The One DJ Software Launches – For Windows Only

Today brings us the release of Audio Artery‘s newest (and for now, Windows-only) DJing software, The One.

As we’ve discussed previously, a number of features pop out as different from the other garden variety DJing software, namely the modular qualities of the software and the “Live Edit” feature. The One allows you to fully customize the layout and routing of your software, from mixer to decks to effects and everything in between.

The much touted “Live Edit” feature essentially brings in some of the functionality of a standard DAW, like predetermined loop changes, effect automation, and cut/paste functions for audio files. Beyond those features, the software also features a neat media organization tool and a beefed up SYNC feature that allows quantization of effects and loops as well as tracks.

Check out the promo video below, and visit the website/download a demo here. A cross-platform license costs 50€, or about $67 – but the demo linked above will allow Windows users to try the software for 15 minutes at a time. According to Audio Artery, OS X support is coming soon!

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  • grosbedo

    The One dj software is now available for MacOSX (see the official website).

    I was in the beta test team, and I can say that this software is quite neat. The main plus is the interface and routing customization: you can arrange your interface pretty much however you want. Of course, you shouldn’t do that live, you should prepare beforehand your GUI (you can also save multiple presets if you want to switch on-the-fly, for example if you want to sometimes use 2 decks, sometimes 4, sometimes more, or sometimes just want to see the eqing). The routing is also amazing and quite intuitive. The TimeLine edit mode is great, but I miss the ability to prelisten any part in headphones (you can however do that if your track is on headphones, but if you are playing the track, then you can’t just preview a part of the TimeLine in advance like MixMeister could).

    There was however a few bugs mainly concerning the library management and the beatmatching syncing (and edition, it was VERY hard to fix the mistakes made by the software), but it seems these are all fixed now.

    If you need more control on your DJing interface, try this software. Plus the devs are hardly working to implement cutting edge new audio technologies.

  • muffintop

    People keep acting like the “live edit” feature is only usable live, but from what I remember, from earlier hype info, is these edits are savable. Make your edits at home, and have a fresh bootleg to play live.

    Makes a lot of sense to me

  • mario

    meh not interested, i don’t know if I want to do all that editing live.

  • Ztronical

    Only interested if I can mix anything. As in flexible grids and such. Mainly to make unusable tracks usable. Other than that… not sure what the point of this software is.
    To claim automation in the DJ world in my opinion is to say mix metallica on the fly with some dubstep. Then bring in some classical music glitch it out and build up the crowd with Mozart. But yeah. Otherwise I wonder why buy new software? Mac vs. PC meh. Make any track work and I will buy.

  • DJ Bloodhound

    to those of you crying about no support for your precious mac, you can run windows on a mac. also, did you not read this
    >”According to Audio Artery, OS X support is coming soon”
    most things come out on windows first, because its the most supported OS out there. there is no arguing that. you can also run windows programs natively in linux with the WINE software, or as a packaged JAR.

    in simpler terms, its more practical for independent programmers like these guys to make it on windows and then port it over to mac. your mac is not better for Dj use. it doesn’t sound better either. its just a computer like all the other ones. it might look prettier, but in the end its just a computer. its just which OS you feel more comfortable using, and if you choose mac, you can wait for these hard working people to transfer all their hard work over to your system.

    to Audio Artery, OS X support is coming soon – See more at:
    to Audio Artery, OS X support is coming soon – See more at:
    to Audio Artery, OS X support is coming soon – See more at:


      wow, sounds like you have a bone to pick. good info, bad attitude.

    • Smu

      Don’t worry, your dad will buy you a Mac one of these days…

    • Steve

      OSX used to be better then Windows because the CoreAudio drivers were easier to program for than ASIO making them more reliable and stable.
      (I have read interviews with programmers where they say that can whip up a stable CoreAudio driver in a day where as the same ASIO drover for windows could take 2 weeks or more and they wouldn’t have the same confidence in it as the OSX driver).

      Windows Vista was also HORRIBLE with its audio processing so if you wanted to use a Windows PC for DJing you pretty much had to use XP.

      Now days its pretty much even as far as I can tell, but during that time Mac got a strong foothold and built a solid reputation for its reliability amongst DJs which is why its still the more popular choice.

  • Mike

    It seems interesting, at least for trying out mixing ideas on the fly.. But you can do a lot of this stuff inside a proper Ableton Live template..

  • Last Resort

    Arguably, they shot their wad by trying to build a hype prematurely.

    I sensed some excitement on DJTT about the early betas. Not too much excitement left today..

  • thatdjbrandyspain

    Windows has fallen and bumped its head. Glad I have a mac

  • dodgy-style

    yeah but how do you scratch?

    • Nick Perloff

      We’re told that the scratching algorithm on “The One” is apparently quite advanced. Stay tuned for our review, as we’ll be covering it in detail there.

  • What a laugh.

    DJ Software that doesn’t even launch on mac, are you kidding me?

  • Viktor Wemmer

    Nice try, but i feel like… MEH!

    The interface looks cluttery and unintuative.

    Using it would probably create Serato Face v2 😛

    I see no way of using it while still having that connection with the crowd.
    Mousing around is something I wouldnt do live.

    • Nick Powers

      “One Face”
      ha sounds pretty appropriate

  • Dustin Barr

    Seems Like alot of mousing around when u should be paying attention to the crowds reactions …on one likes a Dj that is constantly on his computer

  • Robert Wulfman

    and people are worried about Serato face. without hardware to control the editing functions, there’s going to be a lot of staring at a laptop and fidling with the track pad. Not to mention that Ableton can essentially do all of this in arrange veiw

    • FAg

      don’t worry, if they sell more than 5 I’ll be impressed

  • Denis Nov

    Looks a bit messy tough still looks like something that would be fun to try out. Would need it on a mac though 😛