BT On Mentoring/Promoting Porter Robinson

We’ve got a lot of readers who are young producers looking for (or who might have) an older mentor also in the production game, so when producer BT went on a long tiarade about his experience mentoring and helping Porter Robinson in his rise to popularity this morning, it seemed poignant. It’s a very interesting read and cautionary tale on how quickly relationships can disappear when fame and success come into play.

As is often easiest with a large volume of tweets, we’ve compiled them into a Storify story, below:


More: Watch our interviews with BT and Porter Robinson.

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  • Ben Althauser

    It’s a shame the dude turned out to be a jerk … but seriously, this is planet earth and there’s plenty of jackasses anywhere you go. While I can sympathize concerning someone being ungrateful for something you have done for them, in my opinion it’s just a simple case of a person turning out to be a douchebag that you just want to cut ties with.

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  • Elska_

    I’m seriously scoffing at every post that is against BT. This is like basic business etiquette – and if not that, good friendship qualities. This also not just “DJ Drama”, which I don’t even know what people mean by that, because where there’s people, there will be collisions. Anyway, It doesn’t matter if you’re in music, being mentored, or any stage of your life – there are basic values in life one should build on. It doesn’t make people like Porter a bad person, it just makes them shitty/unreliable in that kind of way. You don’t just take what you want from someone and then be done with them. You have to honor the bond the other person created with you.

    Thank you BT for encouraging positivity and helping Porter out when he was a “nobody”.

  • Interesting Des

    Quoting porter:

    “Skrillex and Tiesto have been my music mentors,” he says. “Tiesto is very strict, he has extensive tastes and high standards. He’d tell me straight up if he didn’t like what I wrote.”

    “When I was 14 I had a mentor over the internet who taught me about producing dance music and one thing that was consistently emphasised by that guy was that detail productions are key”

    “He sent his compositions to like-minded people he met on the Web, including Wesley Smith, who’s known professionally as Kyrandian. “Whatever refinement is in my music came from having him as a strict mentor”

    • Interesting Des

      this interview: once again.. mentors..

  • NoGo

    BT didn’t discover Porter, his agent did…

    But I get his point a little gratitude should be in place.

  • anon

    and BT, go eat a bag of dicks

  • anon

    Porter is by far the greatest producer this scene has ever known

  • analogics

    BT is a known douche to a lot of people in the industry so this is just jealousy of young talents dressed up with a thesaurus…

  • LoveBugMusic

    All I want to say is that about 10 years ago I went to BT for musical advise and it meant so much to me that he took a few moments of his time to do so on various occasions.

    And that says it all.

    Love Bug Music –

  • Cyribro

    Also, dancefloor politics are ridiculous..

  • Cyribro

    To be completely honest… If I had even a shred of BT, Tiesto, Laidback Luke or Chuckie’s time, I would do everything I possibly f**king could to listen to everything they said to me, I might even record the damn phone call if they let me just so I could use it as reference notes later on..

    It doesn’t matter how big I might potentially get in the next coming years, I’m always going to remember who gave me my first shot as a DJ here in SD, CA and I’m always going to remember the precious time he shared with me to pass his knowledge down.

    I’m the kind of person who’s so damn loyal it’s almost a fault because when you take away the talent, the clothes, the money, the girls, the music, the house, the car and all that stuff, the only thing someone has left to offer you is their time and friendship. That’s what makes or breaks people, understanding that time and friendship is a gift to be honored, not the toy you bitched about and got for christmas.

  • Paul Henri Robino

    Funny coz this is the FIRST TIME knowing who BT is after reading this.

    Makes sense why he’s complaining. He wants Porter to acknowledge him so he could be known more.

    • bill

      are you serious? BT is HUGE

    • Damien Hopper

      Holy crap …. who let this little kid in here… wait before you start defending yourself and your lack of knowledge … You may want to have a look see at his Bio (on his own webpage) or maybe his Wiki since your most likely young enough to be hip to wiki links lol…. BT is considered a Trance God amongst the “Original Techno Music Community” I say techno because this term was used so long ago that they had no EDM Generalized genre classification terminology even created. Sub genres for this music were still in their infancy. and all sub genres today i.e.. Trance, House, DnB, Breaks, … shit Dubstep wasn’t even a thing yet.. lol but.. all this Glitch hop, Trap, etc…etc are sub genre’s of a style of music BT helped pioneer and pave the way for artists like Porter Robinson to even be as big as they are today. Porter is an incredibly talented individual. This does not by no means mean that he is an incredibly respectful and understanding individual but it would be who of him to publicly state that he is understanding of BT’s statements however it may have been something better left to a private conversation say… over the phone. However I also have no idea how many times this was requested or not requested by Mr BT …. Mr BT Mr BT Mr BT oh yessss say hello to your people … Gonna say this to the people…. not so much to the people in the audience but the people sitting in my mind …. If Porter had a chance he would stop denying …. If he doesn’t catch his head soon it will never come back down ….. and its never gonna come back down

