Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes

Many DJs think they need to be a celebrity, have a label, or major backing to get their music onto iTunes. Not so! Even though some people find out how to get their music, mixes, songs, videos, into an iTunes listing, many of them have no idea how to maintain it. In this first tutorial on the basics of podcasting for DJs, we’ll show you how to create a podcast feed and be able to update it anytime you want, for free and with no coding necessary! It’s all after the jump.

Tons of programs have been created and sold that help people edit and upload their podcast feeds / files, but iTunes changes its format from time to time so the programs become useless. Also experienced web programmers code, can create, edit, and maintain their podcast – but what about the DJs or producers who are trying to get a foothold in their favorite genre by putting together a top-notch podcast, who don’t have time to find the right?


1. DJs should always present themselves to the highest level possible, and appearance is everything. Sending a promoter, booking agent, or even a  radio station owner (cough cough – your’s truly), a link to a true iTunes podcast listing is top notch. Sending them a link to sites like PodOmatic, is not. I mean REALLY not. They / we want to click as little as possible and get RIGHT to the information we are looking for.

2. People are lazy (sometimes DJs too!) so this removes some of the hard work on both ends (DJs and downloaders). Using the steps below, the DJ only needs to upload their MP3, update a simple blog article, and all of the information on iTunes is automatically updated. For the downloader, podcasting is a way to solve incessant mix spamming. Who wants to be directly spammed by DJs pushing themselves “Hey, come download my mix, bla bla bla” – it gets old, and you tend to lose followers faster that way.

Now what if all the downloader had to do was open iTunes?

How do podcasts work? If you’re not already an adamant podcast listener, here’s how the process works: when a listener clicks subscribe in iTunes, the podcast is downloaded automatically by the user’s iTunes program folder. iTunes regularly checks the podcast feed for new posts, and when there’s a new episode it automatically downloads it to the program. Many listeners have their phones set up to automatically sync their downloaded podcasts straight onto it! Living in the future is pretty awesome.

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iTunes won’t bother listing your podcasts if you don’t code your feed file correctly, and they won’t tell you what’s wrong with it either. They are not responsible for that – and they will definitely not be looking at your emails – if you think shouting at them about something is going to help, don’t bother. They aren’t listening. The best thing to do is set it up right the first time.

Additionally, Apple changes the format that iTunes reads RSS files from time to time. If you designed your RSS feed (or podcast feed) by hand or with a program, and iTunes changes something, you’ll you need to alter not only the main feed file, but every single podcast episode you have uploaded to it. What if you changed the name of your podcast? What if you moved your MP3s to another location online? You’d have to create a whole new podcast and find a way to get all the subscribers to know about it.

If you already have your MP3s online, you can have your podcast available in just a few mnutes, AND have them listed on iTunes in the next 24 hours. Let’s get to it:


  1. Create the feed (this is where iTunes watches for updates)
  2. Create the podcast episodes (these are your recordings)
  3. Create an account at Feedburner.com (this does a lot of things – including giving you great stats!) 

We’re going to use Blogger for the feed – you might have an account over there (you can log in with Gmail credentials).

  1. Go to your Blog Dashboard + click on New Blog (see image at right)
  2. Give it a title
  3. Make the URL as short as you can but memorable (http://djliqidtouch.blogspot.com )

(We’re skipping styling + templating here – you don’t need this blog to be your public-facing web presence!)

In the blog you just created, and we need to create for iTunes to list. Click the blog title you just created so you can get to your “Blog Overview”

Now let’s create an episode – for DJs, this will be something that contains your mp3 link, mix info, and tracklist)

  1. Click on “New Post”
  2. Give it a title. Here’s mine: “The Hardfloor 020 Part 2: The Pre-Superbowl Party”
  3. Put an image at the top of your article
  4. Make a hyperlink to your uploaded mp3 in the post (the actual file uploaded to a server or site – a Soundcloud link won’t do. Make sure it ends in .mp3 or .M4A)
  5. Type up your tracklist or some info about the mix. People do actually read!
  6. Now click publish (back at the top!)

Now we have something for iTunes to list, but now they need to be able to find it. Let’s now create the RSS / XML feed they they’ll watch regularly. iTunes checks on your feed every 24 hours, and re-lists it with any corrections, or changes that have been made by you, so keep that in mind.

  1. Go to your Feedburner.com account (again you can use Gmail info)
  2. Once set up, you should see “Burn a feed right this instant” (at right). Put your blogger.com URL in there , click “I am a podcaster” and click next.
  3. On the next screen, we’re using an RSS feed link – select that one!
  4. Check the info on the next screen and click “Next”
  5. You’ll see a Congrats screen – click “Next” again so we can set it up for iTunes
  6. In the first dropdown, select “Audio Files” +  include iTunes podcast elements = YES
  7. Setup your categories
  8. IMPORTANT!: You need to have a podcast image and it has to follow specs from iTunes. Recently they changed it: iTunes has been completely redesigned and there are new requirements for podcast cover art. To be eligible for featuring on iTunes Store, a podcast must have 1400 x 1400 pixel cover art in JPG or PNG format using RGB color space. The image URL must end in “.jpg”, “.jpeg” or “.png” and the server hosting the image must allow HTTP HEAD requests.”
  9. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Under podcast search words, make it JUST ONE WORD, and make it memorable and specific to JUST YOU. This has to be unique if you want people to find you every single time. I actually created one some time ago using the word “BEXX”, and mine was the only thing that would show if you searched iTunes with that word. Make this count!
  10. For now, skip this final screen (“Get More Gusto”) and explore it later.

Since you are still logged into your Feedburner account, go to the top of the page and click My Feeds on the right side. If everything is set up correctly, you should now see the title of your blog in the list (see example at right). There is a little icon (RSS icon) to the left of your blog title. You need that link to submit to iTunes Podcast.

  1. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store
  2. Click on Podcasts on the top of their screen
  3. Now look on the right side list – you should see “Submit a Podcast”

This is where you are supposed to give them your RSS link from Feedburner link – paste it into the box and click Continue. They’ll show you a sample of your artwork – if you don’t like it, cancel now to work on it, then go and finish things up. Remember to have a icon that conveys what your podcast is about and makes people want to click on it. People looking for new podcasts on iTunes very much judge a podcast by its cover – make it catchy but not cheesy.

