DJ Performance: Enferno’s 2 Chainz Routine

We’re always on the lookout for solid new routines, and DJ Enferno‘s videos have been featured before on DJ TechTools, so it’s no surprise to see him crush another routine. He’s rocking pretty much the same setup as before- a custom mapped Maschine MkII controlling Ableton Drum Racks, a Casio XWG1, a Pioneer DJM-900 and Serato Scratch Live.

This time he takes a page out of A-Trak’s book and busts out a costume in the middle of his set. Are costumes too much or just what every good video needs? Either way, his combination of controllerism and turntablisim are appreciated here in the DJTT HQ – have a watch for yourself:

Think you know of a routine that outdoes this one? Let us know your favorite controllerism videos in the comments below! 

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  • jess

    this dude is so sick. anyone hating is a complete douche and needs to go practice more because they are jealous that inferno could OWN THEM. calling all of you out that are hating. idiots

  • Uncle Funky

    His music isn’t my style but anyone hating on his skills is a straight up ball bag.

    His tempo slipped? Good, he’s human.

  • The Salivation Army

    oh jeez why do i even read comments here at all
    you guys must be fun at parties

  • DJ Jammydrover

    madeon’s pop culture is (and allways will be) the best in my oppinion

  • DJ TeeOh

    Never disliked a DJTT post so much…..but this one deserves the boot. Good concept but Enferno is better than that. Definitely heard the tempo off a few times and the feeling was just boring. At 1st I was nodding my head….as soon as he started drumming….lost it. Kept watching…..interest level decreased. By the end….sadly disappointed.

  • psy/OPs

    this is an awesome pisstake of the Trap culture and sound 🙂 tight routine and mixing. i liked how Enferno doesn’t stick to any one particular piece of equipment, how he uses them all as tools to create the jam.

  • cp43

    Almost too much performing, and still kept it tight. Respect, amazed at all the haters.

  • SonSon

    If I ever need any negativity in my day, hypothetically speaking, I can always leave it up to DJTT’s comments section to provide. On a more positive note, Enferno’s a beast. Respect.

  • Ryan

    Get this EGO garbage out of here DJTT. Come on, where are the conscious cats out there that DESERVE to be filmed?

    I don’t want to waste my time or energy feeding something that needs to be removed from our DNA blueprint. This guy should focus his time on something more positive and uplifting.

    • Nick Leong

      someone can’t take a joke. You can tell by watching this guy’s other videos that this was done purely for humor

      • Ryan

        TRAP is not a joke. That shit literally puts your mind a small cage. I tell you this because I love you. 😀

  • deejae snafu

    Hes in his A-trak costume..

  • Space Paranoid


  • Robert Chung

    not bad

    more funny / scratchy – a-traks video & shiftees videos are hilarious

    more insane : imogen heap

  • lauti

    a bit repetitive. costumes sucked. cutting was cool but short

  • Guest

    Musicality: -4. Hype and Bluster: +3 Total: -1, a net loss.

    • DFMF

      really? I thought musically it was probably positive. It sounds decent not shitty like a lot of scratch routines. Oh well people are jealous of what they can’t achieve, I know I am

    • T.T

      Now this is a man who could use a sync button or 2.

      • p12

        true, could really feel the tempo drop a bit @ 0.50

        • David De Garie-Lamanque

          by the way…the only humans who have built in metronomes play death metal…get over yourselves and do something worthy with your lives you damn trolls

        • LiveIsBetter

          Quantization is boring and inhuman, and for some reason thats what your looking for in a performance…. BTW hes using maschine connected to ableton drum racks. And he midi syncs without the bridge to serato, so hes always scrubbing to match. He explains ona thred on maschine forum. Might be a better set up now that mkII is out, drivers may be fixed

      • Max Yankov

        Fingerdrumming, or any kind of druming, for that matter, doesn’t have to play as a metronome. It’s totally OK if your tempo gets hotter with the intensity of the song.

  • Suoires

    Shiftee put on a better performance.

    • Carlos Hernandez

      Absolutely! Shiftee has a way better performance. LIke they say on England: Keep Calm and Carry on… nothing to see here.

  • belTRON

    nailed it.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    Tight routine. As for costumes, I usually hate gimmicks but I love costumes in DJ routines. It adds a sense of humor. Let’s not forget costumes from the DIY scratch videos, puppets like skratchy seal or one of my favorite costumed scratchers DJ Keltech

    • payton

      THAT video seriously planted the dj seed in my mind when i was like twelve… good times.