  • Gtrew

    Just bumped into this cheap drama. lol. Not surprising.
    Back in 2010, the established producers didn’t expect to be surpassed by new generation. Most of the young do not excel as producers or djs.. yet the current scene is shaped for them. They own the crowds… dumb-ass young crowds, but profitable.
    Personally I wouldn’t want to owe career favors to any mentor.

  • MichaelMay

    What happened to doing good and expecting nothing in return? Sounds like someone had expectations and was let down.

  • SumGuy

    Quite ironic to see Tiesto’s post seeing as he has alienated so many people from back in the day

  • Robert


  • Von Royale

    if someone gave me THAT chance, i would have eternal gratitude….

  • thetimes

    People need to start loving each other and drop the egos. Karma is just us getting the results to a test we’ve created. Think good thoughts and get good results. Think bad thoughts and get bad results. We each get our own everyday. My point is stop the drama, love the music, treat each other as the gods we are, and respect. I would sign in with with face book and let you know who I am, but will just let the truth stand alone

  • dave ak1200

    clearly from some of the messages you can tell not many people have been in BT’s situation. One day you just might be though, and see if you react any better. I have seen firsthand, WAY TOO OFTEN, how artists of our “era” have constantly paid homage to those who came before us, and giving credit where it is due to those who helped us along the way. You would think we were leading by example, yet the reality is, 4 out of 5 people you see on the main stage have ZERO interest in the big picture. they want all they can get as soon as they can get it.

    The sense of entitlement has never been greater than it is now in the electronic music industry. I am not saying everyone has to do it the hard way, or even that anyone has to pay their dues the same way we once had to. It would be nice though if more people took notice of the history of their influences, and put the effort forth to understand no matter how big you become, you are NEVER more important than the fan base you serve.

    I have been fortunate enough to make a decent life from what started as a hobby, just a kid who loved music, and the culture, and learned about DJ’s and the artists making the music I love. I have devoted over 20 years serving a community in hopes of one day being viewed as someone who gave all of himself for the culture he loved so much. Just as BT, I have been a guiding voice and shoulder for MANY people who came up behind me, much of those to go on to great success. Nothing pleases me more to see when one of them finds their way and can then be put in the position to do the same for someone else as I did for him. Unfortunately, the more success someone achieves, the greater their needs become and their ego.

    This music started long ago, and no matter what genre becomes the flavor of the day, the fact remains, we have built this industry on respect for our fellow colleagues, and respect for the preservation of the culture. I helped give DnB fans/dj’s/producers etc in the USA a chance to not be looked down on for the music they loved. As Planet Of The Drums, we took it to the main stage, and made it to where many behind us could go on t become heroes in their own right. None of us would EVER expect anything more than a little respect and common courtesy in return, and I believe that is what BT is bothered by.

    To put so much of yourself into something or someone only to be left for what’s next on the ladder (so to speak) is a very selfish maneuver, and while the majority of today’s “raver” have absolutely no idea the number of people it now takes to discover, launch, hype, maintain and manage today’s superstar, and are only concerned with the “lifestyle”, there are still many of these stars peers paying close attention. Trust me, “falling off” happens quicker every year, and when these people are no longer on the tip of everyone’s tongue, it’s people like us who are there to either help them through it, or not.

    I don’t even know where I am going with this anymore.

    I totally feel what BT is saying, and think he has said it as a person hurt from someone he tried to help. To BT, I say, it’s the nature of the beast, don’t give up hope, as there are more and more new generation artists who crave knowledge and history because they know if they are going to last in this industry for the number of years we have, they had better come with more substance less gimmick, and a sense of gratitude to the fans who allow them to make a living from music, and to the many people who fought to get this music accepted here in the first place. 🙂 dave ak1200

  • GT

    B!tch T!ts needs to man up

  • Robert Ginkgo

    Look, no matter what your field, common courtesy toward those who help you out (and ideally, to everyone else) is a no brainer.