Addendum: Image Requirements! Your feed image according to iTunes requirements should be:

  • 1400 by 1400 pixels
  • a .JPG extension (not .JPEG) to follow iTunes specs

That’s it! It usually takes iTunes about 24 hours to get back to you. When you make a new episode, just create a new post in Blogger the same way! It also takes about 24 hours for iTunes to visually show a new episode on your podcast page – but if you want to check it right away you can right click on the podcast in iTunes and click “Show All Available Episodes” to force the app to show everything it sees in your RSS feed!

Here’s mine, so you can see  what a finished clean link looks like: www.antifmradio.com/thehardfloorpodcast

Author’s Note: Guys and gals, if you have any problem doing this, you can always message me directly on the DJTT forum – or make a comment on this article – I’ll be more than happy to make sure you get things running right! 

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  • Emiliano Galván

    Excelent article Thanks!
    I have a Question: What about if you have your own WordPress Website? Can you do this and avoid creating a new blog?

    • antifm

      actually YES! All youll need is the RSS link of your WP blog CATEGORY where you would be posting your mix information and the mp3 links

      Keep in mind you still need to have HOSTING space available to actually STORE the mp3 files

      • Emiliano Galván

        Thanks man!


    What’s up all! I am planning on making a podcast that is available on iTunes soon too! I want the format to be 30 minutes talk and a 30 minute DJ mix. Are we allowed to mix other artist music and play it in our own Podcast or are we restricted to our own original tracks only?

    • antifm

      Hey Primo. Honestly this isnt the best place to ask this question. That would technically and “Legally” be found at the Terms and Conditions of Itunes in regards to their ToC Podcast area, but as luck would have it, ill tell you from my experiance of so many years….. you can pretty much play ANYTHING you like to play.
      Just make sure when setting up your podcast (in FeedBurner) to mark your podcast as EXPLICIT or not.
      Again keep in mind when i say PODCAST, that is what gets listed in iTunes
      However the shows that you create each week are actually called Podcast Episodes. Just a heads up there, so.

      Play anything you like but in the 10+ years i been in podcasting i have never had a podcast reported or taken down.
      The proof positive way would be to just get in touch with the artists ahead of time and let them know youll be using their work in a show (episode)
      and most importantly that the (Podcast Episode) would be made available for free download and where

  • antifm

    WOW, im really happy that there are alot of people STILL using this article as their format. I am STILL getting emails about setting up podcasts. Thank you TechTools

  • DJzUnderground

    I’m having an issue at the end of setup where it’s supposed to show my RSS icon url next to my title. There’s nothing there. Help?!?!

    • antifm

      no RSS button? thats really odd. i mean REALLY odd
      If im thinking of the correct page you are looking at, this is what you should see

      (As long as you are already logged into your GOOGLE account)
      Go directly to the url of http://www.feedburner.com
      itll direct you to some extra page url but show you your FEEDS

      Theres a page there with two colums
      Column 1 = FEEDS
      Column 2 = SUBSCRIBERS

      In column 1, are you feed titles and just to their left is a little icon. thats the RSS hyperlink you need.
      If you dont see an RSS button then yes something is wrong with where your feed is pointing to (in the blog)

      I cant tell you whats wrong if i cant see inside your feedburner or your blog so email me ( antifmradio @ antifmradio . com )
      and lets take a look

  • Lexbrook

    Hi all. Sure could use some assistance here. Long story short – I’ve successfully set up my podcast within Google Feedburner and have been on iTunes for several weeks. Most everything is working, except that I’m noticing iTunes is only picking up the 10 most recent episodes from my show (I have over 40 episodes total). How do I go back in to the existing feed (which was set up via the “burn a feed right this instant” option and allow it to pick up more episodes? Also, I’m noticing the episode durations (i.e. 55:00) are not showing up. FYI, my blog is a wordpress: http://radio.consciouslifenews.com. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!

    • antifm

      Lex, that seems (from experiance) to be something that iTunes is doing itself as a user friendly setting. Mine too only shows more recent episoes but i had to click the link on it which says SHOW OLDER or ALL episodes. As for the durations hot showing….. im not too sure about that but its not something you can change in the FeedBurner settings. Its completley iTunes doing that and it may be the new version of iTunes i see released. (2 versions in the past 3 weeks)

      • Lexbrook

        Thanks for the reply antifm! I was able to remedy the episode listings directly in WordPress by going to Settings>Reading>Setting Feeds Show the Most Recent____episodes. And that did work! As for the episode durations, I still can’t quite figure that one out. I’m also listed on Stitcher and the episode times are there, so I’ll have to assume it’s iTunes interface? Thanks again!

  • Disc Jockey Melbourne

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial on how to use Disc Jockey podcast. I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m looking for Disc Jockey Melbourne to have something like this.

    • antifm

      im not sure what you are asking


    I don’t have an Apple Account, what can i do to submit my podcast ?

    • antifm

      oh thats easy.
      1) Download iTunes into your computer
      2) Install iTunes into your computer
      3) Open iTunes ON your computer
      4) go to the iTunes STORE area
      5) Create an account

  • Billy Hoerr

    I’m not sure how to fix this?

  • Billy Hoerr

    Once everything is setup and I’m Submitting my podcast, how do I find the URL to post into the Feed URL?

    • antifm

      you ALMOST got it Billy. Log into your FEEDBURNER acccount and click on MY FEEDS. There youll see a list of the FEEDS you created. Just to the LEFT of your feed title is a little image “square rss feed image” copy that link and paste it over to iTunes as a Feed URL
      So those are the steps to give them yuor FEED but you apparently did NOT pay attention to where you upload your mp3s
      You uploaded your mp3s into a DROPBOX account
      please read the article in FULL and not jjust the steps.
      You will have to take note of the part which descibes that yuo CAN NOT use an https link for your mp3s.
      In other words you cant use a DROPBOX account to host your files either

  • Jamie Griffiths

    eze fella having problems with the pic i fink accepts it on the feedburner but fails on itunes fink ive done things right all new to podcasting tho please help Roko

  • sjiwn

    Hey.. everything seems to be working perfectly up until I attempt to add my podcast to itunes I get the error “we had difficulty downloading episodes from your feed”

    The link to the feed directs me to the correct place when pasted in a url.

