Algoriddim’s Vjay 1.2; (free) App Of The Week

We just finished giving away a ton of free copies of awesome iOS software – but if you’re still clamoring for more, good news. Algoriddim’s visual mixing software, Vjay, is the iOS app store’s app of the week, meaning it’ll cost you absolutely nothing. The app also has been updated to a brand new version, 1.2, which incorporates video time-stretching. This allows users to change the speed of the video clip without changing the pitch of the audio – it’s keylock for iOS! This feature does require a newer model of iPad or the iPhone 5.

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The new update also includes more pre-loaded visual artist content (including content from Snoop Dogg? What happened to Snoop Lion?), as well as the ability to easily share or stream via Apple TV. Download the full app here and give it a spin.

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  • Anonymous

    Snoop .. Lol , remember when he was good? 92 -99