pay to go to his show?? NO, because I like something else. lets stop being hypocrites.

  • Volker

    Mark Twain was writing elaborate stories from/about Hawaii that were fun for his readers: he wrote about another world in a humorous way.

    Wowk did the same: venturing boldly into clubs unknown, meeting sentient alien audiences and report back on what he found in a very nice comedic way.
    I thank you for that, please go on!

    If I might complain about hating, it could be that the audience is pictured in a quite unfavourable way on a few occasions. Yet they are not enlightened and anonymous, so wowk will get a denial-of-reading bomb delivered. All is just.

  • KIO

    I don’t care how much criticism this guy receives. He is getting a crowd of paying customers into clubs world wide and the peeps that show up seem to be enjoying themselves. So the guy is doing his job. Perfectly actually.

  • BigTimber

    Wasn’t aware DJTT was now in the habit of deciding who is and isn’t privileged or skilled enough to be a DJ. The guy’s decided to use a skill he’s worked on since high school (and hate all you want, he is actually a qualified DJ), combined with fame for a show he did. Cut him some slack, the people in the audience clearly seemed to like it.

    • Justin Reed

      Why cut him slack? – he’s performing in a way that many or most of us consider to be a pale approximation of an art that we are strongly invested in and perhaps consider ourselves to have some knowledge about. I hate this relativist bullshit like any music is as valid as any other just because there are ignorant fans of it. This is a viewpoint that is willfully ignorant of the history of music IMO.

      • BigTimber

        The reason to cut him slack is that I doubt more than 1% of the people who come to this site have actually seen him DJ, beyond over-modulated YouTube clips. So it’s just people with a strong opinion without firsthand experience, leading others who want in on the bandwagon. Obviously the author of the article saw him, but the rest of this is just posturing.

        • Justin Reed

          the author’s account represents a first hand experience, no? Do i have to personally see him to judge him based on this account?

    • djtwist03

      i agree with you

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    commercial clubbing at it’s best XD, reminds me a few years ago working at a club in the UK there was an apperance from from Fran Cosgrove (Who???, Exactly…) some minor celebe like big bro or something… the guy was to asked a few questions on stage with screaming girls and I hear some eyes rolling out there on the net, he was also booked to DJ an hour and tell ya’ what he wasn’t that bad granted he was no master, but tracks current, no repeats and good enough beatmixing even chucked in a couple of filters, now heard he runs high-end celebe parties in london clubs, but He will never hit underground greatness but this kind of stuff is what can kill the music the real DJ’s and fans love.

  • djtwist03

    whoever wrote this article is a straight hater…
    people paid to see him and he’s all over the place… bankin. You wish you could be on his level.
    When you were at his show, i doubt any knew who the hell you were…
    after the show you probably went home and cried cuz you’ll never be on that level…

    • Andrew Wowk

      I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if anyone at a Pauly D show had any idea who I am, and that’s fine. My writing and DJing are not aimed at them. I doubt Pauly will even read the article, which is fine too, that wasn’t the purpose of writing it.

    • Rutger Willems

      You wish you could be on his level.

      You know that’s not that hard huh? Making a pre-recorded mix that doesn’t sound like there is a train derailing???

      • djtwist03

        i doubt he uses a premix… so what about all those “DJs”that use ableton when they play out? what would u say to that?

        • Rutger Willems

          quite simple, respect guys! because i think its the most difficult form of djing but as long as it sounds good i’m only happy to see someone using abby

    • Justin Reed

      twist – you sound like a newschool jack who values fame and money above all else. there’s this thing called art and aesthetics and integrity….nevermind…

      • djtwist03

        i’m definitely not a new school jack… I’ve been djin over 10 years, i understand about the art and all that shit but i’m not gonna hate on someone that blew up cuz of TV… he was djin before he got on TV and just got a lucky break… he’s definitely not great but there’s a ton of ppl that just start djin cuz that’s the new thang to do.. all those celebrities, models and these new folk who just use the sync button.. now those ppl i can give two shits about..

        • tr4gik

          so you’re saying because he uses Time-code vinyl he doesn’t SYNC …. interesting.

    • boggie

      Totally agree with you my friend.

  • Konrad Carelli

    Just the fact that someone is reporting the gig gives Paulie dap…when ya gonna learn that simply ignoring celebrity jocks will motivate them to seek activities other than DJing as a means of garnering attention. Would you rather be hated by millions or completely unknown and irrelevant? These circuses they call ‘EDM festivals/performances’ and “franchise night clubs’ have as much to do with the skill and art of DJing nowadays as -*name any fast food franchise*- has to do with health food…or just even edible food…

  • Lv.1Mapper

    I don’t get why all the hate towards the guy. He’s been djing since highschool and sticks to the old decks like old school djs. Wtf? And I don’t think this guy is a douche. If you’ve seen him on any of his shows, he’s the most positive/funny person while everybody else is getting into fights. He’s no Laidback Luke or DJ BL3ND, but I think we should still give credit to him since he’s out there promoting the dj art with his fame.

    • Gavin Varitech

      “He’s no Laidback Luke or DJ BL3ND”

      Huh? Confused?

      • tr4gik

        lol i know, I am as confused as you are.

        • Gavin Varitech

          I get the Laidback Luke part (even though I’m not really into what he has been playing the last 5-6 years) but DJ BL3ND? A big WTF?!?!?!

    • David de grandpre

      The fact that he almost never actually mix and that he only do a little scratch and move the crossfader do the side may have something to do with the hate

    • Tyler

      No. And sticks to the decks? Time-code vinyl is one of the most technologically advanced setups in modern DJ equipment. I don’t believe that Djs like this should be idolized. All he does is push play. Lets the PRODUCERS take the spotlight and let these guys push play in their top 40 bars. End.

