Serato DJ Updated To 1.2: Multi FX and NS7 Support

Serato’s press release accurately stated what we’ve all been thinking for a while – “SERATO DJ 1.2.0 NOW AVAILABLE – NOT JUST CONTROLLER SUPPORT“. It’s great to see that the software is advancing – in ways besides it’s slow rollout to ITCH controllers and new controllers – and the Multi-FX support is a great example. It’s been a long time coming – and finally Serato DJ users will be able to apply multiple effects concurrently in each unit – not just the two units/FX limit that the software previous had.

Watch Serato’s Multi-FX in action in the below video: 

The effects menu dropdown now includes additional effects presets, bringing the full selection out to:

  • Delay
  • Echo
  • Version Echo
  • Ping Pong Delay
  • Reverb
  • Phaser
  • Flanger
  • Distortion
  • High Pass Filter (HPF
  •  Low Pass Filter (LPF)
  • LFO Filter
  • Combo HP/LP Filter


But it wouldn’t be a Serato DJ release if there weren’t new controller support as well! The new version of Serato DJ supports a number of legacy controllers, including the very popular Numark NS7, the Vestax VCI-380, the Pioneer DDJ-S1, the Numark Mixdeck, and the Numark Mixdeck express.
For the owners of controllers who aren’t sure if they’re ready to update yet, Serato’s also offering a 14-day trial for any users who have a supported Serato DJ Intro controller – with all of the features unlocked.

There’s also a host of very welcome bug fixes – stability continues to be important for the Serato team. Read the full changelog here.

Download Serato DJ 1.2 or check out the free 14-day trial – and let us know in the comments how you get on.

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  • bigsexxy

    About Serato DJ for the mix deck it worked one day the next day it crashed now it won’t work at all I have tried to emai sera to tech support have not got an answer back yet help m with thi with this problem pl please love the program when I play with it but need to have this problem fix thank you

  • Nate Hinds

    He said it correctly
    Serato is android
    NI is IOS

    NI (the company who makes Award winning hardware and software such as Maschine and the mighty Komplete sold more copies of Traktor DJ ( IOS APP)
    than Serato DJ has of its full fledged programs.
    It’s a good program but its price far outweighs its over all functionality. Seeing as how I paid as much for the SL to box then most people do on a controller I feel as if I am entitled to a external timecode for both programs

    • Stathis Stefanidis

      If anything, I’d say it’s the other way around. Serato is more like iOS – everything works perfectly out of the box, and it gives you a lot of room to do what you need. Traktor is Android because you can customize the shit out of it, but if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’ll screw up your whole set.

      The ever-growing controllerism community will never let Traktor die. It has so many more possibilities than Serato does. But DJs who don’t care to mangle every song with effects and want to do as much as they can with the basics will always be lovers of Serato.

      As an owner of both I can say that they’re great pieces of software in their own right. If you’re going to utilize every feature of Traktor to it’s max potential then is it really overpriced for you?

      But I have to say it’s LAME that Traktor DJ is not universal – if you want it on your iPad and iPhone it’s 25 bucks. Bleh

      • Nimbus

        Traktor DJ – Its free right now. I just downloaded it for iPad and iPhone.. totally free.

  • Elicio

    Unfortunately serato has postponed the version for the novation twitch controller from spring 2013 on summer 2013 🙁

  • Elicio

    Unfortunately serato has postponed the version for the novation itch controller from spring 2013 on summer 2013 🙁

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    Copied from my post on djworx

    ‘I played with Serato DJ last night for about 4-5 hours straight on my vci380. I must say i’m super pleased so far (don;t want to jinx it though). I tried about everything i could think of to stretch it to breaking point and couldn’t (i’m using a 3 year old (i think) 15″ unibody 4gb ram dual core i7) The performance felt tighter than itch (or at least in my mind it did). The effects are great but do & will take some effort to get the most and best sound combinations but in that respect alone its a massive improvement.
    Although i played with slip mode i must say that will defo need to be investigated further (couldn’t get my head around not being able to take my hand off the platter) but it does work well jamming the cue points over it…tbc

    I must say so far i think the wait for my controller to be Serato Dj certified was worth it.
    (if i get enough time to test it out more before the weekend i may even try use it this weekend at a gig – that may sound mad to most but it exudes a feeling of stability already which echos what Serato have been implying with the time take for the release to come out).

