How To Use Maschine + Traktor Together With A Single Laptop

The Native Instruments Maschine software and hardware is very much at home in a production workflow, but bringing the audio output into Traktor isn’t especially intuitive, especially if you’re limited by the number of computers you can use or don’t have MIDI ports on your controller or soundcard. Today we’re looking how to route and sync Maschine with Traktor – allowing recording, EQ, and effects while maintaining a synchronized BPM across both softwares.


Recently a friend of mine, DJ MtP, decided to give me a new early birthday present – he got the newer version of Maschine so he gave me his first generation Maschine Mikro. Naturally the first thing I wanted to do was to take the output of the Maschine Software and re-route it back into one of my decks via a Live Input Deck in Traktor.

With this setup I can control the Maschine’s output via one of the decks and be able to control its EQ, volume, and add Traktor effects. The loop recorder can also record Maschine loops, which can be used later on in the Remix Decks.

I searched the internet high and low for an answer. Some places talked about using the full-sized Maschine and Kontrol S4, both of which have the ability to plug-in a MIDI cable , while others (like in Chris Liebing’s DJTT interview) suggest using two computers to run his Maschine and Traktor all syncronized with an external sound card. Like many DJTT readers, I can’t afford another laptop right now – so I had to make this work with just what was available!


This setup was accomplished with my Macbook, Traktor Kontrol S2, and Maschine Mikro – so no external MIDI cable connections were possible (the Mikro and S2 don’t have the MIDI ports that other audio interfaces and controllers offer). You’ll also need:

  • Traktor 2.5.1 (or higher)
  • Maschine 1.8 (or higher)
  • Soundflower (free download) 
  • Audio MIDI Setup (pre-installed on OSX in Applications>Utilities)

Since the Kontrol S2 sound card has no available inputs, we need to trick the computer into thinking it is using a sound card with all the available ins and outs we are going to need. First, download and install Soundflower (made by Cycling 74, the same team behind MaxMSP) – and restart your computer! Soundflower allows routing of audio between applications on one computer.


Click to zoom and see the full audio device settings.

Let’s start by creating an audio device. Open up Audio MIDI Setup located in the Applications/Utilities folder. If you don’t see the audio window (image at left), use the menubar: Window>Show Audio Window.

Click on the + sign at the bottom left, and Create Aggregate Device. This allows you to create a virtual sound card with all the ins and outs you need. You can change the name by double clicking on Aggregate Device next to the big blue and white plus. I named mine BumbleBee.

With your aggregated device highlighted, mark the ‘use‘ and ‘Drift Correction‘ check boxes for the Traktor Kontrol S2 and Soundflower (2ch).

I used Traktor Kontrol S2 as the clock source and set the sample rate to 44100 Hz (I used this setting as I’m only using MP3s).

IAC Driver Settings

Still in Audio Midi Setup, go to Window>Show Midi Window – and double click on the IAC Driver icon to bring up the properties dialog. This is where you’ll create the virtual driver to be able to send the midi clock to the Maschine software. The Traktor Virtual Output is not as reliable as the built-in IAC Driver.

In the properties dialog, click the “Device is online” checkbox to make it active. Click on ‘More Information’ – by default a port called “Bus 1” already exists. If this port is already in use by another internal MIDI routing, you can create an additional port by first clicking on the arrow next to ‘More Information’ and then clicking the + button on the bottom left of the property window. Close the Audio MIDI Setup app – we’re well on the way!


Time to open Traktor’s preferences window – and navigate to Audio Setup on the left. Choose your new ‘sound card’ you just created, in my case I chose ‘BumbleBee’. I set my sample rate to 44100 Hz and Latency for my computer worked well at 512.

Click on Output Routing – mixing mode is set to internal. For this setup, you can follow the the list below:

  • Output Monitor : Bumblebee Out 2/3
  • Output Master L : Bumblebee Out 0/1
  • Output Record is not connected.

Now navigate to Input Routing. This is where the Maschine Mirko will play through one of your decks. I want the Mikro to go through Deck C so I disconnected all the other decks and set Deck C’s inputs to BumbleBee L & BumbleBee R.

In MIDI Clock Settings, turn on Send MIDI clock. I kept the sending offset to 0 ms.

