Traktor DJ A Free Download For iOS App Store Fifth Anniversary

As Apple’s iOS Store approaches it’s fifth anniversary this week, a number of paid apps are going to a free download in celebration – and this morning’s free app is sure to spark interest in our readers: Traktor DJ. It’s usually at a price point of $19.99 on iPad and  $4.99 on iPhone, but for the time being the price has dropped to no more than clicking the download button.

A bit of deduction would make it stand to reason that Native Instruments are letting the app go free not just for the App Store’s birthday, but also to promote the Traktor Kontrol Z1 (read our brand new review here) which just went into stores last week.

Grab the free downloads here:

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  • hayaka


  • Ivan

    I can’t believe I actually paid for this.

  • wasykes

    Fuming, I bought the ipad version on Saturday!!!

  • Luis

    After playing with it, I can say that Thanks I didn’t pay for this, it just Sucks!

  • Brainbeats

    All mixed up…
    Sucks if you bought this recently, but cool if you wanted to try it out…

    • ed craft

      Can you tell me how to stop the app from running. it’s zapping my iPhone battery as it’s running in the background. Thanks!

      • zberger

        double click the home button on your ipad/iphone and then exit out of the app

  • Luis

    Wow I was about to pay for it this morning to try it!!!! Glad I didn’t, now I have it for FREE Thank you NI……now I feel bad for those of you that bought them……I don’t think it was to promote the Z1… was due to low sales only less than 19 reviews.

    • Brotha Onaci

      Yeah, i was surprised that it had such a low number of reviews (maybe the result of relatively few users?). I figured that the ppl who already tried it would have plenty to say about it’s merits and weaknesses.

      • ed craft

        Can you tell me how to turn the app off? It’s runninng in the background and zapping my iPhone battery power. Thanks!

  • Dazzer

    What about those who spent good money on this? Not impressed

  • Blackbeard

    Well what can you say, THANK YOU ;D

  • Anonymous

    Hehe…thanks for the tip. Downloaded now! Feel sorry for those who paid tho…


  • AcquaCow

    Well, there goes my productivity for the day… lol! Thanks!