Thud Rumble Kickstarting a Baby Super Seal

Thud Rumble, the team that brought the vinyl world the “Super Seal,” touted as one of the most celebrated and widely used scratch records available, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new project, aptly dubbed the “Baby Super Seal.”

The scratch disc, a 7″ 33 rpm replica of the original Super Seal record, allows for instant scratching on any portable turntable system, without the hassle of record cutting and adjustments. As a bonus, each tier of the Kickstarter backers gets something special, with a grand offer of signed copies by the man himself, DJ Q-Bert. Intentionally cryptic, Thud Rumble has also added new scratch samples previously unheard of on the original scratch disc.

Check out their Kickstarter video below, featuring their ebullient seal mascot:

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  • proben

    OK, I did it because I want one of these, but I’m a bit torn – kickstarter really is for people really kick starting new projects that they wouldn’t be able to fund otherwise, rather than for established enterprises to crowdsource funding for projects that are already well within their established business model.

  • wardtf

    “So maybe you can watch some videos later of me mating yeaah”