Traktor Kontrol Z1, Portable Mixer + Soundcard for Traktor DJ + Pro

Native Instruments today is announcing a brand new controller designed to fit right in alongside the X1 and F1 – the Traktor Kontrol Z1. Take the enormously successful Kontrol S4, shave off the deck controls and two of the channels, and you’ve got the basis behind the Z1. With integrated filters, a sound card, and macro FX controls, we’re already feeling the RGAS kick in. See all of the details, including an exclusive photo gallery and demo video inside.

Manufacturer: Native Instruments
Price: $199.99 / 199 €
Release Date: Preorders Now / In Store ~July 3rd
Works With:
Traktor DJ (iPad/iPhone/iPod) and Traktor Pro 2
Mixer with 3-band EQs, filters, and gain. Soundcard with master output and headphone cuing. Includes Traktor LE 2. 

The Kontrol Z1 doesn’t take that much explaining – it’s a design that digital DJs have been asking for since Native Insturments first hardware controller was launched (the Kontrol X1, in 2009). The mixer acts identically to the other Kontrol mixers, with two channels each with their own 3-band EQ, filter, and gain. Fans of the Z2’s center-detent Macro FX knobs will note that the Mode button allows the filter knobs to switch into a similar simple FX control that allows users to control Traktor DJ’s XY effects (Edit – NI has reached out to let us know that the knob at the moment does not control Traktor Pro’s effects.. more to follow).

Check out the complete photo gallery below, and even more details follow.

In terms of how Z1 works with its software counterparts, the controller unlocks a solid external mixing solution for iPad DJs that cleanly integrates with Traktor DJ (for all iOS hardware). Not only does it take the more tactile elements of mixing into a hardware controller, but it acts as a plug and play solution in terms of audio and power – with a built-in soundcard and cable that allows the iPad to charge off of the Z1’s power supply. For now, the Z1 has an included USB to 30-pin connector, which means that owners of newer Lightning-based iOS devices will have to grab a $23 adapter from Apple.

Watch: Our review of Traktor DJ for iPad


The Kontrol Z1 has an identical design and dimensions as its sister products, the Kontrol X1 and F1 – allowing it to work well with the stands and cases – and making them a modular match as suggested in the video above.

Additionally, the size makes it a realistic carry-along piece of hardware for adopters of Traktor DJ for iOS, especially since it addresses most of the major drawbacks of iPad DJing as addressed above. I suspect we’ll see house party and mobile DJs using this hardware paring for the portability, but also to keep the risk of more valuable laptops and high-end mixers and controllers getting stolen or damaged to a minimum.


It’s worth noting that the Kontrol Z1 is a bit different from the X1 and F1 in that it will be shipping with just a copy of Traktor LE, not the full Pro versions that currently ship with the other units. The press release notes that “a $50 / 50€ e-voucher will also be sent to users upon registration of the included TRAKTOR LE software”  – presumably to purchase a full version of Traktor. There’s no mention of the voucher being good for purchasing the App Store-sold Traktor DJ, which sells for $19.99 for iPad or $4.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch.

We’ll have a review of the Traktor Kontrol Z1 at the beginning of July – along with continuing details on the updates that we’ll undoubtedly see to both versions of Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro as they become available . Have questions about the new unit? Comment below and let us know. 

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  • Robert Kilcourse

    i just wish they had included the lightning connector instead of that USELESS 30 pin connector. i got my ipad the day TraktorDJ came out and was iPad4. just now getting that OVERPRICED $45 30 pin to lightning connector from Apple. way to be greedy! on BOTH NI & Apples end. its okay. u can be rich in the next life!!!

  • Joshua Gibson

    well I guess im categorized as the “beginner dj” I’ve always wanted to do this stuff since I was in middle school, but was broke and couldn’t afford this equipment now I’m 26 and make a decent living, but I’ve always found some software way to mix and tinker. That being said, hey dudes, everyone starts out somewhere whether it be in the baby crib lol jk or today. each one of you were rookies at some point in time, just fortunate these days the digital age arrived quick and the features it offers today is limitless, I liked whoever pointed out they are focusing on “Home DJing” To me it works well, my gear is small right now MBP, iPad + Z1 + PRO LE but I’m trying.. I’ve been mixing and blending the shizz out my Z1 lol averaging 5-6 hours a night playing. I love the Z1 kontrol I’m hooked. I’ll be getting the X1 and F1 soon gotta expand my thoughts on the beat. Then I’ll dip into my “Professional” stuff. Just support each other peeps and we can push this industry the way you want.

