Richie Hawtin + Ean Golden Design A New DJ Controller [Video]

Ean played Richie Hawtin‘s ENTER. party at Ibiza’s Space club last week – and it seems like they had a bit of time on their hands to develop a concept for a brand new controller (although it might not make it past Milton Bradley’s legal department). Check out their design in this video from Hawtin’s camp:

Actually, if you wired up a Makey Makey to a Twister mat, you’d probably be able to make a pretty fun variant on the classic party game.

Read a great writeup on the ENTER. Experience over at XLR8R.

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  • BiGMAc

    Good one guys I like the sytle and Creativity you looked so happy keep it up!

  • Max

    the boys are getting old and showing off their bald patches on their heads

  • lauti

    this was cringeworthy

  • Ummmmm

    What was that?

  • Witch

    Would actually be pretty cool if you minimized it to a rectangle and had it as a footpedal.

  • Jon

    Gettin’ intimate, Did Richie manage a sneaky tug on the Jacobs?

  • Guest

    my girlfriend made a controller like this with a DDR pad as well…she used the Xbox version with a USB adapter into the computer and then through some controller drivers to turn the key presses into midi notes to trigger samples out of a drum rack.

    she basically only kept the circuit board of the pad and built an entirely new playing surface.


    hahaha I’m actually still working on making something similar to this…. when its done, i’ll post the details!