Serato DJ 1.1.2: NS6, VCI-400, and DDJ-WeGO Support

Serato is rolling out yet another batch of supported controllers for Serato DJ, ITCH’s replacement that debuted last year. The new version of Serato DJ, 1.1.2, makes the software compatible with the Numark NS6, the Vestax VCI-400, and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO. In addition, the update includes a few new features and bug fixes that might be of interest to DJs already using the software.

Of note, the introduction of support for the Numark NS6 will actually make it the first controller from the previous generation of ITCH controllers that will be getting the upgrade to Serato DJ for free. We can confirm that the update is free – despite some reports to the contrary originating out of Numark’s camp (Numark has now sent out a corrected press release!)

Here’s the changes to the software itself, including bug fixes:

New Features

  • Autoplay. When enabled, Serato DJ will play continuously through your library or selected crate.
  • Active decks are now always displayed in two deck view modes for four deck controllers.
  • Numark MixTrack Pro
  • Shift (delete) + Keylock button combo now changes pitch range.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed random audio dropouts with the DDJ-SX.
  • Fixed small audio dropout when turning on FX.
  • Fixed dragging and dropping tracks from the virtual decks.
  • Fixed text for Whitelabel files being truncated on Windows.
  • Fixed dropdown box tick and text colour mismatch.
  • Fixed freeze when disconnecting controller while MIDI mapping.
  • Fixed crossfade knob labels missing when DDJ-ERGO connected.
  • Fixed EQ boost preferences not being saved on exit.
  • Fixed FLAC files not being able to be imported from Finder.
  • Fixed loop roll becoming locked when using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed “buy now” button for Serato Video opening three windows in default browser.
  • Fixed mouse cursor changing randomly when scrolling over library.
  • Fixed a bug with adding album art where dragging a jpeg from Finder didn’t work.

Get the new update and additional information about Serato DJ on their official site.

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  • Skeet

    I have this with the ns6, library size limitations are rediculous. Errors and drops like crazy. On the same computer vdj, traktor, mixvibes, ableton and mixmeister all work perfectly. Garbage.

  • RyuJn

    Pioneer DDJ-TX anyone ^-^ <—–now there's an idea 😛

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me if the VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition is compatible with the VCI-400 Serato DJ release?

    • Sam Moore

      My vote is no. MIDI firm/ MIDI notes on EGE are different. So i think not.

    • Sam Moore

      Here is what Flashflooder said on the EGE Mapping section
      at this point in time it appears that due to the MIDI differences between the 400SE and regular 400 units, that the Serato DJ support won’t work fully with a VCI-400SE. i am working with Vestax to see if we can find a solution for this as it would be useful for current and future 400SE owners. i will of course update you guys if something like hat happens. i also am not fully aware of the midi mapping potential in Serato DJ but if it’s enough that I could create a custom mapping, I would be interested in trying to to learn about it and do that”

      so not now but maybe in the future?

  • cp43

    Any thoughts on an ean golden vci 400 serato edition?? Will b my next purchase if so.

  • DJ Android

    Maybe being a Twitch owner and obviously one of if not the last contoller to get the DJ update, will turn out to be a blessing if Serato fixes all the bugs before its available to us. Would that be too much to ask?