SubPac, Personal Subwoofer | Kickstarter Highlight

A lot of interesting music technology goes through the Kickstarter circuit – some (like the QuNeo) more successfully than others. But Studiofeed, a Toronto-based company that supports independent musicians through technology development, has a new project that’s just gone live that could be the next big thing in home studio production and DJing.

The SubPac has the unobtrusive design of a backrest with a audio interface attached the the right side, and is designed to transmit bass frequencies through physical contact with the person using it. The unit is designed to emulate club-level bass intensities – with a frequency response of 5Hz to 130Hz.

At first glance, it seems like it could potentially be a cheesy gimmick device, simply because of the physical design and the absurdity of such a thin unit acting as a subwoofer. But some of the artist testers who they’ve gotten testimonials from are bass experts – including praise from Kode 9 and Mala.

Here’s their Kickstarter promotional video – we’ve gone ahead and requested a unit so that we can give you all the full review soon. If Studiofeed has really solved the problem of annoying our neighbors everytime we crank up the bass, it’s a significant development for DJs and producers!

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  • Blaine Charlton

    cool guys when have i commented,there’s so much thats new over here am i becoming outdated lol great stuff DJTT for keeping updated straight from south africa yours only Dj Bemine lol

  • Anonymous

    A lot of viral marketing scum down in the comments.

  • Florian Arndt

    How can a device sitting in my back give me the sensation of being frontally hit in the chest and stomach by a phat kick drum. Should give that a try

    • Bis

      That would be really cool, and about the only practical application I could see this being used for. Nobody is going to put away their standard production “output” gear right now or in the near future to produce with a “back massager” as a form of reference (even if its just the low frequencies). I need to hear the music. I use my ears and my whole buddy to perceive low frequencies when I am sitting and hovering over my desk, not just my lower back. It looks like a well crafted product, but unless the audience is listening and using one too, then it makes no sense to produce with it.

  • Will Ju

    It’s been done…For cars, for home, etc. When I saw the title I was hoping it would be a portable subwoofer that I could plug into an iPod dock or something, because we all know they’re in desperate need of some bass. Hooking up a contraption to simulate what bass would feel like seems pointless, because it’s only good for when you’re sitting against it, and nobody else can benefit from it. Plus if you can’t hear the bass, it would just feel like you’re getting a massage.

  • Brian

    All I gotta say is people that love music are going to love this. I tried one at school and ordered it right away.

  • SynthEtiX

    Wow. You guys are ridiculous. Don’t bash something just because you don’t like it. You haven’t even tried it!!!
    If it does what they say it does, it would be AWESOME!

    I definitely see this as more of a production tool for people that use headphones a lot anyway, or aren’t able to crank their monitors/subs at the moment.

    Gaming would be tight with this thing!
    $350 gets you the product, read the kickstarter page.

    They say it’s for DJs also, but really? that’s what headphones are for anyway, so stop whining. it’s not like you’re gonna practice with it on and it’ll make you more prepared for the club..

    • johnny

      Yup. The point is that it lets you prepare for, and understand what your mixes would be like in a club.

    • johnny

      I will tell you that even we went to a LOT of studios with this (big time producers) and even the guys with a huge set up loved it – you dont have to crank your system and you can make tunes any time of day/night…

  • KoenraadVDS

    I have mounted a couple of transducers in my couch/desk chair since 2004 And It’s the same effect. Been doing performance projects with them with audiences. Transducers are awesome. It get’s the “feeling” out there without the loudness of music.

  • Ryan

    !llMND is working with the illuminati. Don’t support that guy.

  • Johnny...

    Hey guys, I am a part of the SubPac team. Take a look at the artists that are backing it. This is a no-nonsense production tool that accurately represents low frequencies in the most effective way (directly to your body). We went to kickstarter because we are an independent company with a community focus and its important to get support from the community. The electronics on this piece of gear were designed by a very well respected modular synth designer and we have worked closely with great producers and DJ’s to make sure it is the ultimate Bass solution.

    • Earnest

      I think it’s a cool idea. Have you guys considered making a vest or a harness? I usually stand up at my DJ console when I’m mixing. If I were working in Ableton, the seat would make lots of sense, and that’s probably who you’re aiming at, but something wearable might be more useful when I’m practicing my mixing for a club gig.

      • Barry

        Really like the idea, but as Earnest pointed out, unfortunately this is completely useless for the bedroom DJ’s, standing behind their booth. If there’s a kind of wearable option to it, I would pledge 350 within a second…..

        • johnny_4777

          This allows you to test your mix before you go to a club (so you know what it will sound / feel like).

          • Barry

            I understand, but it is also interesting for the bedroom DJ’s who don’t play in clubs (and don’t intend to) and have small children and complaining neighbours, to feel the bass, while playing late at night 😉

      • Uzo

        Or riding around on a bus or walking in the city, listening to the latest tunes. man that would be awesome. With only 100g, it wouldn’t be a heavy piece of clothing.

    • rafiq

      Just pledged sounds promising. Looking forward to trying it out.

      • Johnny

        Thanks Rafiq – you will not be disappointed.

  • Randy Dowell

    yea its a great idea. looks cool! maybe you should have got investors for your company. you want me to give you donations, and pay for the subpac? no. i don’t want one anymore haha

    • johnny

      Randy – they are getting investors, the community. Not big banks or other companies that dont care about the community or product. Crowd funding is investment from the community. thats the point…

  • Matthias Debernardini

    this is made for people who live in densely populated areas. If it really does reproduce the same “feel” as a club then this is amazing. I mean how much does a soundsystem for a club cost? do the math. This is way better than buying thousands of dollars worth of speakers and you can finally mixdown your tracks as if you were in a club minus all the extra people dancing.

    • Tony Banh

      Not just for densely populated areas. If you have room mates or family living wiuth you are sometimes limited to using headphones, which don’t accurately represent BASS.

  • Dexinrage

    When i was a kid I had a sub that strapped on like a backpack that was marketed

    for use with video games. I played SNES with the blaster and the backpack. I was pretty sweet when I was a kid 🙂

    • dexinrage

      I can’t remember what it was called and I can’t seem to find it online. If anyone else had something like that refresh my memory!!

    • johnny

      This product is nothing like that one. This is a product made by music engineers, shared and backed by big time music producers/DJ;s. Its legit. Have you seen who is backing it ?

    • Tony Banh

      This is nothing like a rumble pack. The sensation with it has quite a range and is also adjustable.

  • baleb

    This isn’t even a new idea. Buttkicker was pretty similar.

    • johnny

      Buttkicker is cool, but it is not similar. in many ways its quite different.

  • 1nfinitezer0

    is it accurate enough for mixing?

    • johnny

      yes it is my friend. All I can say is look at the backers. This is NOT a gimmick, Its the truth.

  • Gulli Johansen

    well for one I never sit down when I practice at home

    • Tony Banh

      This isn’t a gimmick. Just take look at the supporters and their testimony. If you are a true audiophile you will know.

      • Will Ju

        Why do people keep saying “look at the backers?” When have “backers” ever been a good enough reason to buy any product? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you’re not a true audiophile.

        • Joe

          This isn’t some meaningless celebrity endorsement.

          Mala and Kode9 clearly know a thing or two about music production and low frequencies. If they say it’s a good product it lends a lot of credibility.

          • floko

            They maybe also just got good money for saying this…

        • Bis

          Agreed. Lay off with the backers.

        • johnny

          The supporters have experienced it and have put their names behind it. Try it when it comes to a city near you if you dont trust it bro…..