Review: Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller

When it comes to MIDI controllers, physical motion can be a hard type of input to understand and access – especially when it’s completely disconnected from a physical controller. What if there was a controller that simplified motion – not quite as complex as Imogen Heap’s gloves, but vastly more fun and playful than the typical controllers for DJs and producers? The Hot Hand USB could do just that – see how it holds up in Mad Zach’s hilarious review video.

Reviewed: Hot Hand USB
Manufacturer: Source Audio
Price: $149.99 (in the DJTT store)
Communication: Wireless MIDI with USB receiver
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion – 6 hour life
Distance: Capable of transmitting over 100 feet.


As Zach notes in his video, a major interesting feature of the Hot Hand controller is that it isn’t limited just to waving your hand about in the air. It works just as well attached to a physical object – giving it the type of endless possibilities that previously were relegated to more DIY projects like the Makey Makey boards. There’s not a lot of messing about when changing objects, either – since the configuration utility shows you exactly what MIDI is being sent from each axis, just make a few tweaks and it’s set.


The Hot Hand USB comes with an essential software editor that allows users to change the depth and smoothness from the different axes of the ring’s motion, as well as other options like MIDI messages, control signals, and more – it’s more than suitable for more complex uses. The X and Y axis are pretty intuitive and easy control – only the 3rd (Z-axis) needs a bit more tweaking to really get it working, especially in parallel with the other two.

The Hot Hand software editor


Overall, the controller is very much focused on simple enjoyment of motion control capability – a relatively low cost investment for wireless motion control that is likely to see prettying interesting uses from a wide array of controllerists, producers, and performers. We’re keeping this written review pretty short as Mad Zach’s video above really shows what the unit is capable of – but as he concludes, the Hot Hand might might look and feel a bit silly, the variety of fun and expressive ways to use it to physically control effects and audio are well worth it.

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  • Airrik

    I bought it. I can’t get it to work. At all. Traktor won’t detect the midi. neither will reason or ableton. It detects it as a midi device but when you hit midi learn: nothing. When you put in the channels yourself into traktor: nothing.

  • lapon

    Do you deliver to France?

  • DjHiDefJeff

    ” You underestimate my power ” Anakin lol

  • John Paul Hart Jr.

    Am I the only one who thinks that TIM AND ERIC should do a promo for this lol?

  • celtic-dj

    thks for the review…looks like future dj’s will have to learn to dance their set……strap the midi-fighter 3d on one your arms , put the ring on the other and make magic happen…

  • NinoSamurai

    Nice video! ^^

  • Richard Moogan

    This thing has the potential for porno EDM! Great video Zach! had me laughing load bro. Much love from the UK.

  • Nicholas Kilgore

    Goddamn, another thing I want.

  • Matthew Santoro

    Anyone know what kind of fx/ vst he was using to effect his voice in the vid? Cool tech btw. 🙂

  • Oliver Deep

    Imagina se o Skrillex descobre isso! Oh God!

  • Kento

    strapping it to a lightsaber.

    • Andrew

      I was in the process of writing the same thing as I saw your comment

  • Darkside

    this reminds of the “DJing with your eyes” April fools joke you had a while back! LOL

  • Shawnyd

    This is great! I REALLY hope that there is a LEAP motion developer who watched this video and will make a driver similar to this. If I would have known this was coming out I would have invested a pre order on it. Who know’s It may be a future endeavor 😀 and as as alway’s Madzach for president!

  • mxby7e

    So cool, I can’t wait to map this to my lighting control software

  • JuanSOLO

    I cant stand how ridiculous this tech is, but Zach just made it awesome.
    This video ruled right from the beginning.

  • Robert Wulfman

    Mad Zach looks like a jedi master in this video

  • Colton William Carroll

    Back of a hat could be really cool. Every time you turn your head to the side or something you get an effect

  • Caris TheGypsy

    Looks really fun…. Can you use more than one at the same time?

  • Kelvin

    hilarious vid

  • William T Smith

    I saw the picture, and was like “wtf?”, then i saw the video, and was like “da fuq?!?”

  • Dalton Conner

    I don’t know if you guys know what it is but this reminds me of the “WAG” ring. Looks like guitar technology is coming to controllerism? That aside thank you for this review. I got a good laugh in and it really seems like something that would be really fun to play with.

  • Antoine Quirion Couture

    Great idea, but for 150$ i’d ratter do it with a wiimote and the freesoftware Glovepie to do the conversion of bluetooth signal to midi

  • Nelson Ramalho

    LOL such a funny review but actually sells the product for me. Excellent video, very funny, entertaining and insightful. Cheers Zach

  • Jake Hale

    this is great on all levels, the video is just my kind of goofy, and the tech looks like a lot of fun. It seems like something that could easily be used for mouse and gesture control of a computer.

  • HB

    all technology aside… this video… really made my day ! Loved the way Mad Zach is presenting this thing…

  • doclvly

    ok, pretty friggen nuts. Seems very accurate