  • Marius Gherca

    Hey there. Whilst using the z1 with my x1 and laptop, will I able to cue in my headphones the next song i’d like to play? Or do i need an external audio interface?

  • John Hart

    Has anyone else tried using this for scratching timecode vinyl yet? does if feel good while scratching like good tight responses or what?

    • Roybot

      Same question here, e.g. with an A6 or A10 meaning the Z1 is only a controller. Is that even possible – Soundcard set on internal mode, will DVS still work? How does the prelistening work?

  • Eggman

    anyone know if this will work so i dont have to buy the lightning adapter

    “G08-209FM” is the model number. Type A female to type Bmale USB adapter

  • Jared F

    Can you hook up two to your computer for four decks?

  • Traktor Tips

    Think this is a bit of a game changer – no more do i need my audio 8 – Just the Z1 and my X1

  • Antek

    Just got the controller and cant download the drivers from the website even thought seen people already posting videos using the controller. Anyone knows where to get them drivers? 🙂

    • Roybot

      Will you use it with Turntables?

  • Punit Shetty

    Can the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 be powered from USB (Bus powered) when using with Macbook Pro ?

  • Calub

    so this could “in a sense” turn my S2 into an S4? or at least give me the extra functionality of 2 more decks?

  • Jabba Jams

    I wish they would offer a car power adapter for this. It would make car pooling a whole new experience.

  • DJ

    Can i use this as a soundcard in ableton and control eq? Or is the eq buttons just default maped to traktor?

    • Kutmaster TeeOh

      You can midi map it like the other controllers.

      • DJ

        But do i NEED to MIDI map to control eq?

        • Kutmaster TeeOh

          You can map it to do anything. Just set it to whatever you need.

  • Dj-Ric-Derr-C

    I cannot believe that this device does not come with a line in port in order to hook up a turntable or a non-apple MP3 player or an older ipod. I guess i will just wait to see if an updated version becomes available in the future.

  • annibal

    now does it work with traktor timecode

    • Kutmaster TeeOh

      Yes, you’d go in from your traktor interface and set this as the output.

  • Fat Mandy

    Can you link up 2 of them for 4 decks?

  • PontoonJoe

    No z4 = might as well pick this up.

  • PontoonJoe

    What’s the word on whether or not it will control traktor pro effects??? I want to use this as a mixer while still using an audio 8 for dvs and an f1 and x1…possible? Not that I need it cause the x1 will handle that. But I’m looking at that Behrenger cm too and this is the deal breaker.

    • Kutmaster TeeOh

      you can midi map it like the other controllers

  • Dennis Parrott

    NI (with a reasonable ad campaign) could COMPLETELY OWN the “wannabe”/beginner DJ marketplace.

    You can spend $200 and get a simple control surface plus Traktor LE — more than enough to get started. And you would be be building skills (and hopefully brand loyalty!) that would transfer “up” to TP, TSP, etc.

    Or, you can outfit your iPad with Traktor DJ and spend $200 for a Z1 and you have pro quality sound plus some simple controls and 2 deck capability.

    Think how much better that would be for a kid at Christmas than getting some cheap plastic tinkertoy controller with a very low end software package.

    I think TDJ plus a Z1 is a sweet little setup…

  • Daz

    I wish the cue buttons a and b could’ve been placed below the filter knobs like on the s4 and pioneer mixers

  • DjLiquitATL

    This is a waste of hardware…It’s not a mixer b/c it has no options for inputs AT ALL. Also, no booth out, etc… you would be better off with a standard mixer and cheap sound card. No scratch control either… what they should have done is make a 2-channel mixer similar to the 06-pro with the scratch option…then I would forgive the booth output b/c you can use the headphones… I just don’t see the point of dropping $200 on an item like this

    • Dennis Parrott

      you are right, it really isn’t a “mixer” in the classic sense.

      it is a MIDI controller + sound card.

      there are two situation where spending the $200 makes some sense.

      1. Beginner DJs — buy one to go with a kid’s existing laptop and they can run Traktor LE or spend an additional $20 and run it with an existing iPad and Traktor DJ.

      Personally, I think that NI could CLEAN UP on scenario #1.