In the Controller Manger section, click Add and select a Generic Midi device. The In-Port should be left with None, the Out-Port should be set to IAC Driver (Bus 1). This will send the MIDI signal to the Maschine software so it stays in sync – slaved to Traktor!
Close the preference window and click on the deck letter you would like to choose. In my example setup, we are going to be using Deck C (we also set this deck in the Input Routing settings above). In the dropdown that appears, select Live Input.


Open the Maschine app and go to Maschine>Preferences in the menu bar. Under General>Midi> Sync Offset Slave I set it to -52ms. This is to get your Maschine to be on beat with the Master Tempo of Traktor. Adjust accordingly and click ok.

Pro tip: a great way to check your offset is to play a simple tick/clock track in Traktor and then play a simple loop in Maschine – use the offset to align the Maschine loop to Traktor’s master track!

You’ll want to check the file menu in Maschine to confirm Sync to External MIDI Clock is ticked. This lets Traktor control when to start or stop the Maschine from looping.

Click File again and this time select Audio and MIDI Settings. In the Audio tab, set the Driver to CoreAudio and set the Device to the Soundflower (2ch). The sample rate I set again to 44100, and the Latency at 512 Samples.

Under the Routing tab in the Audio and Midi Settings window,  click Inputs, everything should be set to -not connected-. Now click on the Outputs tab and set Maschine Out 1 L to the Soundflower (2ch) L and the Maschine Out 1 R to the Soundflower (2ch) R.

Click the Midi tab and click on Inputs. You should turn everything off except IAC Driver (Bus 1). Under Outputs I just set everything to Off. Only the IAC Driver (Bus 1) in is on at this point.


The Maschine should start working as soon as you start sending the Midi Clock from within Traktor. I have the MIDI clock on/off mapped to my controller’s left shift & left loop active button. Since the Maschine is now running through one of my decks I can now add effects and even use the loop recorder to be able to record any of my  patterns.

To help keep the Maschine in sync, I noticed that you need to keep an eye on your BPM speeds. Maschine reads 128.3 as a BPM very well but it doesn’t adjust well to speeds like 128.34 or 128.38. I have been using this method for nearly 6 months and have found that it is very reliable.

Overall, it has been really fun being able to add a live element to my DJ sets and being able to interact with the crowd a lot more.   I hope this tutorial helps you out – I know I was going crazy trying to find a solution! For other controllers, the setup will be slightly different – so if you have any questions regarding that please hit me up in the comments below.

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Rob Cifre is a guest writer for DJ Techtools – learn more about him + read more of his tips on his website.

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  • Dustin Ddt Torkelson

    is this possible with a Z2????

  • Angel Aksentiev

    Where would the output from deck C come out from in this case? I thought S2 had 2 channels only?

  • Stéphane Yver

    Thank you. Works like a charm.

  • Steve Wilkinson

    Hi There,
    Like your explanation above, would this work for the Traktor S8 using soundflower in the way you mentioned but using the S8’s internal soundcard instead of the traktor audio 2

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  • Sinisterwaltz

    I have a question in regards to step # 3. When I did this, it would only let set the output monitor to EITHER left OR Right. And for output master I have it set to headphone left/right. In other words, it only created one version of “bumblebee,” not 4 like you have there. Now what I’m doing is trying to record into Maschine with traktor as an external device. It seems to be working, I even hear the sound in both ears when I record it. But during playback, it only plays back out of one ear. I’m assuming this is because of what i mentioned before. I had to pick either left or right for the output. Can you let me know what I missed? thanks!!!

  • General-Zod

    The General would like to know if there is a PC way of doing this

  • Noisedisturbance

    I am curious if I wanted to do something similar with my Launchpad (Till a maschine)

    Is there a way to do this with my Z2 and a Turntable. Because while using this solution it disables the ability to use my turntable.

    SO I am wondering is there a way to do this without sending audio from my laptops audio jack, to the Aux channel on my Z2 because I can’t monitor anything that way and it would be nice to monitor everything through the Z2.

    I apologise if that isn’t enough information.