    That’s my takeaway. Yall can keep the drama.

  • Z

    BT is being a baby… this is the nature of the GAME! You can’t go around claiming someone should be giving you credit for something in this industry. If you did something nice for someone, absolutely 100% do not expect anything in return! Porter would have been an idiot to continue following in BT’s shadow and not branch out to be doing his own thing. Plus it sounds like BT was being overly needy and Porter recognized that and had to step away. Same shit happens at the local level on a day to day basis.

    • Michael J. Murphy

      Even someone who isn’t in the music industry can understand the importance of respect for, and accountability toward, a project that one has undertaken. Of course many pieces of music will never be finished due to busy schedules and whatnot, but breaking communication entirely with a collaborator shows complete disregard, especially when the other person could be working on completable projects. It’s extremely difficult to make it in the music industry, and even more so when one begins burning bridges at such an early stage.

      • tomByrer

        I do think the unfinished project needs to be highlighted here. Not only there is a personal issue, but a unfulfilled soft-contract issue as well.

  • Zephry Kenney

    At the end of the movie “monster” BT did the whole soundtrack. BT has a true and rare ability to make music from an emotional standpoint. So if he is emotional and wants respect. Sorry all. He wins.
    That said BT next album change this scene and show us how it is done.

  • DJ

    I worked with Porter when he came to our club…NO photos, NO Interaction, No Filming and NO interview allowed (which was all agreed before hand with his management) and his tour manger tried to have me removed when he didn’t know I was actually running the gig. I’ve been spinning and promoting longer than both of them had been on the planet.

  • MDeS

    is this djtechtools… or djdramafools?

    • Dan White

      See my comment above – I think that there’s a major lesson to learn from this perspective and story, thus why I shared it.

      • Dennis Parrott

        yup. simple too.

        if you help somebody out and you feel they turned on you, suck it up and move on. tweeting it to the world is only going to come back on you.

        the universe will come back around for its due. that is the law of karma. just let that stuff be, smile and move on to the next phase.

        @MDeS — djdramafools!! priceless…

        I guess what I fail to understand is why people get all caught up in slagging on anybody after reading these sorts of things… BT is this or that, Porter is something or other kinds of responses are generally unfounded (most of us never met them) and really counterproductive.

  • MDeS

    is this djtechtools.. or djdramafools…??

  • Tom

    Never heard of Porter Robinson but a quick Youtube of his music combined with BT’s mention of Sasha reminding me of the amazing music he created in the past just leaves me feeling sad about the direction BT has taken… can’t say I’m shocked that an artist making the kind of EDM crap it sounds like he does would behave in this way.

    BT would be better spending his time working with true artists like the aforementioned Sasha, but that’s another rant and I don’t begrudge him commercial success if that’s what he is truly after… shame though!

    • Joey

      BT produced songs for N’Sync and Britney Spears. He sold his soul a long time ago.

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    He can mentor me if he wants.. and by mentor I mean let me have access to his studio. lol.. j/k.. BT’s knowledge and experience would be invaluable to me.. Porter is being a twat not remember his roots.

  • New @ the Zoo

    I’m not putting anyone on blast, just making and observation… Most kids don’t appreciate sh*t. It’s not their fault, they just lack in the experience and wisdom to be able to appreciate having someone put the spotlight on them. If you’re going from living with your parents, to making racks, you can’t understand the value of the struggle and hustle of earning your way to the top. The people that are working full-time/multiple jobs that can barely afford to eat well and keep a roof over their head, and are still dedicating themselves to producing and djing, they are ones that understand the value of someone higher up taking an interest and seeing value in them and their music…

    • poor guy, trying to make it

      its like this in all walks of life, poor people, in general, grow up and live with a higher respect for money than people who grew up just getting everything. and people with low self esteem, love and cherish more because they feel that they know what its like to not be on the other end….

  • Anonymous

    Before I say what I have to say.. I just want to say that…
    BT seems like a level guy, and always gives great advice on being a musician.

    Here is what I think of this.

    Don’t do someone a favour and then ask the guy to pay up an homage.

    As far as the story goes, the Agent found him. BT did the rest himself, of his own free will. Porter didn’t ask for it, or, at worst, was at least unaware that he was going into some “karmic debt” as a result of BT helping him.