      2. Existing Traktor DJs (like me) who want to use their iPad as a tool for practice and preparation when they are not nearby their main Traktor Pro setup.

      I had issues running Traktor without a better sound card and was thinking about buying an Audio 6 DJ to be able to have real cueing and better sound when using the iPad/Traktor DJ. I am still sort of bummed because NI did not make it so that you could use the Audio 2 DJ with the iPad. (The official reason is that the A2DJ draws power from USB and that is sort of a no-no with an iPad. I think a split USB cable would do the trick if NI would put the A2DJ drivers into TDJ…)

      The Z1 gives you the ability to practice some and do prep and get better sound in a reasonable package — it will fit in my day-to-day backpack with my iPad…

      All of the objections you raise are fine but the Z1 wasn’t designed to meet those requirements — in short Liquit, you are not the target market for the Z1.

      The Z1 is a MIDI controller + sound card for the extreme low end of the market — for those starting out or those jumping onto the iPad bandwagon.

  • Max

    So unbalanced RCA, rather than Z2 balanced outs ?

  • Rudi-J

    will it allow to use the iPAD audio OUT L/R for Preview and the Z1 outs to be used as main L/R?

  • JazZmutant

    Looks fun and will be great for helping people decide if they want to continue DJ’ing for a hobby without breaking the bank (if you cant afford $199, DJ’ing isnt the best hobby for you anyway!). This thing will be great for house parties or gigs where they dont have club standard equipment also. I will still hold out for a “4 channel” version 🙂

    • Daz

      Yes, 4 channel version; the Z4 please!

    • midi

      Allen & Heath k2 might be your answer

  • Dilby

    No booth out with additional level controls is a bit of an oversite. Also the daisy chaining of USB is one of the best features from the Z1 which they really should’ve included here.

  • thejone

    seems like it should have been out years ago (for traktor Pro of course) But it looks great, would be really useful.

  • Simon

    I would buy this if I could use my S2 to control A+B, and this to control C+D or with my F1 to control high/mid/low remix decks. Can it do that?

    • Dennis Parrott

      i would imagine that it is possible.

      one of the connection diagrams on the NI site showed it connected to a laptop with an F1 and an X1. Why not remap the thing to do what you want?

      Or sell the S2, use the cash as a downpayment on an S4 and use the F1 to control the remix decks… (easy for me to say while I am spending YOUR $$$$, huh?)

  • Dual Citizen

    At $200 MSRP, is this the cheapest midi mixer ever made by NI? I predict they will sell a ton of these things.

  • Charles

    I need to know latency with new macbook, using f1,x1,z1 & machine) & Soundcard quality mixing internal vs. a decent outboard soundcard/mixer (RME babyface / xone92)

  • Grant Reynolds

    for years i have been screaming for this exact solution from NI. soo good, love modular controllers, the way controllers should be.. professional and not some silly toy with jog wheels.

  • Matt

    This is essentially a sound card for Traktor DJ, although they boosted the price by adding faders and knobs…what’s the point of faders and knobs when you can play with that touchscreen surface of the app?

    I think they needed a product that fit this price range MORE than people needed faders for their touchscreen app. Building a cheap stand alone sound card wouldn’t be worth their time and effort. (maybe they learned their lesson with the Audio2)

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      It’s just my opinion but I think touch screens are highly overrated. They provide no tactical feedback. I’d rather have faders and knobs to hold and turn while I can focus my eyes on the crowd rather than look at a touch screen.

      • Jerry

        you’re right…this frees up one hand to wave at the crowd with (instead of holding the ipad)

    • Devin

      Two minutes trying to mix two tracks using an iphone, having to jump screens just to change EQ for each track separately, and having the touch faders and knobs jump around in unexpected ways, and you wouldn’t be asking these questions.

      • Matt

        I’ve used the iPhone app on a mix (for at least 20 minutes) connected via AirPlay to my speakers….it felt like the big djing revolution is finally here….I got the same awe I got when watching that Lemur touchscreen video go viral a few years ago…

        Its very easy to control things in the app because the tracks auto-sync (not my cup of tea). This leaves up so much time to just play with FX and EQs…the iPad app has even more screen real estate so I’m not sure I agree with you that jumping screens is a problem…

        anyways, I just need a soundcard with 2 channels to use this puppy and if I get the Z1 I might stay ‘new school’ and use the touchscreen for EQs.

        It would be ideal if a follow up to the Audio2 can be used with Traktor DJ.

