Algoriddim’s djay 2 Teased [Video]

Just showing up a few hours ago on our YouTube feed, we’ve got the latest teaser from Algoriddim of their new version of their DJ application, djay 2.

All of the iOS DJ apps have been doubling down recently – with Traktor DJ’s latest update going free download this week and DJ Player offering a completely new design. So what will be changed in this new version of djay that will ensure Algoriddim holds their spot as one of the most popular iOS DJing applications? In terms of the teaser below, all we can tell clearly is that there’s some kind of sample feature that lets us quickly trigger, say, a heartbeat sample.

Our guess is that Algoriddim is likely a bit concerned about losing their close relationship with Apple after spotting Native Instruments’ Traktor in the latest feel-good Apple commercials and will do everything in their power to match and exceed the features in Traktor DJ. We might see such features as:

  • an equivalent to the Slicer/Freeze cue jumping feature
  • additional hardware compatibility to rival the Z1 integration
  • a similar track recommendation system that suggests the best tracks to mix in based on key, tempo, etc.
  • DVS + MIDI compatibility to match DJ Player’s offerings

What features would you put in djay’s new release? 

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  • ri

    id like to see more effects on the djay app

  • Patrick

    I’d like to see another developer add DVS,I wonder
    who it’ll be.

  • DJ Rapture

    I wanna see not just a new sample feature, but a completely redone sampler for both Mac and iOS djay. Something that can rival Traktor’s remix decks as far as potential goes, cause the current djay sampler is lacking some really important features like sample looping and using effects with samples.
    I do believe that djay already has a kind of track preparation in the form of iCloud data syncing. iCloud will sync cue point data among your tracks in djay for iOS and djay for Mac.

  • djnightfire

    I like to see a editable beatgrid engine and for the iphone version please, please hotcue points. Today I looking every day to see that algoriddim has an update but nothing happens. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else find this lame? Will the be able to make a real usable DJ app, instead of a toy? Will Tracktor DJ have competition?

    • DJ Rapture

      Hey, don’t be dissing Djay. That software is what got me started and is really good for it’s price and functionality.

      • Anonymous

        Im was calling the teaser lame and have no knowledge of what is to come with this product… that being said. Yes it is a great starter for anyone that wants to get into DJing and teaches you alot about DJing as a art. I do stand by calling DJay 1 a Toy thou… Even thou you could bring it to a party and call ones self a DJ. Coming from Controllers, I felt this product to be so limiting that it was not fun… nor realistic to use at a rave… I do have great hopes that DJay 2 will give traktor a run for top ipad dj software. Competition helps the consumer and if DJay 2 is good i will by it.

  • L037

    I love how this is an article for DJay and how they are trying to keep up with Native Instrument and there is a huge NI add on the page.

    • Dan White

      Advertisements have no bearing on DJTT content, and as much as I wish a big box full of hundred dollar bills showed up at the DJTT HQ from Berlin each month, it’s simply not the case.

      NI has absolutely rocked the boat of iOS DJ applications with the app and will make other app designers have to step up their game – if you don’t believe me, go download it and try it – it’s free! 🙂

      • antoine

        sure – it has a few nice and unique features and i like the clean interface, but:
        you can’t neither nudge nor pitch the tracks – for now it’s limited to presynced 4tothefloor-djaying.