    • antifm

      thanks sj but we need more info. how about a link to your blogger account? I need to see what exactly is the link u are using for the mp3

    • antifm

      a couple things and ill point them out

      1) more often then not, a lot of people who create a BLOGGER, start using the NEW BLOGGER that is offered, The prolem with this is itunes ends up seeing your email address from blogger as the “noreply@blogger.com” address and this cant be corrected as long as you are using the NEW blogger version.

      The solution to this is yuo need to revert back to the OLD or ORIGINAL blogger style

      However in this case, this is not your problem

      Cause #2 could be”

      2) iTunes DOES NOT LIKE SUBDOMAINS…. and they never will. Just like it says in many of the replies here, you can not use a subdomain for an mp3 location. This same issue applies if your main domain is running WAY too slow or has problems loading.

      In this case….. <—-This is your problem

      a) i am trying to load the (main domain) page from your mp3 location

      and the entire time i have been typing, the domain has been trying to load, and it finally did load but it took several minutes to do this. So right now yuo have one strike against you. Your server is too slow to load.

      Nice looking wordpress site by the way. Really,, nice work =-)

      the other strike you have against you is just like the replies state you CANT do, you are hosting your mp3s (or m4a's) in a SUBDOMAIN
      Go to that link and what do you see…. FORBIDDEN…. and thats the same thing iTunes sees.

      A) Try first moving your audio files to your main domain folders.
      B) Then goto your blogger accout and edit your posts so the new audio locations are correct
      C) In Fedburner you creaetd a TAG or KEYWORD for your podcast feed. What is it? If yuo know it PLUS you know the title of your podcast feed, then do a search for it on iTunes ONLY in their podcast area.
      See what ya get.

      If its not there, then iTunes probably contacted you at "noreply@blogger.com"
      trying to tell you your server is too slow.

      If that is the case (youll know because you wont find yourself listed)
      A) then you need to create a NEW feed in feedburner
      B) link it to your blogger account (with corrected audio file locations)
      C) Submit the NEW feed to iTunes…… yes thats right…. its a do over

  • antifm

    Just wanted to say that today (like many days in the past) there is yet another happy camper / podcaster. Steve Dosella (Steve, if you are reading forgive me if i got the last name wrong.)

    Not only did he get his Podcast up and running in less than 24 hours but he also has his own DIRECT LINK for it.

    DIRECT LINK = http://www.antifmradio.com/dosellrockpodcast

    However the itunes link would have looked like
    (not so cute looking)

    Enjoy your new toy Steve. Hope it gets you the exposure you are looking for

  • Kyco

    Hey antifm,
    please check my message that i send you some hours ago.

  • spintechdj

    I have a dumb question…how does blogger know to tell iTunes podcast library when I post to blogger a new mix that it is a podcast and not a regular blog post?

    • antifm

      thats not a dum question at all spintech. Its very simple to make sure there is a difference between the two. iTunes only wants to see an article with an mp3 in it. And keep in mind, the mp3 link would need to be near the top of the article.
      If you post an article in your blogger account, say, something about a new gig you have coming up, just make sure there are NO mp3 links in that post and it wont show up in iTunes.
      Simple enough?
      However to make sure my subscribers never have a problem, i actually have 3 different blogs.
      1 – for just my podcasts only
      1 – for the podcasts of the djs on my radio station
      1 – for just bullsh*t articles and interests to other djs and the like
      Only TWO of those blogs will have mp3 links in them so only those two will show up in my iTunes podcast feed.

  • IG

    i follow all the instructions but the image i uploaded wont show on my Itunes podcast..help

        • antifm

          ig, im looking at your blog article and i have to say i dont know what imformation you followed but there is nothing correct about what you posted
          Your podcast image is not uploaded to a hosting server
          There is no mp3 in your article (so itunes sees nothing to list)
          You cant use special HTML code in your article or iTunes wont list it

          you have not followed this article at all as far as i can see.

          Please stop going straight for the step by step and start from the begining, and read it through.
          I even went to your website and there is no mp3 link there either.
          You need to give iTunes an mp3 in your article.
          itunes is not going to go and search around, following a half dozen links for your website and FIND your mp3

          start over and follow the instructions

  • montekaka

    Thank you for sharing.

    And we made a Dropbox app called JustCast that turns dropbox folder into podcast hosting. And it will also generates RSS feed meets the iTunes standard.

    JustCast: https://justcast.heroku.com

    • antifm

      Montekaka! I have to applaud and commend you guys for creating the app. Thats a great tool, however there is a reason i didnt bother using the article to discuss other APPs that will help with this stuff. its because every once in a while iTunes updates / changes the way the RSS feed needs to be written. I mean lets face it, its xml-rss-html code. Feedburner is a perfect match 100% all the time to what iTunes wants. Its a perfect fit and never fails. The issue i kept coming across over the years of doing this was, when using an APP or a program, and an upgrade or change was made to either iTunes, or entity that is hosting (running) the app, the entire setup becomes useless. Then the podcaster, needs to delete and or correct everything they ever posted from the time of its use. I went at this to have the end user, needing as little “technology and automation” as possible so any corrections that need to be made are simple. Also many times the app developer either because unresponsive, or just simply closed up shop. This im sure you know would have been a massive headache to all the people using it.
      Now i wanted to post a quick message about the issues of the past and ask you guys, how do you plan on making sure these same issues don’t arise again?

      • montekaka

        AnitFM. Thank you for your commend!

        We will keep monitoring the update/change from iTunes. As soon as we see iTunes change any requirement for podcast feed, we will update our feed generator to meet the new iTunes standard.

        I believe the best way to avoid becoming another unresponsive developer is being honest. The total cost for us to maintain this service is $35/month, and we are going to charge $2 per month after we exit the Beta. Without financial support from users, the service won’t last.

        We are trying to build the easiest use podcast hosting service for podcasters, so that they can spend more time and energy on producing great contents. I think dragging the mp3 file into Dropbox folder is very easy and intuitive.

        Thank you.