    The only thing i wish they had included was the elusive ‘echo/fade/roll out’ as per Serato but i reckon with some fiddling you should be able to recreate that effect by chaining some of the included effects together.’

  • KIO

    Just tried out SDJ for half an our on my NS6.

    I’m quit happy that Serato got the channel monitoring to work. In ITCH both columns of LEDs was used to show the volume of the PFL channel, now one column indicates the volume, where the left column is used to indicate the left deck and the right column the right deck, which visually makes a lot of sense.

    Using three FX at first didn’t work until I switched back to single FX, enabled an effect, then returned to three FX mode after which I could add multiple FX.

    Instant doubles works, though I never use it.

    Split cue is working much better. In SDJ 1.1 the master was much too loud, now both master and PFL are even.

    What I still miss is that in SDJ SP6 samples can still not be triggered from the 3rd and 4th deck by pressing the SHIFT key once and then pressing cue buttons 1 to 3 from both decks

  • Chiropac

    Who cares if one software has 10 jillion different types of effects? I personally think Serato has just enough amount of effects a DJ actually needs in a mix or live performance.

    • Mrzonta

      I agree with you, traktor has alot of FX’s that I never really use and Serato DJ knows that most DJ’s don’t need that many. In this case, more is not better and I’d rather have quality FX that don’t bug my computer/software or overload my sense of hearing.

      • Stathis Stefanidis

        I sort of agree.

        I love Serato and it’s the only thing I use for weddings and formal events (and most house parties too), but remember that DJ doesn’t just mean disc jockey anymore. DJs can be music players but they can also be controllerists. For someone who’s trying to create something original out those old house tracks they have lying around, having more FX available is only good. Yes, it makes it easier to pile them on and end up with something that sounds like poop, but if you do it right it can be an eargasm.

  • Jaxx

    Traktor still offers so much more. Why it took serato developers so long to add FX section is beyond me… I used serato a few days ago and I must say just say it felt like I was looking and playing a Super Mario Bros game of the early 90’s late 80″s… At this moment in time there is alot of catching up to do hope they release new version of serato soon….

    • sdfghj

      maybe because a lot of serato users are also people who dont care for obnoxious over use of fx?

      fx are useful but on the extreme side you have people who pat themselves on the back for applying over used fx to songs other people wrote. its really not as impressive of a feat as you think it is

      • jprime

        Amen brother. A freakin men.

        • timeless

          Praise jebus! 🙂 serato is amazing, so is traktor.

          LEts stop the hate, and appreciate.

          DOnt hate the Software hate the dj.

    • timeless

      Not sure what the so much more is that traktor offers. Im liking the macro effects.
      The selection of controllers that traktor offers, not so much:(

      Both nice, like bmw vs mercedes.

      Djtt needs to do more with serato, and let NI sink like apple.

      NI is like iOs.
      Serato is like android.

  • Mrzonta

    I wish DJTECHTOOLS would support Serato DJ and make MIDIMAPS. I own a VCi-400 SE and would like to see that versatility be used. This would increase their business and reputation, not to mention fan base.

  • Sx ddj

    They have GOT to step up their FX game or I’m going back to Traktor!

    • asdfgh

      go for it – no one will wake up in cold sweats missing your conversion.
      ha do what you do eh?

    • jprime

      And on the flip – people need to use less FX when DJing…

    • Chiropac

      One of the stupidest comments I ever read.

      Guys seriously, it’s not about the effects its about your mixing skills. Over using effects just kills the song.

  • Hooker T

    It’s odd that there isn’t any comments yet.

    • timeless

      Prob because traktor is losing ground.