    To do something for someone of your own free will (he didn’t ask you) with the expectation of something in return is a real asshole thing to do. Was this person aware that you were helping him? Did he thank you? Try to collaborate with you? Etc. Yeah, it sounds like he did. So what do you want?

    Expecting anything more, is guilt trip bullshit. Expecting this person to live up to your expectations is pure bullshit. Everyone hates people who do that. Especially in relationships (both romantic and professional).

    If you’re going to be a philanthropic music pusher.. be that.

    Unspoken (or latent) expectations will always be let down.

    You did the man a real solid. He thrives. Be satisfied.

    • righteousness

      Is answering an email from the guy who discovered you really too much to ask though?

      • Anonymous

        Well how would you respond if someone, say, a friend invites you out for supper and then makes you pay.

    • Meh

      You are an Idiot.

      • Anonymous

        No you’re an idiot and BT is a big fucking baby.

        • lkad

          Everything you said is true and fuck all these drama queens man. This shit is BUSINESS and lots more ruthless shit happens in other industries than this.

        • Osiris

          I can agree with you Matt, but let’s think about it a bit from BT’s perspective as well. He did willing sacrifice knowledge and resources that probably took him years to discover and earn. This is why some people, (and maybe what he should have done in this case) approach business from that business-minded aspect as well. He was forth-coming with his intellectual property in a sense, contacts and other things to push this guy ahead as he felt deserved. It is an uneasy approach to go into something and just say…”Oh, hey Porter. I like what your doing and think you need to be heard, but sign here on the dotted line before we go any further”. That can also come off rather selfish or intimidating. And I think further more he was just expressing his concern, because doesn’t seem to be the first time he’s had this experience.

          • Anonymous

            No no, you just don’t need to call him out on twitter like some high school kid who got rejected.

    • Guan-Wen Kevin Chen

      this is very true, but I think what BT was expecting wasn’t much to ask or anything that is asshole-like, what I get from it is, so when he’s starting out and no one knows of him he has time to make music and work on things with him but soon as he’s so big he drops him as a friend like he’s nobody, that’s just what I think though.

      • Anonymous

        He has no idea what Porter is going through. For all we know he’s going through something, has cancer, etc. Whatever.

        Porter never asked him to do the things he did, and so, doesn’t owe him, or at the very least doesn’t deserve to be called out on twitter for being unloyal or whatever.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Yeah, it sucks if this happened but I don’t think it is necessary to go on a whole rant on Twitter putting someone on blast. Your not trying to tell a story about respect, you are basically bashing someone else because he left you high and dry.

    • righteousness

      “Your a real talent @porterrobinson and I did then and do now want your music to be heard by everyone that will listen. It’s awesome.”

      Yeah, he’s really letting him have it

  • Anski

    This scene as a whole is getting way too focused on DJ drama.

    • Osiris

      It’s always been there, there’s just now a public facing sound board. BT’s got a point though. It was long before that electronic music didn’t nearly have the respect it does today from Americans, now it’s the hot thing to do.

    • Dan White

      While I don’t disagree, I shared this story because I think it has a powerful message for a lot of our readers about being sure to keep up with the people who helped you on your way in the beginning.

      I think we’re also just a bit more aware of the drama that’s always existed in the – there’s a very good forum for it, Twitter, that’s highly documentable, publicly visible, and sharable.

      • yee

        Ummm… if you are constantly keeping up with the people that helped you in the beginning how are you ever going to progress and change? I’m not saying be a dick about it but what the hell was BT expecting? For Porter to be his little slave the rest of his career? Everyone should treat everyone else with the utmost respect, but if your career journey is taking you in a different direction than someone that has helped you in the past, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings at all. No one should claim ownership over someone they have helped in the past – otherwise you’d have to question the intentions of the original mentor.

        • Guan-Wen Kevin Chen

          not to be his slave but at least some reciprocity I believe, I’m sure that porter would’ve made it big eventually with his talent but still BT had a big part in doing it sooner and to snob off cuz you’re too big now is disrespectful but Porter is still young so maybe when he gets older, bumbai you learn

          • jesus juice

            well fact of the matter is at least from my understanding, that porter had already started/was in the process of making some records with BT. but then porter got huge and seemed to have just brushed off his previous commitment because he was “too cool for school” or whatever. and thats just seriously sus as f***, espicially since to a certain extent BT was responsible for the young guns fame to begin with. not to take away from porters production ability but sometimes thats just the way it is. its not the first time where ive seen porter blatently not respect the past and not pay his dues.
            but thats just my view

        • bugaj

          “if you are constantly keeping up with the people that helped you in the beginning how are you ever going to progress and change?”