        • antifm

          but there in-lies the problem montekaka. iTunes does not tell when or what they change in the requirements of their RSS – HTML headers and information. So you would need to find it, and to do that “by monitoring” you would literally need to be checking every single line of rss-xml code daily on a podast that you know works, against one that all of a sudden doesnt work. And only by comparison + using a feed validator which iTunes accepts the results of, can you tell what iTunes does and no longer wants to see in the code.

          Also you just stated something that most of the podcasters here certainly would not want to get into. And again, its the reason this article was written in a direction which does NOT include the use of APPs. By using your APP, the podcasters also need to get into the added cost of being in BETA + cost of NOT being in BETA.

          Im going to be honest here and let you know that yes, there is a monthly charge for the podcasters to have me host their files but its only $10 a month, and it gives them 24-7 access to their files over 5GiGs of space in their account.

          By using my service, there is no cost involved to continue development of an APP because the only thing they need to use is
          Blogger (owned by google)
          Feedburner (Owned by Google)
          and we both know that Google is going to update the way blogger and feedburner instantly to the way iTunes wants it to work.

          No APPs, no Development costs, no dragging files into specific folders, etc.
          All they do is log into my server,
          upload their files
          and post a blog article
          its done.

          Feedburner and Blogger do all the work. All the podcasters have to do is, post a blog article.

          Honestly, i cant think of anything easier.
          Im not against your APP in the least. I think its a great idea but (to me and my thinking) it holds a sense being redundant.
          Its like having a Toaster on your kitchen counter and having a Toaster Oven, but you make one slice of toast in each device, knowing that the toaster over is going to use more power, and you need to filp the break half way through

  • Patrick Parronchi

    I am no able to see the preview of my image. Where do i find a server like this: “the server hosting the image must allow HTTP HEAD requests”. I am hosting my music in google drive and in drop box. Please help me because i made the feed but it is not working.

    • antifm

      welcome aboard,Patrick! Ok so yea i see you are using Dropbox and g-drive. Thats not going to work. For anyone to actually see or download any of the files on those servers, they need to be either logged into google account of they need to click on an HTTPS link. Either way, iTunes DOES NOT LIKE THIS!! you cant use either of those outfits for what you are trying to do. I think i got an email from you earlier today. If so, i replied so check your inbox buddy and get back to me quickly so i can help you get things setup

  • Supa J

    Eric… just got to say i am extremely pleased with this tutorial… so awesome… i have been trying to find ways of creating a podcast for my radio show here in bermuda and POW… this lands in my inbox!! so awesome. Followed all the steps and have it in the itunes store… but a few minor things that need clearing up and i hope you can help. here are the links to my wordpress and to the podcast… you should be able to spot the hiccups in information placement.



    thanks in advance… have a listen while youre at it… you might just like it.

    Supa J

    • antifm

      what up Jay. Glad the article worked out for you so well. Honestly i loooked at your podcast in iTunes and on your site but i dont see anything wrong. Looks like its all set and ready to go. What do you see wrong?

      • Supa J

        I think i kind of sorted it out.. but, the tracklist wants to appear in the description of the episode… also i see certain tags that you can use on the itunes website… do i just ad these into the code on the wordpress site? im talkin about the duration, date posted, explicit content etc.

  • Dj Retrokidd

    Hello, i really need your help!… So i have a blogger account used as my website with a custom domain name. I followed everything to the “T” as shown above. I created an RSS feed through Feedburner then waiting 24hours untill they were through playing with the bubble wrap and then submitted the RSS feed URL to itunes but then i got an error message say “We had difficulty downloading your episodes from your feed”. Im using mediafire for my audiofile source is that the issue??? i dont know what to do from this point.

    • antifm

      hi Retrokidd. yes, mediafire is exactly the issue. If you notice, you can not click an mp3 link from mediafire and have it stream on your computer like a radio player….. Also, that has been covered in many of the replies here so at this point my man, you like almost everyone else, needs to have your mp3 files hosted. Please contact me because i am doing Podcast Hosting for the DJTT people here. antifmradio@antifmradio.com hit me

      • Dj Retrokidd

        yeah i sent you an email… Thanks!

  • antifm

    Stevie Lateral and Laterals House Party podcast just went up today. I started creating DIRECT LINKS to the podcasts like this which doesnt goto my website. Instead it goes directly to the person Podcast Page on the iTunes server


  • antifm

    So you followed the info here perfectly, you have your files hosted somewhere, your image is online, your mp3 is online, and feedburner + blogger are setup correctly…. but iTunes still says they cant read your feed?
    There is something to consider here and you might be trying to do it all too fast.

    In Feedburner, when you create a feed “Burn a feed” you need to wait a bit before feedburner completes what they do on their server.
    Even though your feed is all setup correctly, you need to look at its status in the begining.

    1) goto your feedburner account and log in
    2) under MY FEEDS, click the title of your feed
    3) If you see a notice that says “Your feed is so new, we are still playing with the bubble wrap”
    then you CANT submit it to iTunes yet until that message is gone.
    give Feedburner a bit of time to do what they do.

  • Daniel

    I did everything and when I try to submit the podcast on itunes it says they couldn’t download the episodes of my feed… what should I do?

    • Daniel

      Just checked zippyshare and they deleted my file…… Someone please tell me the best FREE way of doing all these stuff, like where to upload the mp3 file and where to host the 1400×1400 JPG image (I’m hosting it at imageshack, is it good???)

      • antifm

        Well Daniel, sounds like you are trying to have your cake and eat it too. Sorry to tell you that its just not going to happen that way. The only way you can FREELY have your podcast image and your mp3s hosted would be that SOMEONE would have to just give you space on their server for nothing. Your files are going to take space, and bandwidth. Its like renting a room somewhere. its not going to happen for free.
        Obviously you need much help with this so please contact me like 90% of the other members have my friend
        ill help you make sure you are setup correctly.

    • antifm

      sorry Daniel. i forgot to mention. your problem is because using Zippyshare, its an https url and using imageshack, images can only be loaded via browser only and the browser needs to have JAVASCRIPT enabled. No matter what you try to adjust, there are no settings allowed for you to use those services and connecting them to iTunes.
      Also, why not let us know what your blogger and feedburner links are? so we can look at tthem

  • antifm

    Another happy dj podcaster has hit the iTunes store. Glad this working for so many people.
    Kenneth Spice
    glad to have you guys on board
    Trevor – still waiting on your email mate. HOpe you get things working otherwise.