  • Leigh Tinny Tindall

    I want to use audio 6 with z1 and maschine 2 but only 2 USB ports

  • Christian Whitelaw

    I am running a similar set up using my s4 and maschine. The only big issue i have is that when maschine starts to drift out of time with traktor i use the “SYNC” button in the master clock section. For some reason this button doesnt seem to be mappable. There is a command under the master clock section called “Clock Trigger Midi Sync” which sound like exactly what im looking for but when mapped does not do anything that i can tell. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me?

    Its just really breaks up my workflow having to go over to my mouse, open master clock section, then try and resync the two software’s. Having a mapped version of this button would be a life saver!!

  • Uann Van Yffelen

    Wow works nice but the thing is When I give a name 2 my Aggregate device the name does not show up in the traktor input or output cells… also i can temporarly sync the maschine i made a button on my controller to trigger the send play and sync button but whenever i press it it does not sync properly unless i then go up and down in my maschine sync offset slave function so if i sync it it does not stay like that for the next time i open up this setup i’ll probably have 2 redo the sync offset slave thing every time ???

  • Mr hyena

    Any way to make this work with an S4 ? Please I’m desperate 😉
    Same problem as others, no sound comes out of maschine when doing the above…

    • Mr hyena

      Actually I think I found part of the problem… In my Traktor Input Routing setup, I don’t have In 0/1/…/5 instead of L/R.
      All the rest is set up exactly the same as described!
      Would very much appreciate some help.

  • StevenS

    everything work but i cant get sound into my headphones

  • Monkeyjonezz

    I’m using a Numark Mixdeck as a controller for Traktor/ External mixer and sound card but when i go to Maschine the selected won’t play, for some reason it is routed to be triggered by anything i press on the Mixdeck deck A… Can Somebody help me? i don’t understand what’s going on!

  • slimerbigups

    when i get to traktors output routing I cannot find my “bumblebee” L, R, output monitor in my drop down? any ideas?



  • Francis Arnold

    After upgrading to maverick OS, sunflower is not working.

    Is there an alternative program to use?

    I need some help ppl!!!

  • BigD

    now how do u capture samples from traktor into maschine. Jackosx lets u do this

  • Mat B

    I doubt anyone is looking at this thread anymore but I cant get it to work correctly. I can hear the maschine play through the traktor but I cant get any traktor sound into maschine for sampling purposes. I followed all your directions exactly

    • jacob

      this article is to route maschine into traktor. what your asking is the opposite way around, traktor into maschine. traktor sounds are just files that you can open in maschine and sample them from there

  • malek

    how can i do this with an s4 ?

  • jermele

    Any body know how to do this with the z2 and machine mikro

  • Chulek

    Does the deck cue work with this setup? I did something similar, but I couldnt use the headphones, which was annoying.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      If you route the sound from Maschine through a Live Deck in Traktor, then you can “Cue” the audio from Maschine.

  • Denis Inazemcev

    Please make a video, how to synchronize S4, it’s much more convenient and more understandable, I can not understand why it did not do right?
    I do not get all the settings as described in the post (

    For example I do not have the ability to choose: BumbleBee L & BumbleBee R.

    From the list, I can only choose Bumblebee Out 0/1, Out 2/3 and it’s all (

    Please guys, make a video!!!!!

  • Jr.

    can anyone help me on how to do this on windows?

  • DuBandit

    Perfect, I wanted to know if this was possible with my S4 and no extra soundcards like an Audio 8. Traktor S4 with F1 and Maschine, it’s a bloody good studio workshop and bring on live remix sets, oh happy day!!!!. Cheers Bamboo.

  • kees

    hi there
    i’ve tried to set up my maschine mikro + s4
    did it just as told but it’s sounds very bad distortion/echo.
    when i play with the fader i hear a echo effect or something like that,
    and when the faders of deck a / c are up then deck a is also distorted
    greatings from holland

    • clockwise

      I had this problem, too. The best solution is to give your maschine its own audio interface and route the output physically into one of the ins on your s4. Also make sure the sample rates on maschine/traktor are the same.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      It sounds like you’re virtually routing to two locations. From Maschine to the Soundcard *AND* from Maschine to Traktor (which then goes to the sound card), remove the connection directly from Maschine to the sound card and you should lose the echo effect (and be able to control the volume level).

