Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 Leaked Images?

Just a day after the announcement of the Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer, it appears that product renderings of a refresh of the very first Native Instruments controller, the Traktor Kontrol X1, have surfaced on an online music equipment store, PSSL.  Read on for exclusive details and all of the photos of what may be the new Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2.


First up – the photos. It’s worth noting that all of these are a similar high quality renderings that we’ve seen from Native Instruments in the past – making it very unlikely that these are a hoax.


We’re not going to speculate too much on the feature set here – and instead just let you all read exactly what was written on the PSSL product page – which we’re guessing won’t be up for too much longer:

Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol X1 is a company [sic] and portable controller designed for perfect Traktor integration, delivering ultra-intuitive control over looping, syncing, and effects on two track decks. Equally powerful for DJing in the box or using timecode control, its plug-and-play connectivity lets you set up fast. Robust knobs and buttons give you instant, tactile control over all essential DJ functions. A multi-purpose touch strip keeps you in direct control without ever having to reach for your turntable or CDJ, perfect for quick, precise pitchbending and innovative effects control.


  • Innovative – Multi-purpose touch strip for DJing without the need for a turntable or CDJ
  • Fully-integrated – Perfectly complements digital DJ setups, from “all in the box” to premium digital vinyl systems like Traktor Scratch
  • New multi-purpose touch strip keeps you in direct control without ever having to reach for your turntable or CDJ
  • Advanced, touch-sensitive browser and loop controls deliver ultimate performance possibilities
  • New RGB cue point trigger buttons help to visually identify cue points from loops or load markers
  • Improved 7-segment displays and LED indicators on the multi-purpose touch strip for comprehensive visual feedback
  • Control 2 track decks and 2 freely assignable Traktor FX units
  • Plug and play – instantly automaps to Traktor
  • Innovative new touch strip delivers ultra-precise control over track position, pitchbend, and FX
  • Precision buttons, knobs and touch-sensitive encoders deliver ultimate control
  • Lightweight, robust housing with slim, ultra-portable form factor – fits perfectly next to a club mixer
  • Expandable – connect 2 Traktor Kontrol X1s to control up to 4 decks
  • Compatible – combine with Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer or Traktor Kontrol F1 Remix controllers

A few more interesting points to point out:

  • Touch strip functionality seems to be designed to allow for jog-wheel free, Twitch-style pitchbending
  • RGB triggers could also indicate some Remix Deck potential in this controller
  • The power adapter on the rear of the unit is a good sign that it will work with Traktor DJ, similar to the Kontrol Z1
  • The product page notes a price of $199 and a ship date of August 1st

Notice anything interesting yourselves? Let us know in the comments and we’ll discuss! 

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  • Melvin Brown

    NOT IMPRESSED with the new X1!!! Want buy anything until the Z4.

  • The almighty

    I think that is garbage!
    The only new things are coloured lights (useless), touch strip (kinda cool) and small displays (tbh, almost useless, just a gimmick).
    But they left out so many knobs (hot cues for example).
    It looks more like an X1 for idiots who need as little buttons as possible so they wont get too confused, preferably just sync, play and beatmasher.

  • Damien

    Guess we get color coded cuepoints now?

    would be the only interesting new thing about it, no need to re-buy that controller, except extending for maybe 4 Decks, but i would still go for a F1 instead…

  • Jack

    Did anyone happen to notice that the font used for “KONTROL X1” at bottom/left of top surface is not the same font used for every other NI KONTROL unit? Looks like a cheap Microsoft font. Only thing seen so far that gives a clue that this may not be official.

  • Mauri Moore

    without Jog i’m not in .
    as a resident dj I need a jog for all the tracks without perfect grid –
    It would be nice to have a single player , same as s2/s4 or even better : a little bit bigger .

  • space monkey

    For Sale:
    NI Kontrol X1 😀

  • bilo

    if this was true i`m gonna buy it right away , touch strip or something like that is the only thing that was missing from x1

  • Daz

    I hope there’s more stuff coming out from NI because if freeze were to make its way onto to the next traktor update (maybe Traktor Pro 3.0), there would be no control for controlling the 8 cue points in freeze mode using this controller unless it’s suppose to be done using that tiny strip. To make use of freeze mode, (and I’m hoping for this) the next s2 or s4 is gonna have to have either a 2×4 grid button/pad or a touch display screen.


    I still wonder why NI (after all the modular controllers they have launched) hasn’t added a dediated knob too manipulate FILTERS!!!!


      Oh, but the Z1 has it, right?

  • Dalton Conner

    I really hope this is real. It looks pretty legit to me. I’ll definitely be getting one if it does happen.

  • Nenad

    I like to see link cable like they use on xone k2 they will be really hendy 😀

  • Ron Maran


  • Marcin Cedler

    Does it have midi page like X1? Cause if not You can’t use it with any other soft.

  • djjohnr

    A step in the right direction, but I’d really like to see a dedicated transport controller. The big things missing here – nudge, beat grid move and pitch adjust.

  • Kraal Wiggins

    looking at the layout of bottom buttons it would be cool if this had also a layer for an f1remix deck control functions

  • Anonymous

    I would buy it ! Thats exactly what I want !