  • Vaughan

    Hi, i’ve been trying to submit my podcast for hours now and i keep getting an error message saying ‘we’re having a difficult time downloading episodes from your feed..help???!! Here’s my feed link http://feeds.feedburner.com/ShakaPodcasts

    • antifm

      Vaughan. please read the replies here and please follow the article closely. It show that you need to have a DIRECT link to your mp3. You are using “archive.org” and you cant do that.
      Contact me and i can help you out. antifmradio@antifmradio.com

        • antifm

          TR3VOR you have a couple problems here

          A) you are using DROPBOX to host the files (you cant stream them that way)

          B) your mp3 link is “https” this is called a SECURE URL. You also cant do that. It needs to be http in the begining.

          Bottom line…. you cant do it the way you have t setup.
          Also, so iTunes doesnt give a reason to freak out, goto your blog posting and remove any HTML styling from your post. Like the word “TRACK LISTING”, you have it set as a special font size.

          This isnt really for people to approach your blog, its really for iTunes to pull info from your blog so there is no reason to try and make it look “pretty”

          This is the part where you get in touch with me
          let me know you came from the DJTT article hommie. Talk soon

          • DJ TR3VOR

            i emailed you. hit me back when you get a minute. thanks

          • antifm

            email sent my man. THanks for checkin in and WOW, this article is stayin alive a long time. Im really happy i came up with it. Wait til you see the next one

    • antifm

      Daniel please check out the article again. Your podcast is not going to work correctly because your mp3s are in a SUB DOMAIN location. As a matter of fact, none of the mp3 links or blog title links are working here for your podcast. At this point, i cant tell what you did wrong so i would suggest you get in touch with me quickly lol its lookin like a mess and its looking like iTunes wont approve this one

  • DJ Al B Bad

    Question for all: MP3 or AAC for podcasts and why? Pro’s and Con’s please.


    First, awesome tutorial and thanks for taking the time to share – it was very, very helpful! I used this tutorial and it worked successfully for me. I made some mistakes along the way but it was either because some sections were a little different than described or I just went to fast. I’ll fix those small mistakes this week but I am good to go. I am amazed at how this simplified the entire truly complex process of doing this on your own. Also my podcast submission was approved in 2 hours and link working within 30 minutes of that time frame. Keyword for iOS is “djalbbad” or “clubmegamixradio” Here it is https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast?id=657239675

    Thanks again!

  • Denis Barre

    Hi, great article with more details like that all are clear. Thank you Eric. Strange coincidence 4hours ago i had created a podcast on iTunes…Well few words to tell you how manage if you are already a podcast like Podomatic. Because with Podomatic, for example, you are already this famous Rss flux for iTunes. Just put it where iTunes says and after 30mn, i received a mail with my link ! And all media work, audio & video. Well Be seeing You from Paris !


  • antifm

    WOW so many people contacting me and i have to say thank you! Most of the emails are ot help them get their podcast connected to itunes (not via my server) but i just realized something today.
    Many people are using other hosted servers to store their mp3s. Thats fine but if you are uploading your files with an FTP tool, please make sure you ALWAYS upload your mp3s in BINARY mode. Check the settings of the FTP tool you use and look for TRANSFERS, or TRANSFER TYPES.
    Uploading an mp3 in other than BINARY, doesnt allow your blog to understand that its AUDIO so there is no “Audio Enclosure” and iTunes needs to see that.

  • antifm

    Just another heads up everyone. I am still getting a lot of emails related to helping to validate your podcasts because iTunes is having a problem (DOWNLOADING THE EPISODES)

    please check your links.

    In some cases iTunes will NOT allow your mp3s to come from a SUB-DOMAIN

    http://djtechtools.com is a top level domain

    http://store.djtechtools.com is aSUB-domain (the sub is the STORE area)
    itunes generally doesnt like this
    also you cant use links that start with
    they can only start with

    ok hope some of you see this message. Keep the emails coming.

    • DJ TR3VOR

      so how do we change it to www. instead of http??? from the blog site the url is http, no?

      • antifm

        Tr3vor, you cant remove the http. It has to stay there.
        But in your case, on your blog, you posted the link (the blog didnt generate it on its own)
        and your link starts with HTTP(S) <—— see that "S". You cant use that
        Also, you cant stream into iTunes from a Dropbox account.
        Hit me up buddy. Ill get your stuff setup correctly

        • DJ TR3VOR

          i emailed you about some more help. sorry i’m not grasping this.

          • antifm

            yes i emailed you back. I dont know what yuo dont understand here. LOL I said you cant use Dropbox for this. If you use Dropbox, they give you a link to use that starts with HTTPS and itunes wont allow it. its simple, stop using DropBox and use a hosting server. I offered to give you space on my server but you didnt answer to that yet.

  • ChaZ

    Prior said – The image URL must end in “.jpg”, “.jpeg” or “.png”
    Later, a .JPG extension (not .JPEG) to follow iTunes specs.

    Isn’t that contradicting?

    • antifm

      Hi Chaz. thats why the Addendum was posted at the end of the article. iTunes commonly accepts jpg jpeg and png however as per their most recent changes in specs for the images, they specifically said and only stated in the information i recieved they are looking for .jpg. I went at it verbatim to avoid any issues. Hope that helps. Bottom line…. save it at .jpg (.JPG is the same thing)

  • matthew raya

    I followed the article the problem I came across is when I tried to upload to itunes it won’t allow me says it has problem with downloading episode on my feed I tried the feed validator and it work just fine I think the problem is the mp3 file


    Hopefully there is something I can do to fix this problem

    • antifm

      Mathew, you cant use your mp3s in a rapidshare account,. All files need to be in a hosted server. Yours are allowcated to a rapidshare account

      • matthew raya

        ok what are some recommendations that I should use so I do not have to deal with this problem later on

        • antifm

          Honestly there is only ONE thing you can do for sure. Host all the files on a web-server with public access. Either you can go with mine or you can find someone who will let you use space on theirs but, and this is the important part, if you do go with someone else, keep in mind, the space you would be allowed to use is going to be pretty limlted. Unless you luck out. Let me know if you do want to go with my server setup. But if you do find an alternative, please do let us know here

          • matthew raya

            I think I will take you up on your offer and use your web-server
            and thanks for all the help getting me through this hiccup.