  • kees

    hi there
    i’ve tried to set up my maschine mikro + s4
    did it just as told but it’s sounds very bad distortion/echo.
    when i play with the fader i hear a echo effect or something like that,
    and when the faders of deck a / c are up then deck a is also distorted
    greatings from holland

  • Cr3s

    honestly i hate soundflower because is a software that route audio signals and its really better to just send midi out via virtual midifrom traktor to maschine, then “syncing manually” you go On. Why sync anytime anytrack ?? keep djing for what it is!

  • Xde

    You can also use Virtual Audio Cable on Windows.

  • Eric Alan Mojstrovich

    For those who can’t get it to work and believe they have followed all of the steps correctly. Ensure your Audio Device in the Traktor settings is set to you customized device (i.e – BumbleBee) and your Maschine Programs Audio device is set to “Soundflower (2ch)” NOT your customized device name. It will not work if you have done this.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do, problem for me though, I lose my Scratch control in Traktor if I’m using Soundflower as the interface instead of my Z2. Still trying to figure out how I can integrate this properly. Really wish NI would have these two really integrated, or just make Traktor smart enough that if it sees a Z2 plugged in, even if it’s not being used as the soundcard, to allow for Scratch control.

  • evolakim

    Well. I’m really trying to get this working but it’s not happening. I’m using a full siz Maschine MK2 but I don’t think that matters. I got sound coming thru for a min but the s2 volume, x-fader, etc. controls were not affecting Traktor. then when I pushed a button on Maschine I got this horrible repeating kick like sound. Not sure what I’m doing here.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome article, thank you 🙂

  • frenkee

    I use machine sometimes as an percussion tool with Traktor and I don’t need soundflower or Jack Pilot.
    I use the internal sound card of my A&H Xone DX midi controller as follow:
    Output 1&2 are master out of Traktor
    Output 3&4 (booth) are master out of Machine
    I route 3&4 with an audio cable to input 7&8 of my sound card.
    In Traktor, I route channel 7&8 of my soundcard to input channel 4.

    With an button on my DX controller I can activate the play button on machine which is waiting for an external midi clock signal. (from Traktor)
    Be aware that you have to sync by switching on the metronome in traktor and in machine.
    Change the sync offset slave number until both metronome clicks are in sync.

    When I play a drumkitt in Machine I can change volume with the fader of Deck 4, play with the EQ and I can use the effects of tractor on this channel too.

    One side effect I have to admit, when you want to play live drum on the pads there is a noticeable latency caused of the routing on the soundcard I made.

  • Gulli Johansen

    been trying to sync them before with traktor virtual port and was never happy with the resault. This is so much better I’ve now detacated deck d for mashine and deck C to remixdeck. and I’m verry happy with dis setup

  • K2

    Can we see this in action??

  • RockingClub

    Unfortunately, in my case, it’s not a lack of integration that stops me from using Maschine and my S4 side by side but it’s a lack of my windows laptops cpu power going along with fatal latency issues…
    Time to get a mac …. if life just were cheaper… 😉


      Weird… I have used Traktor along Ableton Suite in sync together with 4 MIDI controllers at the same time in a Windows 7 with AMD Turion M520 and 4GB RAM… no latency issues…

      • RockingClub

        I’ve tried dozens of different settings and configurations. Now I’v come to the conclusion that it’s probably an issue of my USB sound card drivers which seem to produce drastic CPU spikes from time to time….

        • Brian Johnson

          Disable your wireless card…that fixed the spike issue for me.

          • RockingClub

            Thanks a lot for your advise but unfortunately I seem to know all tricks of that kind and it still doesn’t suffice. Wireless Lan, Bluetooth and Internet Security Software is set off already and the systems priority is set to “background services”. Also, useless programs are closed 😉

    • Deryk Moates

      I found a macbook pro thats not even a year old and still under warranty used for $650, just keep an eye out on craigslist, and look at it first, call apple and make sure its not stolen.

  • ninno

    someone plz tell me how to use this on s4 i did the steps on s4 and maschine no sound comin thru the live inputs ????

  • Antonio Silva

    I was about to buy a remix deck. After this article, there’s no need for that. Thanks a lot. I took a while to make it work, but it’s beautiful now. Thanks a lot. I’ll have some fun during the weekend.

  • timeless

    I think NI needs to bring a solution to the table, amazing what you guys do for traktor.

