Traktor 2.6.2 Update Is Live; Mapping Remix Decks On Controllers Now Possible

Native Instruments has pushed the latest update to Traktor Pro 2 today, version 2.6.2. The new version offers a host of improvements, most notably the ability to directly map Remix Deck cells – and to have the advanced controls that were previously only available to Kontrol F1 users like Reverse, Quantize, Cell Load, and Cell Capture.

The update also makes a few chances the deck layout – adding deck warning messages to the header and allowing users to easily see if Flux Mode is enabled from the transport section of each deck.

Here’s the full list of updated features:

– Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
– Overall performance and stability improvements

– Fixed text input for Japanese characters (Windows)

– Added controls for direct mapping of Remix Deck cells
– Added controls for advanced Remix Deck features: Reverse,
Quantize, Cell Load, Cell Delete and Cell Capture
– “Invert” option now properly available for all control types

– Timecode and deck related warning messages are now prominently
displayed in the Deck Header
– Added Flux Mode button to the Transport Section

– Removed Mixer Headroom setting for External Mixer mode
– Headroom setting of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 no longer affects other

– Improved timecode reliability when using Hot Cues (all media)
– Improved resistance against record damage (Vinyl MK2)
– Improved tracking alert warning (Vinyl MK2)
– High Input warning (CD all)
– Scroll-Zone unresponsiveness fixed (CD MK2)

The update is available for some users in the Service Center already – but if it’s not showing up yet you can grab it on NI’s site in the Updates area

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  • Tom Thumb

    Anyone here who uses traktor play over internet radio???

  • Jaderade

    probably already in this thread, im just lazy. Is there a way to map the remix decks to my launchpad, and not affect the s2’s original mapping for decks a and b?

  • pg

    can i have the instructions to put my hercules rmx 2 together with tractor 2.6.2???? please…..

  • Rich

    Why can’t NI come with live update smart playlist like serato and itunes?

  • cp43

    Funny how no mappings r coming out. Smirk, ni u get what you deserve:)

  • Joakim carley

    Someone else having timecodeproblems after updating to 2.6.2?

  • Joakim carley

    Someone else having timecodeproblems after updating to 2.6.2?

  • DJ Aim

    So I have a question for all of you. Ever since I downloaded my 2.6.2 update, I have not been able to use my Kontrol F1 in remix deck mode. Every time I crossfade over to that deck, it completely clips out the volume and won’t even play the other track until I close the crossfader completely. Any ideas anyone?

  • Roni

    any idea how i can do that with mashine?

  • Anonymous

    VCI-400 EGE full remix decks control (not only the first one)… we’re waiting for you 🙂

  • DJ Doc Kristy

    guys I need help, I made a mapping for remix decks on a maschine mikro mk2.

    all is good, and Im missing out one thing.
    how can I map the pad colors on the maschine to match the colors of the sample cells on the software? is it possible?if so I need your help.


    • Andrew Norris

      Not possible I’m afraid. Traktor doesn’t send colour change info through MIDI. All it will send is a MIDI value for Cell Empty, Sample Loaded, Sample Cued and Sample Playing, not colour. Maschine, however, can only interpret and display simple On / Off states through MIDI. This means you can either have buttons light up when a sample is loaded OR when a sample is cued or playing. I’ve made a mapping for Maschine incorporating the latter here if you want to have a look:

  • djbamboo

    Anyone have an APC 20 mapping?

  • Anonymous

    Have they still not put in support for motorized platters?

  • 1000 Cutts

    Can anyone direct me to how I can use my two main decks using an S4 and Remix decks on an Ipad using TouchOSC. Or failing that a mapping of effects controls on ipad whilst using S4….Thanks

  • Tim Tucker

    Wow, totally missed the remix decks point in the release notes! Now where did I put my apc40… 😀

  • dufus

    Almost gaveup on you NI, and then you do something like this to totally redeem yourself! Yeah right, one step in the right direction at least.

  • Per Jakobsen

    eii just started mapping machine to the rmix decks. OMG cumbersome just a simple approach.. but fun tho. Big thanks to NI. Now DJTT/ Maschine mapping remix decks..”ring a bell” ?? 😉

  • Anonymous

    will there be an updated mapping for the vci-400 se?

