FL Studio 11 Released, Performance Modes and Multi-Touch Support

Hot on the heels of Image Line‘s release of Deckadance 2 (read our First Look review here) comes the brand new update to their production software, FL Studio 11. The features in the brand-new version of FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) include a new performance mode for triggering clips in a fashion familiar to session view in Ableton, multi-touch support, a host of new and updated plugins, and more.

What’s a product launch without a promotional video? This one does a good job of showing the new features:

One of the best parts is that Image Line allows FL Studio users to update to major new versions for free-  meaning if you’ve bought a past version of their software, you’re set to download 11 and use it ASAP.

For a full list of features and updates in FL Studio 11, check out Image Line’s official update page.

Next: Did you know Brainfeeder’s Tokimonsta started on Fruity Loops? Watch our interview with her. 

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  • Sim Cityf

    FL Studio Version 11 Rocks. It has so many new features, that’s so awesome. I bought FL Studio 11, and I have also found working FL Studio 11 Cracked Version. Please note I’m posting this just to help youth producers who doesn’t have money to buy it. So visit http://flstudio11download.com and enjoy guys. 🙂

  • Joe Maffei

    Ableton is seriously missing the boat on multitouch support. I’ve asked them about it and the reply was “we don’t plan on implementing it any time soon”. Lame.

  • Loop Beatz

    FL Studio is a Good program full of feature, i like the Work flow, free updates and your able to use as vst any other DAW..

    There’s no windows version for logic by the way.

  • benr

    I really hope that performance mode will work with my MF3D.

  • Nick Powers

    Rethinking getting Ableton now, so happy this came just in time!

  • Jamari Mack

    This release may change the misconception that FL Studio isn’t capable of running with the big dogs. With Live mode and Patcher it’s like a combo of Ableton and Reason not to mention that it can host Decadance as well. For the Mac lovers, it may be some time off due to the coding environment FLS was originally written however there’s talk of a dev team and testers working on a beta. I’m curious to try FL Studio mobile (Android/iOS) to see how well a project migrates to the desktop system.

    • Cosmodrome

      Unless it provides some working project+asset management now, it can’t even play with the barely-no-more-puppies. Sounding good (in your bedroom) is just not enough. If your ready produced tracks have mostly gone when you need to reopen then for premastering or to extract single tracks for a live set due to lacking file management, you’ll never touch the piece of -hmm.. “software” again.

    • randalltrini

      Sure it may be in the works as there is an iOS version already of the previous release. Some recoding will need to be done.

      Overall its a step in the right direction for them.


    • Tommy Maverick

      What I do is use a 2012 iMac with Parallels and run FL Studio on Windows 8 (installed on Parallels). I use an audio interface (Alesis iO2) and run the phone jack to input 1. Then I have the sound come out in Logic. There’s no way for me to record into the VM without latency (edison recordings are all scratched up) so I record in Logic and have the folder of the live recordings show up in FL’s browser. I can then import the audio from there. YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. I use Logic and FL Studio together. Using this as part of a live performance setup 🙂

  • antifmradio

    i have been using FL i think since version 2. Its been a LONG time i have been on that program. I use it in conjunction with Sonar by Cakewalk. Creation in FL, and mainly sequencing in Sonar. What a power packed combination! I had purchased the FL Studio Pro full scale monster version a number of years ago and always upgraded. I have never been happier even after trying several other DAWs.
    Recently i started mapping FL generators, plugins, and its tools to my Midi Fighter because i just do NOT have money for an X1 or the new PUSH

  • Dalton Conner

    FL Studio is awesome. Still messing around with the live mode. But it’s pretty rad you have templates for popular controllers like Maschine and the Launchpad!

  • sadmacuser

    still no mac :{

    • J


    • 23digits

      get windows on your mac…

      it runs better than MacOSX

      • Dj Midosa

        I’ll stop at the first sentence. Ignore the second, and add : It runs better than it does on a Pc.

        • Anatoly Trofimov

          You know Mac is really a pc built on same Chinese parts right? And osx is just a unix clone running on a pc with shiny aluminum,what a moron

          • myjetpackcanfly

            lol Chinese

    • Anonymous

      Mac doesn’t deserve this.