    • Dan White

      Agreed. We really thought it was going to happen by now – the Maschine MkII seemed like a BIG hint at cross-software integration, but still nothing yet!

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        I’m thinking that Native Instruments has a lot invested in the Remix Decks (AKA “Maschine Jr.”), but now that Maschine 2 is out, I imagine USB monitor sales will go up… at least until Native Instruments offers the Maschine Deck option. There is no real clean solution to this problem though… other than a second monitor, which is bulky.

  • MellonHead

    does traktor have vst abilities? maschine works stand alone or as a vst plugin. if this is the case then the easiest way to get the sound into traktor would be to open maschine as a vst inside of traktor.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Right now, Traktor does not support or host any VSTs.

      • Lars Erik Roos

        it is possible check army of me you-tube channel she`ll explain how to use vst`s like the finger in traktor for you………

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          Link? Officially, Native Instruments says Traktor does not host or use VST plug-ins.

      • Lars Erik Roos

        it is possible check army of me you-tube channel she`ll explain how to use vst`s like the finger in traktor for you………

    • djsonblast

      Unfortunatley no.. those are more geaded toward daw’s rather than dj software

  • Anonymous

    So how does richie hawtin do it on one laptop?

      • Anonymous

        I know….but how??

        • Zzzzz

          He doesn’t use this method. Besides he has switched to using Ableton’s PUSH controller now.

          He uses XONE 92 mixer with Sends on each channel and an RME UFX interface. He has 6 Outs from the UFX: 4 traktor decks, 1 Ableton with PUSH controlling 909 emulator and other noises (mic ch.1) and 1 FX return (PSP42 possiblly in Ableton? Maybe in RME software? on Mic Ch.2).

          He can AUX any of the traktor decks thru presumably Ableton/PSP42 and leaves the volume fader up all the time on his mic ch.2.

    • top

      Nope richie use 2 laptops cause he also use ableton as an FX machine for his Xone sends.

      • JCrenshaw

        2 years ago he did… not anymore

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          ritchie has been morphing his set-up for years and years. some us remember 15-20 years ago when the man was a master of running tech1200’s with vinyl loops, loads of analog effects processors and a tr-909.

  • Tim L

    How could I get this to work using a DB4 and an Audio 8? Not really wanting to install Soundflower as I haven’t had much luck with it in the past. Thanks!

  • Chris Cracknell

    I have been looking for a way of doing this with a Z2 mixer and turntables, but having no luck, because you can’t get the control vinyl tone to the relevant deck using soundflower (or Jack) I might be wrong but the only way I have found to do this is to use the headphone jack and cable it to the aux in on the Z2 and put that as the input on deck D (which is where I wanted it) Everything else runs OK, but can’t beleive this is the best way to do it.

    • Dan White

      Messy, right? Yeah, I suspect changing the soundcard from a Traktor Scratch certified one (even if it’s still physically the same device, creating an aggregate device masks that) is likely to make Traktor not like the input anymore.

  • Edgar

    My setup is “similar” i use a Audio4 with vinyl timecodes and a Xone K2 controller as it was an X1, but i has a soundcard, so my Maschine soundcard is the K2, it work very nice! I just use this to play live drums and percursion! i tried to sync traktor and maschine as described, but it fluctuates a lot! even using internal clock and set it to 128 for example!

  • preset

    i cant see the point , am i missing the pros

  • MichielyGil

    It’s all good, but what I don’t understand is that Maschine and Traktor still don’t have a good sync option. I use ableton to get Maschine properly synced to Traktor, since the midi clock sync between Traktor and Maschine is terrible and fluctuates. Also, Maschine doesn’t have a tempo adjust that I can assign, which Ableton does have. I really don’t like to use master tempo in Traktor to make sure Maschine gets synced decent at best, since I’m using scratch.
    Basically, I just want Maschine to act like a deck when it comes to syncing/behaviour, so I can line it up with the deck that’s playing. I simply don’t get why NI hasn’t sorted that out yet, it can’t be that hard?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      All I can say to this is: Go back over these instructions because they do work. Maschine 2.0 synchronizes better than 1.8, but I think that’s a matter of better programming. MIDI Sync is important to keep in time, but the audio routing is important to control Maschine as imported sound. Think of these aw two different operations.