          • antifm

            Not a problem Mathew. Email me directly antifmradio@antifmradio.com . Ill get you all setup. Actually it looks like you have everything in place exactly ( i followed your links ) so the only thing you need to do at this point is have your files uploaded into a proper web server.

          • Jake Nevens

            Hi dude, I might take you up on your offer, should Dropbox not technically work though? iTunes doesn’t seem to be picking up my file :

  • Mrs Blatant Booshka

    Is this some kind of advert for antifm’s hosting service or a genuine article?
    “$20 a month / 5gig storage / 1TB transfer per month”

    • antifm

      lol “Blatant Booska” first thing i need to say is i love the username you chose here. Booshka actually means “baby” or cute. It was created in the year 2000 but onto your query. No this is not an advert for my hosting server… mainly because i dont own a hosting company but i simply do have access to servers. I use them for several things but since this website ( Djtechtools.com ) is the main reason i became sponsored by a major dj tech brand, and i have been involved in the music industry professionally for so long (since 1998) i really wanted to try and help provide something to other djs having trouble getting something simply like this off the ground. Hope that helps to answer and alleviate you a little my man.

  • gametzar

    Is podcasting a mix with other people’s music on iTunes legal?

    • antifm

      yes it is legal. However in some countries its a grey area. To date, since podcasts have come to public light, i have yet to come across an article, report, artist, or dj that complained they were either contacted about using sounds illegally or that they found someone else using their work. For the most part, since you are not distributing the actual SONG as a stand alone single track download, you are not actually distributing the file so you should be fine my man.

    • antifm

      Gametzar i wanted to follow up with you on this one. You shouldnt have any problem using other peoples work as long as your podcast doesnt come out BEFORE the song is supposed to be released.

  • antifm

    wow i cant believe someone contacted me via email (not a DJTT member) about getting help with this. They wanted to use a podcast to share single commercial copywritten tracks. Or songs owned by other labels. Not mixed, just single songs. I hope he gets it working without my help. Would love to see how he turns up in the next news report of someone file sharing. Shamefull….

  • Jesse Andersen

    Podomatic here. Podcast shows up on itunes with little effort. You are limited with the hosting and downloads with the free account though.

    • antifm

      even at their PRO account, you only get 2 gigs of storage and 100g bandwidth per month. That can go pretty quickly.

      The biggest account Podomatic has is their BROADCASTER+ account at about $64.00 a month and you still only get 40 gig of storage.

      I can still cover WAY over that amount of space.

      How about $20 a month / 5gig storage / 1TB transfer per month ?

    • Steve Boyett

      LIbsyn pricing starts at $5/mo. All of their plans offer unlimited bandwidth. I’ve been with them for three podcasts since 2006

      • antifm

        3 podcasts? you mean like podcasts 1,2, and 3, and no others?

        • Steve Boyett

          There’s a difference between a podcast and a podcast episode. I have three different, ongoing podcasts.Two of them have been going since 2006. One of them has been going since 2008.

  • sammsousa

    if any of you guys at techtools has the time, it would be apreciated a lot if you couldnt actually say how to get our tunes on traxsource or beatport. and if you have really time, some basic do’s and dont’s about actually starting our own independent label!
    thanks regardless!

  • Groovegsus

    Guys , i use mixcrate to host my mp3 and it is working well.

    After you upload your mp3 , clic on the download link , and there copy the link from the download button that appears.

    • antifm

      Groovegsus. I have a question about that. Dont you have to have a MIXCRATE account to download a file from their server? Let me know because i dont use mixcrate

      • groovegsus

        you need an account to upload the file , but when you copy the link from the download button , you can use it for your podcast and the listeners don’t have to have an account to hear it.

        • antifm

          i went to mixcrate and created an account but i dont see any download links at all in any of the mixes i checked out. The only thing i see are PLAY buttons. I know the UPLOADER would need to provide the link but again all i see are PLAY buttons. Can you email me a mixcrate mp3 link so i can create a false podcast and test this out?

          • Joe Lanzon

            Hey I sent you an email with a mixcrate download link to test.. Maybe the mixes you were looking at , the uploader didnt offer them up for download and they were listen only. You can choose that

    • antifm

      sorry my man. The worst thing is i have known about this for years and never got around to spreading the info. Im really sorry.

    • antifm

      MAx if you want to use the method in this article, you can still do that. The only thing that would change is “where your RSS feed file is located” thats the RSS file you submited to iTunes. And the good thing is, they allow you to simply email them with the new RSS location. If i were you, i would, because long ago i too used the old method of updating my podcasts. This is so much easier.

    • antifm

      Hey kelsey. You just pointed out the exact reason i came up with this article. “What happens when iTunes changes their format?”

      While for the majority, the instructions on the SC Podcast page is correct, for example it states they need an image at least 600×600
      But there is two things wrong there.
      1) The image size is no longer correct according to iTunes requirements
      2) SoundCloud does not specify what the image TYPE should be and this too is determined by iTunes requirements.
      I have included that information in a reply above but will ask that the current image requirements are included in the article as well

    • antifm

      This is good but if the server where you host your installed version of wordpress only allows for 2mb or 8mb uploads at a time, you wont be able to upload a 100+mb file using the admin upload feature of wordpress. Instead youll need to upload via an FTP client into your domain. then you have to think about (how much space / bandwidth does my host allow me to use?)
      Now again, while this all works for one day, several days down the road, iTunes changes the format they want your RSS feed created. But if you either UPDATE wordpress (or) you dont update wordpress, and iTunes changes… your podcasts get broken. You can try to contact WordPress about it but they dont make up what iTunes wants to see in the RSS generator just because iTunes changed. They are NOT going to alter the RSS code or wordpress and issue a new version for ONLY this reason alone. Also, you cant contact iTunes about them being broken because they are just going to say “Its your wordpress that is not compatable” and that is IF you are ever lucky enough for them to answer.
      Again, im not saying it wont work. Im sure it will…. but for how long? And if you have a TON of podcasts up, then they break…. then what do you do?
      Its always best to have an RSS feed generator that iTunes finds compliant 100% of the time and that is Feedburner
      Contact me if you need any help on this one Mitch

  • Steve Boyett

    A couple of tips:
    — Host with Libsyn (cheap!) or a dedicated podcast host. You’ll have unlimited bandwidth, and all your podcasts will be visible at once to listeners who aren’t using iTunes. Feedburner is easy to use, but all your mixes aren’t readily viewable.