    • RS

      DJ Bl3ND is worse than Pauly D haha take that back they’re about the same I guess lol.

    • pussy

      you’re an idiot. DJ BL3ND is trash and so is Laidback. get the fuck off kid.

    • TheThirdSun

      dude, sorry to say, but Jersey Shore is pretty much all scripted. I’d be surprised if Pauly D’s LIFE isn’t scripted to be honest.

    • DJJoKerboy

      who the hell is dj blend? is that the chuckie mask wearing nut job? LAME! mau5 wanna be

    • RealJohnstonDJ

      Whoa whoa whoa, let me set you str8, I’ve been djing since high school, I went to high school with Paul. He was NOT djing in high school at all! And his first gig he claims as club ultra in providence? False, it was a bar in our hometown called the coda lounge. His’lifelong’ friends, he didn’t know until after high school. Still think he isn’t a douche

  • Andrew

    “I start to wonder if Pauly didn’t make a deal with some kind of demonic force…”
    I just peed.

  • Tr4gik

    Im sorry but who the f-ck is this pauly clown ??

    • tardbucket

      a celebrity that will be mostly forgotten within a generation, except as a novelty

    • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

      after reading the full article “jersey shore” MTV big bro kinda thing,. just follows em going out and bitching on each other basically…

  • jman

    this just made my afternoon hahaha…

  • Roger Huitt

    this is mean. No reason for DJTT to be running this. This akin to being a bully.

    • Aaron

      hahahahahahhaahhahahhah. please just disconnect your internet.

  • Anonymous

    I laughed…then wept when I read this article and saw that he has 2 times the followers as Armin Van Buren!!! Anyway, if you read the whole story…you will discover that Avicii’s “Levels” was played about 4 different times throughout the night…I almost choked on my coffee when I read that bit.

  • Aidan

    this guy is fucking genius!

  • dj prestige

    Wow, I kinda gave up being a hater after ninth grade…guess we dont all mature at the same rate. I’ll be back when you report something of substance.

    • Andrew Wowk

      As I said in response to another comment – I am not a hater, and I am not someone who thinks I know everything. This article was well outside the usual scope of the kinds of articles I usually write for inthemix, RA and Pulse Radio 🙂

      • pussy

        you dont have to give this guy a reason to your ryhme. fuck pauly d.

  • Me Hobbs

    I don’t quite understand the meaning of this article. We have an expression in France we said “shooting on an ambulance” meaning what’s the point of writing an article to say Pauly D sucks. Of course he does but at the end I don’t think he gives a shit when he’s rubbing himself with his $$$ he might feel really sad he wash bashed by a nobody on a blog

    • Dj this Dj that

      Idk, the way I look at it, DJTT > Pauly D 99.99999% of the time… and it’s not a matter of money. Wether its just some “nobody” author writing these, or even Ean Golden, DJTT provides more useful information and resources than you could ever get out of seeing one of Pauly D’s shitty sets. Humor is priceless.

    • Andrew Wowk

      I regularly contribute to inthemix, Resident Advisor and Pulse Radio, and 99% of the time it is serious content about a wide variety of “underground” music (I don’t like the word underground, but it has its purpose in describing what kind of music I’m talking about). This article was done simply as a huge pisstake, which we outlined very clearly in the introduction (written by my editors). Yeah, it was shooting fish in a barrel (i.e., he was an easy target), but sometimes it’s fun to just do something really outside of your usual scope (like this was for me).

      I don’t profess to be an authority on dance music, and I think some people have gotten the impression that I consider myself a know-all. I don’t. I may have been into the music for 14 years, and may have been DJing for 10 years, but at the end of the day it’s still ultimately my opinion, not “fact”, and I’m totally aware of that. You’re right, Pauly probably really doesn’t give a crap what my article says about him, but then again it was never written with the intention of him reading it.

      • Volker

        I would love to read more of your “out-of-scope”. keep me posted!

    • Rutger Willems

      It could have been anybody but i think the most people on DJTT would say this is funny, so i think thats why DJTT is posting this.

      And btw i tought it was extremly funny, totally made my day

  • Greg Lane

    I think DJ Tech Tools really loves them some Reddit

    • Spacecamp

      Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, our forums, google alerts for DJ related stories, Mixmag, InTheMix, Resident Advisor, Create Digital – I’m read pretty much everything these days.

      • Owen

        Mixmag has really started to go down hill in the last few years 🙁

        • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

          I hear ya’ seem the EDM press (loosly used) in the uk has lost touch with the scene and has the new generations with the music thanks to the likes pauly d and co, (could david guetta and SHM in there to)

      • Greg Lane

        That’s lots of reading. I will have to check out Create Digital because I’m always looking for more sources of our culture. I’ve searched and there seems to be many horrible ones out there.

  • DJtonality

    Almost lost respect for DJTT until I actually read the article. Turns our its pretty funny. This wannabe DJ is a joke and I’m glad to see the DJTT community agrees!

  • sle


  • Alisan Cavdarli

    yes the author is a genius and Pauly D is an orange.

  • Kevin Hayes

    This article was the best thing I have ever read about “DJ” Pauly D. Glad to hear my fellow DJTTers are just as unaccepting of him as I am!

  • davyykun

    The author is a genius.

  • Hooker T

    Bwahahahaha! Thanks for sharing this, it just made my day!!

  • Enver 'Redeyz' Pletilic

    the Shadow quote is the best one in the article hands down. the whole thing is a great read, tho.