          There is such a thing as a stupid question, after all.

          Keeping in touch with, being cool to, maintaining a friendship with, and simply telling your public about your love and respect for the people who helped you will in no way hinder progress and change.

          Anyone who thinks so is either a jerk, or an ignorant puppet being isolated by their handlers so they can use-up and toss their cash cow.

          Not to mention that following through on projects you’ve already started with someone is not slavery, it’s what (should be) expected of a professional.

        • Cole Pro

          lmao wow bud. You completely missed the point of this.

  • Kevin Villecco

    Im sure everyone that has been listening to Electronic music their whole life knows BT’s legacy and influence in the current music scene. (i.e. the Stutter effect for starters.) With that said, it’s sad to see and hear all the disregard for the industry and artistry with any and all music producers trying to make a name out there, such as myself. It doesn’t matter how good your music is and how many fans you have, it matters how you use it. There’s a reason BT and other long time producers are still #1 in my eyes, and it’s not nostalgia.

    If you are out there trying to make a name for yourself, please don’t take shortcuts, give credit where credit is due, and be thankful every step of the way.

    • guest3019t

      Fact is, in 3-5 years I would be amazed if a lot of this young crowd and overnight superstars are still around. If (when) EDM starts to leave the mainstream again, the people that poured their hearts, souls and lives into making people dance at raves, warehouse parties, club events and old-skool parties will still be around and talented as ever. Where will the pop sensations go? The lucky ones will head to A&R at some record companies, the rest will probably blow their fortunes partying.

      Go to any large electronic event now, and more often than not the headliners can’t (or at least won’t) even beatmatch or mix two tracks. If they aren’t playing pre-recorded they have the MP3’s cut out where they want and the next track ready to play on a convenient downbeat. Then go watch the older generation up there, not jumping around like idiots, but with their ear up to the headphones diligently working to make sure they’ve got something ready when the song runs out in 32 measures.

  • Daaayyyuuumn

    Let the negative promotion commence!

  • Anonymous

    Porter spent significant time mentoring Madeon, right? So he is paying it forward… What gives here?

    • Justin

      So…a 20 year old is mentoring a 17 year old? These kids still need to be tucked in at night.

      • not BT

        Madeon seems to be an alright guy though, right?

        Whatever happened to the how i play with him that was coming soon?
        Has it went down the same route as the depeche mode remix?

        • David De Garie-Lamanque

          yeah i really wanted to hear that remix…it was awesome

    • righteousness

      “When did you start producing ? What helped you out most ?
      I started about four or five years ago. I say it a lot but the biggest
      help was my friend Porter Robinson, he didn’t taught me techniques, he
      simply motivated me to try to outdo myself and work harder.”

  • Anon

    BT is a known predator in the industry. He links up with young talented producers who haven’t broken through yet and gets them to ghost write his music for no credit and little or no money. He scouts a lot of students at Berklee College of Music (where he went for like half a semester I guess) There are at least two major names that you know well that have ghost produced his music and 2-3 more names that you may not know so well. Looks like BT had a similar arrangement with Porter that went sour and now he’s butt hurt. Ever wonder why all his albums/releases sound completely different?

    • BT

      Hey Annon,

      This is BT. I’ve never in my life ever had a ghost writer write anything. I’ve employed innumerable people over the last 15 years, many of whom have worked with me on films and other projects. All of them have been well paid and credited and many of whom have gone on to have bright and successful careers of their own. I’m very proud of mentoring to people coming up and proud of the number of careers I’ve helped to start. From where I stand, this is a proud achievement.

      I’ve also employed many people who have been disingenuous, stolen my ideas, modalities, techniques, methodologies and even sound libraries. A name that springs to mind here is Matt Lange. Recording guitars with forks and nano correcting? Excuse me whist I projectile vomit. Get your own ideas or at least pay due credit. Brian Trifon is another. There’s a long list. I should probably make and actual list. I had one intern that got Charlize Theron’s phone number out of my phone and after I fired her, called her to ask her to be on some TV show. Charlize was not amused.

      What you’ve written here is categorically false and there is absolutely nothing to substantiate it. Further it goes against everything I stand for as an artist and all I have developed and created. This is why I’ve responded to your post.