        Does anyone know if that’s being released?

  • fudenciojp

    Guys i just brought an used audio 8 from ebay and im using with my cdjs i would like to know whats the best controller for me to use in traktor to have a good use on the effects ?

    • Jake


  • aleeeeeks

    cool for use with traktor DJ for sure. But i think the Behringer MM1 smashes this on a couple levels. Not hating on it by any means, its a dope controller.

    • crowdboy

      it’s the behringer on sale finally? or it’s still a concept that has been floating for the last years?

    • Lubomir Pubso Suchy

      MM1 doesn’t have sound card…

      • Justin

        get an audio 2? there’s more than enough usb ports with an mm1, and it gives you 4 channels with eq and filter control. (something even the z2 doesn’t have)

  • Tooshoes

    Why is Native Instruments focusing on this “home DJ” market. Why cant they up there game and make something for professional DJs. The S4 is great but super bulky and a nightmare to carry to gigs. the sound cards are all getting long on the tooth and this is boring two channel mixer that still requires power (the hardest thing to find in most clubs). Why not move to something with one job wheel and 3 channels with the option of using the job wheel and 3 channel for what ever you chose. Save some space + the fact you could integrate it for whatever you choose.

    • CrowdBoy

      I think you should check out this awesome controller

      RELOOP CONTOUR 4 chanel controller, with soundcard capable of outputing 5 signals, or 2 or 0, so you can mix with a mixer or use it just as a controller. I have 2 of these and love them, you can control 4 chanels with one, but having 2 next to each other makes it really fun to dj.

    • Dennis Parrott

      i think that NI are fixing their gaze on teh “home DJs” because there are many more ot them than there are of you (“professional DJs” — whatever that really means).

      the market for low end gear is a big slice of the market these days. they NEED a big chunk of that market to make money to fund the development of those higher end products.

      more important though is the “hook”… if I am NI I want EVERY WANNABE DJ IN THE WORLD TO USE MY STUFF. so if I put out some low end stuff that those kids will buy and then they learn how to use it perhaps they will continue to buy my (more expensive) stuff when they graduate to the “pro” ranks.

      NI is out there throwing their baited hooks into the water hoping to catch long-term customers.

      but more importantly, the Z1 is really positioned to be “the” soundcard for Traktor DJ. Traktor DJ isn’t a tinkertoy and it introduces some new ways to interact with the music. You can really do some nice work with it (hit the YouTubes — there are lots of guys posting videos of their mixing…)

      The do make _something_ for professional DJs — Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro, the S4, the S2, the Audio n DJ soundcards, Maschine, as well as other production-related tools. Just because they haven’t released spiffy new versions of their hardware doesn’t mean the gear isn’t any good.

  • Clay Ford

    Seeing as I already have an Audio8, I’m wondering if I could hook up my TTX’s in the Audio8’s ins and use the Z1 as the mixer. This would be a coooooool little scratch mixer, reminds me of the Vestax PMC-06Pro

    • Keynote101

      i was thinking the same thing! and its totally do-able, just running traktor as internal mode and using this as a midi controller, I did it with my audio 8 and traktor s2, same thing, pop some mini innofaders into this bad boy and we got a new aged battle mixer!

  • aaron

    I’m going to seem like a hater but I’ve been a NI fan and customer for a long time now….I don’t really see this much of a breakthrough as there are similar controllers out there that can do the same thing. I was really hoping for something more breakthrough-ish. I hope an updated S4 comes soon, I think it needs a revamp…

    • Dennis Parrott

      the only thing i wish my S4 had was a _real_ kill switch for the EQs.

      what do you think they should change?

      the Z1 is NOT a breakthrough. it is for a new/emerging market — the iPad DJ. since we don’t know what the market is going to look like, it wasn’t worth spending tons of NI cash on developing some tricked out controller. better to design a simple, low end thing to help figure out what the market is going to be.

      the breakthrough was Traktor DJ. it broke the “two turntables and a microphone” template. no spinning record, no tonearm. just two waveforms and some controls that you can touch.


    Loool loking good

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    “…asking for since Native Insturments first…”


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to be able to use my S2 with Traktor DJ for iOS now! 🙂

    • DJ Al B Bad

      I’d rather use my S2 all together for iOS than this new device.

  • Levitate

    I always wondered why they didn’t include dedicated filter knobs on the S2. This product is probably the reason.

