Virtual DJ 7.4 Out Now: HD Video + Karaoke Streaming, Windows 8 Support

Atomix Productions is rolling out a brand new update of their VirtualDJ software this afternoon, version 7.4. The software has a number of minor updates – but the big win for users is a brand new cloud-based content streaming service wrapped into VDJ for professional DJs, dubbed ContentUnlimited. The service allows users to stream an unlimited amount of HD music videos, karaoke files, and audio tracks. While streaming audio had been available previously in partnership with Grooveshark, the two new partners added include MegaHits (formerly known as ChartBusters) and T

The content is available for all users in 30 second previews, but subscription plans (which is cleverly marketed on Virtual DJ’s site as “the Netflix of DJs”) for each type of content are available for different prices:

  • Music Plan (Grooveshark) – $9.99 / month; 15,000,000 tracks
  • Karaoke Plan (MegaHits and eventually SunFly) – $19.99 / month; ~20,000 karaoke videos
  • Video Plan (VJPro) – $49.99 / month – currently only available for US DJs due to licensing laws

Virtual DJ 7.4 also adds a fair amount of compatibility for Windows 8, including support for multi-touch computers (read: Microsoft’s Surface), fixed a number of bugs, and has a remake of the MusicGroups service into two software features:

  • LiveFeedback: recommends what tracks to mix in with the current playing track based on what other VDJ users have mixed in
  • MySets: creates a webpage that shows users their set history

Version 7.4 is available for download now on – but for those of you holding out for Version 8, they’re still working on it! 

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  • DJ Moe

    Is there a package deal

  • Datwin

    Came on this is nathing. I’m waiting for a new virtual dj becouse the effects on virtual is sucks , that’s why I’m using tracktor pro , but I’m thinking to buy a serato scrach live.

  • synthet1c

    This version is stable as hell, I can’t notice any issues with timecode.. not that I have ever had any because I set it up properly in the timecode config window.

    But the built in loop roll is the winner of the new features for me.
    I have never had a crash that wasn’t caused by a dodgy VST or my skin when I overloaded it with features so not sure what that is all about.

  • Chris Anson

    No sync in serato? Huh? Even PIO just added sync to its latest and greatest controller. Its like saying their should be jog wheels with no pitch slider. Its a tool! Use it as you see fit. As for sound quality it depends on the soundcard you use. Serato HAS TO be used with a great soundcard. VirtualDJ can be used with ANY soundcard. Lastly, laggy and buggy? What version were you testing? AceCrack?

    • synthet1c

      you can use a serato soundcard with VDJ Pro… what do you do if your serato soundcard dies mid gig? If my audio 8 ever died I would just ask anyone else at the gig to borrow theirs and would be fine to continue. If douchebags are using $20 ASIO4ALL soundcards that is because they are unprofessional not the software. Also the sync in VDJ is not as good as traktor, that kind of means you have to pay attention to mixing. I think that is more beneficial to the user and ultimately the crowd

  • lauti

    lol, virtual dj

    • Anthony Thomas

      I use it, STFU – Since 1986 been beatin your ass with beats…

  • Anthony Rice

    I have respect for Vdj as it was my stepping stone into digital djing from just my vinyl. Now I roll with serato which is much more professional software and doesn’t have a sync button. But without Vdj I wouldn’t of stick with it as much I think.

    • mattmangrease

      Why even bring up the sync button?

      • Anthony Rice

        I know maybe I shouldn’t of brought it up but when people play in clubs and bring traktor set up other djs laugh. Then again it’s the crowd that is key.

        • tr4gik

          they probably laugh at richi hawtin’s set up too, and now more with him incorporating traktorDJ huh?

        • Sam Moore

          This is a silly and outdated argument, if a dj is laughing at you because of your software, that dj is very ignorant. It has become very clear to me that the software does not determine the quality of DJ. And if you still think that it does you need to open your mind. Traktor is a solid platform some people who use it are not good DJ’s but Ive heard some horrible sets played in Serato also. Use your head not some patriotic apeal towards DJ software or hardware.

          • Anthony Thomas

            I use it, it came with my console. Oh well, my blends are just fine thank you, like all software it crashes every so often BIG DEAL. I may upgrade, I may not.

  • Last Resort

    VDJ 8 must be some sort of running gag by Atomix Productions.

    Seriously, though, I’d be curious how the streaming feature works in detail. Can you download tracks for offline use? Do tracks need to be downloaded in full before you can DJ with them? (I suspect a temporary local copy is required to avoid latency issues.)

    • Chris Anson

      Yes of course you can cache the files for 30 days and they are auto-cached each 30 days if your membership remains active. No tracks do not need to be downloaded prior to your gig but it really depends on your internet connection.

  • DJ PC3

    Honestly, not a fan of VDJ. Don’t like the way it looked, the workflow, the sound-quality… and last time I every tried it the timecode was super laggy, buggy and caused a ton of crashes…

    • quantum

      Just curious when the last time you tested was? The last version 7.3 introduced a new sound engine that puts it on par with anything else, tighter TC support, and stability rarely gets any mention since 7.x

      • DJ PC3

        Last time I used VDJ was at a trade show about a year ago. Tried it using TC and it literally crashed while doing a 8-beat juggle, not to mention the the point on the TC record on the juggle did not match the point on the MP3.

        So for guys who like to look at the records while juggling, the point where u think ur “1” isn’t the same place (as it would be with vinyl). Makes it almost impossible to do juggles.

        Lastly, the video was super glitch (for lack of better words) when using the TC as well…

        • quantum

          Ahh yeah 7.3 with the new sound engine came out about 6 months ago.

          • DJ PC3

            I’ll stick traktor for audio and Serato for video, until VDJ has a long history of being stable (like the two leaders do)… then I’ll consider switching IF they have better features/prices

  • Lucas Manning

    not a vdj fan in any way, but this is pretty cool tbh