    — Use the “lyrics” ID3 tag for your playlist, and it will be visible on most smartphones & iPods
    — Have original theme music, and record a brief intro mentioning your website, facebook page, email address, upcoming gigs, etc.
    — Think about branding. There are 600,000 podcasts — what makes yours unique? From title to logo to music, if you want it to stand out and be popular, you have to think of your podcast as a product (a free one!) you want to get to people.
    — Have fun!

    • antifm

      Steve these are all GREAT Tips and very important things to think about when someone is creating a podcast. I mean lets face it. You guys will put a lot of work into getting a finished episode so why not give it its best look.
      However as for using Libsyn, dont worry. Because of being part of the Dj Tech Tools family i have something MUCH better than a simple 50MB a month. A single podcast can be much larger then that

      • Steve Boyett

        Thanks! Re Libsyn, I’m not talking about the size of the podcast but the amount of bandwidth. If your podcast gets popular, you can do a LOT of transfer.

        • antifm

          Dont worry Steve. On any of my servers i can cover over a terrabyte of transfer each month. And like i said, if i need to open a new server, with additional bandwidth, that can be done as well

          • Steve Boyett

            Most podcasts only get a few hundred to a few thousand downloads. But if you hit on iTunes and rank high, you will get huge transfer volume that would cost a fortune from most hosts, even Amazon. Granted most podcasts don’t have to worry about it, but I’d want scalability built in.

            It’s hugely cool of you to offer servers; I hope it doesn’t sound like I think any different. But it’ss easier than you think to go past 1TB/month of transfer.

          • antifm

            You are absolutely correct on that call Steve. About “If it becomes popular” However i run podcasts of the same server my streaming server runs. In that, it uses relays to send the files / audio stream out. If a relay starts to get loaded with too many simultaneous connections, a new relay opens after i get a mobile message. I click a YES, and POOF, new server relay opens and allows more connections basically “gridding” or splitting the amount of use on the server in half almost instantly. I have had it running since 2005, and its never been over loaded. I thought before submitting the article that some djs / artists, would need someplace to actually PUT their files because they dont have their own servers, and already started planning that part / need out for everyone.
            I already have one server setup and waiting just incase, and its completely empty right now.

          • Steve Boyett

            That is seriously impressive.

          • antifm

            Just realized something Steve. You mentioned the ability to surpass 1TB of transfer. I just did a quick calculation. Now keep in mind, All the people with podcasting account under my server, will have 1TB transfer per month. To even REACH 1TB in a single month, your podcast would have to transfer 1 million MB in 30 days. If your podcast was 300MB in size, you would still need to have it downloaded over 3 thousand times in a single 30 days if you recorded it at 320k and it was a 2 hour podcast.
            yea thats a long calculation but i have never seen that happen before.

          • Steve Boyett

            60mb mix x 250,000 downloads/mo = 15TB/mo
            60mb mix x 80,000 downloads/mo = 4.8TB/mo
            Those are stats from two of my podcasts.

          • antifm

            sounds like i ReALLY need to check out that postcast of yours mate.

          • Steve Boyett

            Podrunner is featured on the iTunes main podcast page right now.

            Groovelectric is my more traditional DJ-mix series.

  • Smiles

    I’ve followed the instructions to the T (or so I thought) and I keep getting an error reading “we had difficulty downloading episodes from your feed”. I’m under the assumption that it has to deal with the “hyperlink step”. I used Dropbox for my link, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

    • Smiles

      the error I get is from iTunes by the way

    • antifm

      The problem is that you cant get a true “www.something-here/my-mix.mp3” file from DropBox. The File that iTunes is looking for in your episodes is a DOT MP3 file. And im pretty sure the RSS file that you would create in Dropbox is no where near what iTunes would want if thats where you are creating your RSS feeds.

      Use this to validate your feed http://www.feedvalidator.org

      • Froto

        I’m using archive and I get the same problem with itunes.

  • Mario

    But where to host the MP3 files for free and wilth unlimited space to hold all the episodes? That’s the unique problem for me.

    • Lylax

      you can use a google account to host files for your podcast..

      • Mario

        I use a google account. Where is suposed to upload and host them? google drive? that’s some free space but limited. What you mean?

        • Lylax

          yea google drive.

    • Dan White

      See my response above – Archive.org (free) and Amazon S3 (paid) are good options

      • antifm

        Im getting tons of emails complaining about using Archive.org and it seems its because Archive.org places your files into a subdomain instead of a TOP level domain name. Just a heads up.

    • groovegsus

      mixcrate , look at my answer in this post i explain how

      • antifm

        there is no such thing as unlimited. And mixcrate does have a limitation. It says on their site “MP3 file-format, 190MB maximum file size only”
        Also you HAVE to add a tracklist for each dj mix

  • Kontrol

    Very nice article, never knew it was so easy!

    Check out Kontrol on FaceBook and Twitter: @Get_In_Kontrol for updates on DJ gear, controllerism, and more!

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    I had been wanting to do some podcasts for a while but wasnt sure about the admin side. Really helpful stuff, hopefully i can make it all work for me. thanks

  • Kaunis G

    Hey Guys! really handy tutorial here… but where i actually struggle, is the place where i can put my mp3 files, because each week i’m making a podcast of 80 minutes… and posting it on soundcloud (recently bought up a pro plan…) Always wanted to use a itunes also… for reaching for more listeners. But if i put it on some zippyshare.com or other hosting site, the link is not correct for the blogger it just ends in .htm or something… And after a few months it becomes deleted… maybe you have got some ideas where to put my files. they are aproximately 150-180mb in size…

    • Louis O'Connor

      Hey! Just wanted to say I have the same problem… Try out http://archive.org/
      It might work! You could also try services such as dropbox or google drive but you might have the same problem… :/
      Hope you can sort it out tho!!! 🙂

      • Dan White

        Yes, Archive.org can work for this. If you want a reliable pay-as-you-go cheap solution, upload your files to Amazon S3. Check out their free first year of data: http://aws.amazon.com/free/

        Google Drive may present difficulties because it does not have file names that end in the correct format.