    • Dennis Parrott

      i never looked at the S2 that close to notice that there were no filter knobs!

      based on my look-see, i would say that they ran out of space on the surface to put them in. if you look at, to maintain some visual/layout “sameness” with the S4, they did not want to rearrange things too much. when they scaled the S4 down they lost the space needed for the filter knob.


      adding filter knobs would have raised the price beyond their $559 price point…

  • Tom

    I find it frustrating that they can build a mobile app that uses less CPU power to run the SW. I know that there will be comments, why not switch to Mac, well why should I when I have more higher intensive applications running on the same PC without issues. To me it’s poor programming…

  • Mike356

    I dont understand why NI neglects/forgets to realize that their software enables the use of 4 decks. Why they continue to only tailor to 2 deck use just baffles me. It is essentially a Audio 2 with internal mixer ability.

    • JBuckley

      I think the aim of this is to get people buying the X1, Z1 and F1 as a ‘package’ if you like, thus eliminating the need for four decks as two will be remix decks controlled by an F1

  • Sagar Samtani

    The Xone K2 basically knocks this out of the water. it’s just that this unit has more sex appeal and it’s simpler.

    Pair a Xone K2 with Radial Engineering J+4 and you’ll have a controller with amazing features and amazing sound quality to sound almost as good as CDJs. Setting you back less than 500 bucks.

    Hoped more from Native Instruments. The iPad integration is great though. A single deck controller from them would be amazing.

    • jay

      why a Radial Engineering J+4? what exactly does it do?

      • CrowdBoy

        use google!! i didn’t kow it either but if you just search the name, 1st answer!!

      • Sagar Samtani

        It fattens your output..give it more gain, and just fat and punchy sound. Compared it with output from a turntable from the same track (used a real vinyl track mind you) and the difference between k2 n j+4 pairing against the turntable isn’t much. The vinyl had slightly better clarity. Thts saying a lot about the quality of J+4. It’s still handmade in Canada. Xone k2 pairs very well with j+4.

    • Dennis Parrott

      but the Xone K2 isn’t really useful with an iPad since you can’t do the MIDI mapping needed to integrate it.

      it would be FABULOUS to be able to integrate controllers with an iPad running Traktor DJ. I think it will be a long while before we see that happening though…

    • Lukas Plattner

      Hi Sagar,

      to connect the j+4 to a mixer a XLR to RCA cable is needed, correct? THX in advance

      • sagar samtani

        Yup exactly..

        • Lukas Plattner

          THX a lot. Following your advice I will buy it.

          • Lukas Plattner

            Just arrived the Radial J+4. Amazing sound quality. Thank u sagar.

    • Robert

      i agree, as the k2 is fantastic, but when this is 2/3 of the price of the k2, i’d expect an inferior product

  • Chris Jennings

    Two X1’s and this with maybe an F1 or two make a mighty powerful modular setup.

  • blastinmartin

    Damn, I just bought a faderfox dj3 for this. Oh, well faderfox is still good.

  • TraktorGuy/DjDepot

    I currently have an S4 with 2 F1’s and Maschine MK II and I’m sold on it. I look forward to using it at our Traktor Information Support Sessions every Saturday here in Brampton, Canada @thedjdepot

  • Jason Karriker

    Shut up and take my money!

    • sdf

      these messages get bored… always other people copying from others

  • Chaser720

    This is basically what I wanted out of the new Midi Fighter.

    • Andrew Cizek

      Ditto. Can’t wait to rock this out next to my MF3D

      • Javier Tapia Th.

        Me too. Exactly what I’ve been looking for SO LONG.

  • Ian Williams

    So, is this a regular mixer (taking a stereo pair for each deck from the soundcard), or is it a midi controller? (Controlling the software mixer)

    • Dennis Parrott

      It would appear that audio is mixed internally in the iPad and travels down to the Z1 over the USB cable where the audio stream is routed to the internal 24 bit D-to-A unit.

      So, I would call this a “MIDI controller”.

  • howardxy

    If you do not plan to use this with an iPad/phone can you simply plug it in and have it powered over USB?

    • Chaser720

      Good question. S2 can run off straight usb power with lightly muted cue volume. I’d vote power is required.

    • Chaser720

      Oh. Just kidding. Check the picture at the top of the article. Maybe it can be powered off of an iPad as well?