      It reminds me of one year at Ultra Music fest when backstage speaking with some friends we began to slowly overhear a conversation happening in front of us. It was a guy with two girls. The first line I caught was “Yeah with BT and we will rolling so hard and these chicks were like…”

      The group of friends I was with went immediately to turn around and say something but I stopped them. We stood there for about 5 minutes and listened to this pile of ludicrous, absolute BS. I let him talk though and the more it went on, the more incredible it got. Additionally the girls he was talking to were deeply impressed.

      Finally I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Hi, I’m BT. Nice to meet you”. As he turned stark white, and started saying “You know I’m friends with Jack and Dom” (Hands flailing in a panic), I just looked him in the eyes and said “You don’t know me. We’ve never met and were it not for this ridiculous moment we never would have” and I walked away.

      So the moral is here, the internet is a place for people to tell lies without accountability. It’s important (when you have the time) to balance that with truth.

      *TAP* Annon you don’t know me and you never will.
      Oh and also Tom Ray is a terrible teacher (just a guess)

      With respect,


      • Justin

        BT – I have been following your music since “Moment of Truth.” I have Perfecto stuff of yours on vinyl.

        I have personally interacted with Porter Robinson while playing a gig in Michigan in which he used some of my gear per contract. No big deal. The thing that I noticed about him was that every bit of his conversation was from an “I” and “me” standpoint. As a DJ myself, I can be self-absorbed at times…but what rolled off this kid was nothing but narcissism.

        Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s so young? But I don’t think that’s it at all. Some people are just douchebags. And that young man is one of them.

        At least you didn’t get burned AFTER you invested an album or two with him.

        God Bless You and that budding musician daughter of yours.

        • Guan-Wen Kevin Chen

          I hope that it’s just his youth letting it get to his head right now, i hate arrogance and really appreciate the humble artists, and I’m a bit disheartened reading this because i really like Porter’s music.

      • get real

        Soooo… why are you picking on Porter and not Matt Lange or Brian Trifon? You have got to understand that the EDM community has a very low tolerance for Twitter rants and being butthurt. Porter saw other opportunity and took it. You should distance yourself from the drama and focus on creating music. That’s the only thing that will earn respect from us – not blasting twitter but by creating music. Any fucking DJ that pulls shit like this is going to drop a few notches in my book.

        • Guan-Wen Kevin Chen

          you sound more butthurt like you’re dickriding Porter I like his stuff, and as much as I hate drama, some things have to be put out there, there’s a bigger point to this than just Porter, it’s about paying respects to those who helped you along your way, although it’s not EDM, Eminem still shouts out and gives respect to Dr. Dre, all artists should do the same, it’s like the same principle as respecting all the fans that helped you get big, idk about you but I believe reciprocity is very important in life.

        • Anonymous

          Fucking grow up. Life is drama. Some things need to be said, and people need to be accountable.

      • Ezmyrelda Andrade

        I’ll say it again.. You can mentor me all you want.. I have a deep respect and understanding for what you have contributed to our culture.. and after 12 years grinding through a self education and having the worst luck in the world concerning my craft.. I think I deserve at least one break.. But even if nothing does jump up.. I’m gonna keep at it.. Because I think my creative output is fantastic.. and I simply love making music. P.S. I think stutter edit is one of the most musical and capable realtime effects plugins in existence. Only thing comparable for musicality is illformed’s Glitch.

      • Jog

        The truth hurts doesn’t it? You DO have ghost writers you know that right? Remember to give credit where it’s due you ego maniac.

    • BTzMom

      BT is a sociopath, everyone in the industry knows it. Nothing new here, move along.

    • Ean Golden

      Hey Guys, I like the rule “speak from personal experience” – Unless something happened to you personally, it’s generally a good idea to avoid spreading rumors or slander about people we don’t know. I have personally met Brian a number of times and he always struck me as a very kind person.

      • Devin Gilmer

        I met Brian briefly one morning at a Starbucks in Denver where I was working at the time. We chatted briefly about EDM, since I DJ/Produce, and his gig the night before at The Church nightclub. He seemed very down to earth. He was hanging out with his daughter, big ups.

    • Ezmyrelda Andrade

      Albums and releases sound different by well known artists.. Because they grow and learn as artists.. To stagnate in a narrow and “signature” sound is to wallow in mediocrity.

  • Awesomer

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see a storify story?

    • Dan White

      It’s all sorted – just wasn’t showing at launch due to embed issues : )

  • first

    Am I missing something, or….