      • StevenS

        hey DJ ForcedHand! everything works except my headphones.. I cant hear what im mixing but the maschine and music are playing out of my speakers..

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          🙂 Make sure you have 4 outs (2 for Mains 2 for Cues). Typically Out 1 & 2 are Mains and Out 3 & 4 are Cues. If this doesn’t work, try checking out your hardware to see if you have a switch assigned to Booth Out for Cues (instead of your headphones) or something like that.

          If you don’t have control over Machine’s volume, you’re probably running Maschine straight out to the sound card.

          Like I said, I’m running Jack OSX, and it requires configuration every time, but at least it works with everything.

  • Anonymous

    On the PC side of things, I’ve had great success using Maschine and Serato with the Ableton bridge and turntables. I’ve never seen anyone post this method so I’m going to give it away. Serato natively uses it’s own proprietary audio driver NOT asio.The key I found is launching Ableton first (using either ASIO4ALL with my laptop soundcard or a 2nd audio interface), then after booting Serato, going back into Ableton’s preferences and changing to audio device from Serato back to asio. This way you can still have Maschine/Ableton synced to a Serato deck, but you not limited to the audio outputs of your Serato SL interface. You can even do complex routing like using Ableton’s vst fx on Serato’s decks or running Maschine/Ableton’s output into Serato’s live feed for true deck control (looping, scratching, hotcues, etc). Also, the beauty of using the Maschine controller is that you can easily toggle between normal drum machine operation and full-on Ableton control with just a simple key command…all on a single controller. No need to bring one midi device for FX control, another for triggering loops, plus Maschine.

    • e11world

      I don’t have Maschine but looking into maybe getting it and I would love to see a demo of how you did it and what you use it for. I got a DDJ-SX and though that I may not need Maschine since the Pioneer DDJ has pads to work with. What do you suggest?

    • DMOD

      it just control the traktor.

    • Gulli Johansen

      it’s the same concept only DJ Endo uses Traktor virtual port witch is not as relyable as the IAC also he is not roothing the sound back to Traktor. I like much better this solution provided in the artical as it gives me near perfect sync with mashine and traktor FX over my (Mashine) beats

  • Devin

    ive been using Jack OSX because Soundflower has some issues on Mac OS X 10.8, although I was using the 64 channel part of Soundflower. Jack has been reliable enough to play out, but its a bit of a pain to set up.

    • DoMe43

      I’ve spend a lot of time for the Audio Route from Traktor to Ableton and MaxMsp.
      I think the problem is with the audio interface of Native instruments.

      JackOSX and Soundflower are using a resolution of 32bits, but the max res of the NI Interface is 24bits.

      I don’t know what solutions are possible. But I hope someone here can help.

      (sorry for my bad english…)

  • Mike

    Isn’t this possible without all this soundflower stuff. At least that’s how I do it lol

    • rob

      you route the audio out through a channel and are able to use effects and volume control of that maschine channel without using an external soundcard and no programs? Please share…

      • Javier Tapia Th.

        You know, you can do it with JackOSX, or at least I think you can. I’ve tried to route Traktor through Ableton with Jack, and even though it’s quite messy, it gets the work done.

        • Deryk Moates

          thats the same thing as this method, just using Jack instead of soundflower.

  • Kdogg Dusara

    this is great! but how would you do the same in external mix? ie with a audio 6?

    • Deryk Moates

      I think u would route maschine out of your audio 6, using the routing in traktor, like send soundflower to an available pair of outputs on your audio 6 (if thats possible) then bring those outputs into a channel on your mixer with a cable, but im not totally sure if thats the best way, just an idea to try.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      The question that must be asked is: Do you want to control the Maschine output on your DJ controller, or on the mixing board? The Audio 6 is a sound card, not a mixer. You’ll be able to play the Maschine out of the sound card by aggregating the audio, but you will have to control the volume on the Maschine controller unless you route control to some other means (this doesn’t have to be an up fader, it can be any control interface). Why you would want to route this back to Traktor is for both DJ controller manipulation WHILE you have the option to route effects (or anything else). You certainly can route Maschine to your mixing board and bypass Traktor if you want, you just need to route the sound that way.

  • Xikoxik

    Interesting! Do you know how to create an audio device on win?

      • zionk

        thank you so much!

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