Behind The Booth: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Gear Talkthrough

We got a chance a couple of months back to chat with Orlando of UK-based TEED about his live performance setup, one of the most extensive we’ve seen for a single performer of his caliber. Click through and watch as he shows off all of his gear, shares production advice, and more.

Did our video leave you wanting to hear more Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs tracks? Here’s a few of our personal favorites:

Want to see some of his gear in use? While we couldn’t shoot any on-stage footage in SF, you can get a good sense of his workflow by checking out this video of TEED rocking BBC Radio 1’s Festive Festival:

Learn more about TEED on his official Tumblr

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  • rbx

    best djtt posting in some time…. keep it going!

  • AP

    As far as “deep” house goes, this guy seems perfectly decent. Definitely enjoyed this much more than some of the other artists djtt chooses to showcase. I heard that space ballad tune on Azari and iii’s xlr8r mix a little while back and am glad to have found it.

  • konrad

    I would rather pay see this guy than Swedish House Mafia any day of the week… A friend of mine gave me tix to SHM at Barclay’s center in Brooklyn. They did NOTHING to warrant a stadium show like that. it was like watching a jukebox.

  • Brent Watters

    So wait, are the chorus/delay and Korg kaoss pad effecting only the output from the focus rite? So in theory the effects on his voice are only the fx from the Yamaha mixer?

  • Redskyy

    Not a fan of his music, but respect his talent and originality.

  • cc

    Crap music, but cool gear.

  • Narrah

    This guy is so cool.
    I love it when someone talks and what comes out is truth.

  • Anonymous

    i love that he’s like this is my US set up, and this is “basically it” haha. Yeah real simple lol.

  • mgl

    super pumped to see him next week at Snowball, hope i get to meet him backstage

  • KIO

    I really like what the guy was doing. Too bad for the guy that the people in the room were cold as ice. They were barely moving! And IMHO it was certainly not for the music he was making. Sounded pretty decent to me.

  • Scott

    RIP Vibe disco ball….. Hopefully the german girl is putting it to good use.

  • Anthony Rice

    Nice little interview of Teed DJTT. Been following him for a while now he is one very talented dude. Nice to find out about how he works live.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    Very cool! I love how all that gear is his lightweight set up. hah.awesome.


    This was an awesome interview. Very inspiring

  • KVRM

    Brilliant! He really inspired me with what he said about “trusting your own ears”.

  • BB

    Shouldn’t it be “We got a chance” not “We got a change”

    • Sin Nombre

      Shut up bitch.

  • Zimfella

    Awesome! Great interview, thanks. 🙂

  • David Williams

    Great interview. Seems a really sound guy that loves his work

  • steve

    Sick! Love TEED and getting to hear him talk about all of his gear was ACE.
    More techtools TV!!!1