  • Benjamin Ogletree

    i cant map the cell slot out for led feedback anyone else having this problem…with launchpad

  • FIn

    Who’s idea was it to put the ground wire warning over the track bpm? It happens every few seconds and you can’t see how fast your song is

  • Reverse Effect

    Did the update from 2.6.1. To 2.6.2 and have to say I’m dissapointed.
    I use 2 F1 controllers and since the update Traktor has difficulties to see the second controller and also crashes a lot trying to get it recognised.

    Also the problem that Traktor crashes when switching deckmode still exists. (Switching from trackdeck to remixdeck etc.)

    Love the Fluxmode switch but since stability got worse I’m switching back to 2.6.1

    A missed chance to really improve the Traktors functions that already existed.

  • eddy

    Good im going to start making a touch osc templete right away

  • Adam

    Anyone having an issue with Flux mode no longer affecting looping?

    • Adam

      NVM Sorted it…

      • EveryDay

        Hey, I’m having some trouble with my looping and flux mode not cooperating. What did you do to fix it?

  • Rukks

    I have some free time in the next few weeks after the fourth, think I should pursue a maschine mapping or APC20 mapping for remix decks? I have both controller so I’m kind of split.

    • Andrew Sager

      APC20 mapping would be awesome……do it…….do it

  • Hedgehog

    Dear TT,

    is there any official Remix Deck mapping for the MF3D on the horizon which uses the original firmware of the MF3D? That would make swapping between remix-deck mapping and default-mapping a blast.

    • Stewe

      Noted for Spectra. However with new firmware this mapping should work for MF3D as well.

  • Robert Wulfman

    Now I can finally make that APC 40 remix deck mapping I’ve been wanting

  • Chaser720

    Call me an oddball here but I don’t use timecode or a Z1, already have an F1 and already was using the Invert function mapping trick. So this new update gives me a Flux button…? And “stability improvements”.

  • overload

    They could finally work at overload.

  • Talor Roberts

    Any CDJ 850 HID support?

  • terracoz

    anyone working on an apc20 mapping?

    • DJ Candyman

      If you hear of one, let me know

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    And now I seriously have to upgrade my MacBook Pro to implement these features… Hello friend who works at Apple… I’d like to make a purchase.

  • Bassick

    Awesome update! Can’t wait to map my launchpad / mpk mini to the remix decks! would love to see a tutorial / mapping for a launchpad on the djtt site!

  • antifm

    Hey Dan— check the second paragraph “The update also makes a few chances the deck layout –”

    i think its supposed to say “The update also makes a few changes to the deck layout –”

  • weltraumpapst

    argh.. still no smartplaylists 🙁

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      You know it can pull in your smart playlists from iTunes right? The obvious catch is that you have to build them in iTunes then.

      • weltraumpapst

        i know. but the itunes integration in traktor sucks.. not even covers are visible..

  • jaydee

    Now, somebody pls make a mapping for launchpad s, for remix decks 🙂

  • Stewe

    Glad to see rmx deck mappings are finally up. Would be nice to see more modifiers in not so far future.

    • Flashflooder

      agreed. more modifiers, more modifier states, and a god damn = condition would be amazing

      • Stewe

        Or at least another condition slot if not a two more… That would be a game changer in advanced mapping world.

        • Flashflooder

          yeah, that would actually be more helpful and reasonable than any of the things i just said. ever since they added the conditions for Group/Single effects it often removes a modifier condition for a lot of things

          • Stewe

            Especially now with all this new rmx deck modifier conditions. Another slot is a must.


    smart move NI, thank you kindly!

    Now all we need is 100% protection from “Sticker Drift”

  • Gulli Johansen

    this probable means there is a v 3 around the corner with other locked futures and new hardware

  • Sam


  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for someone to properly map the remix deck pad colors to Maschine and the Launchpad. Now if Traktor only had parallel waveforms it would be my dream DJ app. I’ve been using Serato all year and my Traktor interface has been sitting here collecting dust.

    • Anonymous

      I would dearly love parallel waveforms in traktor as well. I’m not holding my breath though.. I’m quite sure that is probably one of the last things they will ever add..

      • Anonymous

        Yeah…I find it odd that for such a flexible and deep application, Traktor doesn’t allow you to change the orientation of the waveforms. One of the main reasons I switched to Serato (besides it being to the most common DVS) was that I’m
        hooked on parallel horizontal waveforms. It’s really the best way to
        time transitions, breakdowns, etc on long mixes.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that was actually one of my favorite aspects of Deckadance.. They still have parallel wavforms.. It’s just that now they are vertical and not split so it’s a bit harder to see them line up sample perfect.. Though.. I find I miss all of those kinds of things a lot less now that I have a Z2… 1:1 control, low latency, and the amount of features… They are foreign luxuries to me still. and shit.. now that they unlocked remix decks.. My Launchpad is going to get a hell of a lot more use.