  • CrowdBoy

    I was about to buy the A&H K2 dang now i gottta think it twice!

    • CrowdBoy

      it’s a total deal breaker the fact doesn’t come with traktor pro!! that makes it harder to fight with the k2…

      • Chris Jennings

        I had two K2’s and used them for months. In the end I couldn’t come to grips, both literally and figuratively with it’s little knobs and lack of center detent.

        • CrowdBoy

          so would you recomend it for casual use, or you didn’t liked them at all?

          • Chris Jennings

            The K2’s are good controllers, but the knobs are to small for my liking to use as a four channel mixer. I think if you need something small for a house party AND you need something for Ableton or some other program then get the K2. If you want a dedicated mixer then IMO don’t get the K2.

    • CrowdBoy

      But the K2 cant use either DJTT faders nor knobs… and the z1 is going to be able to fit those…. FU*** none of my controllers can take this awesome knobs…
      k2 with 2 chanel and 2 pich faders, big+ deck and efects control VS 2 chanel, no deck control, and awesome knobs and faders, and it’s small!!!
      hard choice!

      If there was a z1.5 with 4 chanel that would be just great!! i’m still waiting for a 4chanel midi mixer with stand alone capability and the thiknes of a recular controller, like if you chop the mixer out of the S4 or the pioneer ddj-sx

      • JBuckley

        So the Z2 then?

        • crowdBoy

          Z2 is too fat!! you cant wear it on a back pack for houseparties, or venues where you dont get paid enough to take your good 4 chanel analog mixer… instead you take the 4 chanel midi mixer (which works internally, and has one sound output plus cue… and if it could have line imputs, just in case computer crashes….)
          so its more like taking the S4 and choping of the decks controlls.

      • Daggers

        Why would you call a 4 channel mixer a z1.5? why not z4.
        1 = compact controllers z1, x1, f1
        2 = large two channel controllers s2, z2
        4 = large four channel controllers s4, z4?

        • CrowdBoy

          The z4 would be like the z2 but in four chanel mixing so actually it should be called Z3 since the small format 2 chanel mixer is z1 (2 chanel – size=1) the 4 chanel small format (its as thin as the z1) is (4 chanel-size=3)
          MY BAD 😉

          • Daggers

            the Z4 should be a direct competition to the rane 68 or pioneer offerings.

          • CrowdBoy

            You don’t get what i’m saying!! just imagine you chop the deck controls from the S4 and keep only the mixer, with the sound-card, i don’t care how you want to call it, its just like the Z1 but in 4 channel plus 2 line inputs and stand alone capability.
            The Rane and the Z2 are in different market place and there are two things that would set them apart, PRIZE!! and SIZE!!! the point of what I’m saying is that it has the same thickness of the S4 about 4or 5 cm thick (1.9 or 2 inches thick..) so it would be easy to pack it in a backpack with your.

            in my opinion it would be called Z3 because the 2 channel mixer in small format is called Z1 due to its only one sound channel, the 4 channel with 2 inputs and 1 output, ads to 3 so the name would be Z3 (just saying)

          • Daggers

            Ahh I didn’t understand your idea. Yes a Z3 would be a good idea. When you say stand alone, do you mean analogue functions?

            The Rane and the Z2 despite there price are very much in competition with each other. However it’s becoming clearer that Traktor are catering for the controller user more than the DVS user, as seen in the Z2.

  • Niels

    I like the design. Now that they’ve chopped the mixer section out of S2, You reckon we’ll see a single jog wheel controller soon?

    • Filip

      thats not the same as s2, no way how to work with c/d volume, no way to browse tracks, also seems at it is for small jack headphones

      • metalgearrr

        s2 is a 2 channel, not 4 channel, so theres no c/d

        • Filip

          i have to know if i am using it ,) you have two faders for a/b + knob for c/d, only thing you havent low/mid/hi for c/d but you can use filter for it

          • Garrett

            You mean the z2? The s2 has no control for c/d deck. The s2 has a mixer and jog wheel. The stand alone mixer is the z2

  • Parker Scott

    So if you use an iPad and Traktor DJ can you use the X1/F1 with it? If it only has a direct usb to 30-pin connection does that mean its one or the other? I could easily see this as a nice mobile setup with the Z1 and an X1, I just didnt like using the ipad as a control surface for many things in Traktor DJ.

    • Dennis Parrott

      The video does seem unclear doesn’t it? I see F1s there. Are they talking to an iPad?