  • Anonymous

    if this is real, the lack of daisy chaining is a huge FAIL!

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    I hope they aren’t only using one browser, that makes it half as fast when scrolling through your library…

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Can someone post something on Transfering Traktor files from an old computer to a new one. Specifically ‘Only’ the Traktor Files. (I’m getting a new laptop soon and apart from Traktor and a few other small things I don’t want to transfer most of the software. I just want to keep my library and mappings.

  • JayRuss

    This seems to leave the roots the original X1 had, The MK1 works flawlessly with a timecode setup however, where are the buttons to switch between relative and absaloute mode, and the cue points are in defferent layouts, im going to be hitting the wrong cue points all the time with this one !

  • Owen

    can’t wait for big price drops on the original X1’s

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I like that Native Instruments is finally seeing that Touch strips really have a lot more power than a jog wheel. All they need to do now is make sure there’s very little lag and users could effectively scratch (with something they’re barely touching).

  • Irvin Cee

    Surely an improvement. Hope the touch strip will allow me a finer pitch (smaller steps) adjustment than with the buttons. Thank u for deplacing and minimizing those fx1/2 buttons. Those where pressed so often by accident. The loop size display is a good thing, it was very annoyng and time consuming checking the loop size on the screen. But I really really expected a wave display on this version already.
    Altough I find thats peeps should dance to the music and not look at the dj, I agree that watching a dj watching a laptop screen can be somewhat boring. A wav display on the x1, is a solution for the non-dancing, blocking the floor, watching the dj crowd

  • funk sinatra

    touch strip looks nice….but – only four cue buttons? and WTF – the CUP button is probably the most important button on the x1 (s2 and s4 don’t have it either) for me…and yes – a usb hub will make it more expensive but way more useful.when is Z4 coming out?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      The unit is designed to be small and inexpensive while intended to be used with other controllers its size (the new Z1 and the F1). I suppose you could load a bank into the F1 strictly for cue point triggering, that would be at least 16 per bank on the F1.

  • Chaser720

    The way it sits I don’t HAVE to have it. But knowing NI, I have a feeling that the Traktor DJ (iPad App) is going to get a serious update here as well to integrate with this and the Z1. Then my opinion will probably change.

    Not to mention there’s several open positions on their websites for iOS developers as well that are being filled.

  • CasoerI

    As with the Z1 .. If this i also meant to work with Traktor DJ, I can’t understand why they didn’t added the possibility for daisy chaining the units. Now you have to carry an external USB hub?

    • JazZmutant

      It looks like it has a power plug on the back? maybe they will release a daisy chain kit that requires an external power supply and uses this as the base of the chain? who knows!

      • TN

        ….so it would do what a usb hub does?

    • Viciouss Hoffmann

      Maybe they will realease some special USB chained cables that could work as a hub… Who knows…
      They know we have only two USBs so let’s wait for some NI solution…

    • Kilown

      Shoo .. i am glad you said something , with the last DJTT controller Comp , i am
      no one tried to integrate a chained USB to at the least keep a Port open ( for a MBP user 2 USB’s and a hub can get a bit cluttered )

    • Lylax

      someone @ NI hire this genius! @dfe470fb180d9028715e581a431015cd:disqus

  • jerville

    Really not much of a difference from X1, its a no go for me. I rather wait for the S4 mk2

  • Alvaro Sandoval

    This looks fricken sickk.
    Love the touchstrips and esp the displays!!! Now I can use this when I want to go cdj-less.

  • Gavin Varitech

    Looks dope but with only one browse knob how to do you pick which deck you are loading into?

    • Dan White

      I would guess the arrow buttons underneath are for that – as the “snap” and “quant” labels are unlikely to be getting *that* much use

      • Filip

        Agree same as S2 has, i think its a good solution, but about touch strip, it will move the track and pitchbend but what about pitch? there isnt function to change pitch value (X1 v1 has buttons for that)

        • Gavin Varitech

          I would assume that is most likely true. But on the S2 the A/B load buttons don’t say SNAP/QUANT underneath them.

          Also, not a big deal, but I liked pushing in the rotary to load a track.

          • Joe Lanzon

            The arrow buttons are used for loading tracks without pressing shift. Dan is right, snap and quantize dont get used constantly, so having the shift function there is appropriate. I’d probably go one further and map pitch bend to the shift/arrows instead of the quant and snap. But I bet that tasty touch strip has something to do with not having pitch bend labeled on the unit anymore.

      • Gavin Varitech

        So you’ll have to push shift to use the feature the button has written under it? Or would you have to shift to load a track?

    • João Simões

      Arrow keys, most likely, the snap and quantize should be triggered in shift mode!

  • JoseT

    Endless technology .!!!

  • Robert Wulfman

    what exactly is a purple cue point?

    • LoopCat

      I’m guessing each cue point will be a different color in traktor and on the x1 for reference

  • djquirk

    Hell yeah.

  • FAg

    nice use of lights. There could be some mor body movement, the video is boring. And just since its a mf3d, i was expecting a use of the 3dthing, like with a filter or anything. The song is boring.