    • Matías J. Padilla

      You can only map empty, loaded and playing states for each cell. Colour info probably travels through HID.

      • Anonymous

        The launchpad just uses midi controller data for the LED color. Not having access to button color when mapping the Remix Decks takes away half the functionality IMO. Hopefully it’s not true.

        • padi_04

          I totally agree. Still better than what we had tho.

          I can’t seem to find the parameter either by making a NHL mapping either so by the looks of it it’s still F1 only until NI decides otherwise. I’d love to be proven wrong 🙂

          MF’s remix deck emulation isn’t obsolete by the looks of it.

    • Anonymous

      Um, I haven’t tried it, and, um, not sure it is even possible or solves your problem in Traktor, but it just hit me. If you are looking for horizontal wave forms over each other, couldn’t you just move the main decks you use to A and C (so making your B deck C)? And make decks B and D your secondary decks?


      • Anonymous

        Compared to how it is in Serato, and how it used to be in Deckadance, this would be an inelegant and cumbersome workaround.. As it pertains to a visual and workflow aesthetic.. It.. wouldn’t really be worth the time to set it up that way.. Plus the phase meter fills in for the same duty, so it’s pretty much just a question of getting used to it.. Long story short… Parallel waveforms are prettier and more visually logical, and they are even better if half of the wavform is cut so you can see transients back to back.

      • Jimmy Burn

        that could work thats a good idea i must try that

    • madd martigann

      There will never be parallel wavelengths for traktor. From what I understand, when traktor got colored wavelengths, it was a result of an intellectual lawsuit with serato, where serato won the proprietary right to parallel wavelengths.

  • Rishi Vyas

    MIDI Wizards!! Please put up MASCHINE mapping for remix decks. or is it already up ??


    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Finally! This is ultimately why I bought the Maschine Mikro Mk2.

    • Vik

      Yes Please

  • Niels Meijns


  • D'lectronique

    Yessssssss, 😀 I can’t wait to build a more extensive lay out for my TouchOSC iPad controller!!

  • Anonymous

    YES YES YES YES!!!! Now I know exactly what to use my launchpad next to my Z2 for.

  • Jayvee


  • Jayvee


    • jhyphinwill

      Free download in the video info. Deck C pretty much finished. 🙂

  • Flashflooder

    Yes!!!! Finally, being able to map remix deck cells plus getting an Invert function on every command means I no longer need to use my secret invert function trick, yaay! Looks like I’ma need to brew up a new Midi Fighter mapping in the near future to capitalize on these changes

  • Flashflooder

    Yes!!!! Finally, being able to map remix deck cells plus getting an Invert function on every command means I no longer need to use my secret invert function trick, yaay! Looks like I’ma need to brew up a new Midi Fighter mapping in the near future to capitalize on these changes

    • Wuce Brayne (the Bitman)

      Any support for the original MIDI Fighter (classic) would be appreciated, as mapping it and creating mappings isn’t as elegant or easy as it is for newer models. Remix decks are something ALL MIDI Fighters need support for and now can finally have!

      • Flashflooder

        Noted, although mapping the Classic is a bit easier than the 3D or Spectra because you don’t have all the Color MIDI Out commands to deal with. Something also good to note is that the MIDI notes sent out by the MF Classic (when not in Internal 4Banks Mode) are the same as those on the 1st Bank of the 3D/Spectra so you can use their mappings with a Classic as long as their mappings don’t use 4Banks mode (the notes in 4banks mode are different for the Classic since you only have 12 non-bank buttons in each bank instead of 16) and you’d have to ignore or delete most all of the MIDI Out commands (which are mostly setting color and animations which the Classic doesn’t have).

    • Kento

      i just ordered a MF3D because of your most recent mapping so I can’t wait.

        • Kento

          Dude I was so excited to finally upgrade from my classic that I almost tried to come down to the office and pick it up, pay for it in cash and see if I could get a photo with all you guys.

          The MF series has changed the way I DJ completely. Sadly they weren’t really feeling the controllerist style up in Portland (too hip to use computers… vinyl or die kind of douches) but I’m back in the bay area and I’m excited that it’ll be here in just a few minutes to hours.

    • kinote101

      agh! I bet we are thinking of the same thing, Ive been wondering if anyone else used that glitch!