The Hood Internet on Producing Mashups and Mashup Culture

One of the biggest contributors to the popularity of modern digital DJing may have been the mashup culture that emerged in the second half of the last decade, with artists like The Hood Internet creating finely crafted jams out of preexisting tracks. We asked STV SLV from THI to come through the office to talk about the group’s history, what lessons he’s learned, and what made mashup culture possible. Watch the full interview after the jump.

The Hood Internet have been making tracks for over six years now – but they’re still releasing new mashups and original tracks with extreme regularity. Interested in checking out their most recent work? Their album FEAT – released on Decon records last year – is available for purchase here on Beatport. 

Want to engage more with these guys? Hit them up on Twitter at @thehoodinternet to bother them about making your own mashups, or maybe just to try and convince them why your mashup is better than theirs.

You can also check out more bootleg mashup tracks on their website!


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  • KidCorporate

    Been a Hood Internet fan for a long-ass time! Though I wish they were better live, although what could possibly be the worst/weirdest band I’ve ever seen (whose name unfortunately escapes me) opened for them. Come through Portland again, we need a redo!

  • Jef Tate

    This is le bulshit. Napster?! Blend tapes (or, blends) pre-date the ‘mashup’ by 10+ years. Cultural imperialism is real.

  • Steve Francesco

    Am I the only one who thought I was going to watch an episode of Mythbusters 😛 ?

  • drhiggens

    The interview is intresting. Nice work making sure content is there.

    The edit with all the jump cuts is really bad.

    • drhiggens

      need to shoot a bit more B-roll so you can keep the edit quality up 🙂

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I like that he told people what he uses to map his LED lights. I’ve used all of these (in conjunction) before and I think this is one of the best ways to (automatically) control lights (through a program). This is one of the areas Ableton Live still has over DJ applications.

  • Mario

    Mashup culture …. Oh wow [insert sarcasm here]

    • Hector

      Oh hey, bitter ass hating on the internet… OH WOW!

  • Bassick

    such down to earth and open minded individual! love these series 🙂

  • Theme Thod

    I’m really liking these artist interviews… keep em coming