      I would doubt that you can use an F1 or X1 with the Z1 and Traktor Dj though. I don’t see any way to do mappings to let either controller do anything with useful with Traktor DJ.

      It would be cool to be able to plop down an F1 next to a Z1 and be able to jam away!

      • dfull

        The F1 + X1 setup is a modular laptop setup, while the mixer can be used alone without other modular pieces to control traktor DJ and give a physical addition of filter, eq, and volume to help you mix better through the app. If you have used traktor DJ, you know that it is a bit of a pain to not be able to EQ both channels at once, or that using a volume fader + a filter knob is a bit of a pain. Also physical controls are just plain nice.

        • Dennis Parrott

          I was going to go buy an Audio 6 to be able to use TDJ (SUPREME DISAPPOINTMENT that I could not use my Audio 2!) and do realistic cueing in the headphones. With the Z1, I get my sound card AND I get some controls… For most of what I have to do, 2 decks w/ FX & EQ is “just enough”…

          I just hope somebody figures out how to do some MIDI mapping in TDJ so we can expand to using the F1 & X1 — I could sell my S4 and carry a little bag with an iPad and couple of boxes!

  • philippe

    By adding a usb hub of 2-3 ports on the back and by getting rid of the NI logo to make room for it, you could daisy chain the x1 (to control tempo, plus another set of rotary FX controls and cue points on top of the X/Y FX on the ipad/mini). with an upgrade to traktor dj it could allow connections of 2+ peripherals on an ipad/mini and creating cues & hot cues on the fly with the x1 in traktor dj or pre-prepared (with traktor pro 2), would be a couple of nice features for a future update.

    • Daggers

      Chaining this with the x1 or f1 is a cool idea. Maybe a jog wheel controller is needed. Say, an s1?

  • jerville

    Good job NI! I’ve waited for this combo 🙂

  • Ian Williams

    Will this also pass power back to the iPad? (I hope it does, ….but I bet it doesn’t)
    This may be my perfect back-up system!

    • Prof_Strangeman

      Sure does!

  • Vanholsaet Chris

    I hope they’ve used other pots then the X1. Those pots tend to wobble a lot.
    Wouldn’t trade my K2 for this. Same price and it comes in a travel case. 🙂

  • the shombletons

    really wish it had 2 usb ports on the back where they put the NI logo! would make it the perfect little modular controller. Oh well, still really like it

  • b

    They should revamp the x1 by now…

    • Prof_Strangeman

      And change what? It’s perfect.

      • Filip

        i dont think so, bad shift position (another than on s2/s4) on s2 is much better, small cue + play, s2 size is great for use, small hotcues in only one color (they can indicate what cue is stored, grid, classic, loop, load) or there can be something like touch slider for pitch manipulation of a/b

        • Filip

          i think they should use on every controllers similar layouts, for example on s2 is another looping (on two knobs – i have remaped it) but new x1 should have the same browser load section (its really stupid when you are switching gear, that you have to work two different ways)

          What i dislike on z1:
          – it seem as it has only small headphone jack? stupid perfect way to loose my sennheiser reduction, why? students have only 30usd headphones?
          – why there isnt sample volume (c/d) knob as on s2? headphone knobs can be on front side
          – and the biggest – FX on instead of cue button above fader? Thats the place for cue on every mixer. Why is it there?! Teenagers will love flanger.. am i wrong?

          Why they havent made 4 channel midi mixer (with or without soundacard, better maybe without, you can buy a6 or a10, or you have it) same as s4 has?

          why they instead of ios mixer hasnt make PRO pioneer 2000 jog size midi “tut?ntable with lcd indicators in centre as pioneer has, or better around jog also, fx knobs, a/b/c/d deck switch, pitch, loop knobs and buttons, hotcues and so on, expensive and massive for pro club use?

  • Viciouss Hoffmann

    The channel VU Meters are post-fader or pre-fader? Can we change it on the fly?

    • Rotem Ayalon

      Pre. Always pre.

      • Duncan Cliff

        Not always, VU meters can usually be remapped to post if needed for w/e reason, default is usually pre though.

  • Lubomir Pubso Suchy

    Still happy with my A&H X:One K2 🙂

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      Me too…
      I have a Mapping that is a x1+z1 on A&H K2

      • Lubomir Pubso Suchy

        Yes, exactly, you can set it up so many different ways.