        • Froto

          I’m having trouble with the artwork. Where do I find a provider that allows “server hosting the image must allow HTTP HEAD requests.” The previewing never worked.

          • antifm

            Again Froto. i have space on my server to help you guys host your files as well as your images. One other thing not mentioned in the article is the image requirements currently for an Podcast Image is 1400×1400-pixel JPG as required by iTunes.

          • Manuel Castañeda

            Hey bro, can I have some space in your server to post my podcast?

        • Itchy Monkey Tail Beard

          Google Drive is great for this, but you’ll have to use this website to get the correct URL’s: http://gdurl.com/
          it’s ideal because you can use one google account to get your podcast working (blogger, feedburner and drive)

          Happy to help.

          • Kenneth

            Does Google Drive link with shortened form via gdurl.com work / is accepted by itunes normally as if it was on ftp server with direct link ending with .mp3 ??

            Is there a difference between direct from some hosting and Googledrive with shortened link???

            Thanks a lot for answer



          • antifm

            Hey Kenneth
            check your inbox my good man. i sent a full explanation of it

      • Barry Euphorik

        I’m not sure if you are allowed to upload podcasts to archive.org unless you only use Open Source Audio such as public domain or creative commons licensed music.

        I could be wrong but that is the impression i get from archive.org since that is where i store my cc licensed tunes for my netlabel.

        • Jack Bass

          drop box does not work ^

          • antifm

            correct. Dropbox does NOT work. it creates some random mp3 file string and does NOT allow mp3 headers in their server.
            Jack if you need help, please contact me

    • antifm

      This answer really applies to EVERYONE needing a place to store their mp3s and artwork for their podcast. Email me directly. Ill be happy to help provide space on my server for this. I have a TON of room and if i need to open up a new server to provide more room, thats not a problem either (just in case i get flooded with requests. Here is my profile on the forum and email address http://forum.djtechtools.com/member.php?u=5249

  • ki

    I have noticed that I used the same method to create two sets of podcasts once. It worked for one set and I kept getting rejected by the other. I wonder if it is actually screened in some way shape or form…

      • Marty Mar

        I can’t get this to work at all. Same error as everyone else. Any recommendations on how/where to make a mp3 url and image url????

        • antifm

          Marty email me directly. Youll need web server space to do this

          • Marty Mar

            I think I did but haven’t heard back, either that or I got a different email address

          • antifm

            please email me
            i have nothing from you right now in my folders

          • Marty Mar

            If where I sent if didn’t work, I don’t know where your email address is. Where can I find that?

          • antifm

            Sorry, i was thinking it was in the article. antifmrdio @ antifmradio.com

          • Marty Mar

            Yea that’s an invalid address, also your website doesn’t have a contact email.

          • antifm

            sorry the letter A isnt working on my laptop and its annoying as all hell
            antifmradio @ antifmradio.com

    • antifm

      Most likely if you used the same email account for them to reply to about the podcast, they would possibly see you doubling your podcasts. Some people do this and they really dont like it. (itunes)

  • Anonymous

    Some things I learned through experience:

    Feedburner takes about 30 minutes to update your feed but they offer a nice way to bypass that waiting period and update it immediately. Here’s the link to that:


    They also offer a tool that lets you push your updated feed to feed-reading services. To get there just click the title of your feed, go to the ‘Publicize’ tab and you’ll find it on the menu to the left. It’s called PingShot. You need to activate it in order to get it going.

    Also, if you wish to have your episode artwork displayed on your subscribers’ iPhones/iPods and the like, make sure you embed the artwork itself to the actual .mp3 file using iTunes or an ID3 tag editor. I learned this the hard way and had to re-upload the episodes in order to have the artwork displayed in other devices. Hope this helps. Good podcasting to all!

    • Dan White

      Great additional tips, lupzdut! As you noted, artwork adds the polish that really makes a podcast shine. We’ll cover in a future article how to do an embedded tracklisting + artwork for each track (along with more goodies) – but if anyone wants to try it now, use Garageband!

      • Eric Robinson

        Already working on the “sessions” in the studio, my man. 🙂

  • Jeroen Krieger

    What about the copyright of the songs you use in your podcast?
    Because in The Netherlands you will have to pay if you want to put music made by others online.

    • Dan White

      As usual, copyright is a whole can of worms. iTunes does not (at least from any indication I can see) actively review podcasts to see if they’re getting permission for using copywritten works.

      There aren’t a lot of reports that I can find of people getting shut down for including copywritten tracks on their podcasts, but the best thing you can do here is *always* shoot a message to the creator of the track and ask for permission.

      Read more in this podcasting legal guide: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Podcasting_Legal_Guide

    • Eric Robinson

      Dan is correct here. When it comes to a Podcast, iTunes is not on the lookout for what you included in it. They are only checking to see that it is an mp3 file. Length is also not important. Nor is the bitrate. So on that note, Happy Podcasting

    • Barry Euphorik

      You can always use what is referred to as “podsafe” or “open source” audio. This usually means public domain or tracks licenced with Creative Commons. You can do this till you can afford to purchase a license from collection societies.

      In the UK if we put tracks that are registered to PRS for Music into a podcast we have to purchase a license from them. Every country is different.

      • antifm

        Barry. Thanks for that excellent info! Some time ago i check on mechanical licensing for a single song. It ranged all the way up to $10K for just that one song. Unreal! Can you link us to some info related to your findings?

        • Barry Euphorik

          For using PRS registered music you need to go to prsformusic.com. First you will need to find out if the music is registered with them.

          For podsafe/open audio sources check out the netabel section of archive.org/details/netlabels. Also check out soundshiva.net and sonicsquirrel.net. Look for tunes that are marked with Creative Commons license or Public Domain.

  • celtic-dj

    nice article…didnt know it was so easy…must give it a go..cheers

  • Big Panda

    Nice article. Will give this a go over the next few weeks. Cheers.