Cross DJ 2.5 Adds Key Detection + Matching

Mixvibes’ Cross DJ software continues to keep up with the major software feature set – with Traktor having just added key detection earlier this year, there was a clear opportunity to do it better. Watch the video below to see what’s new in CrossDJ and how Mixvibes has managed to take key detection and matching one step beyond even Virtual DJ’s key system.

Read our review of CrossDJ 2.3 from earlier this year – or learn more on their official site!


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  • Big Blender

    This looks like a good innovative feature. Especially the ‘Match’ button. As a Traktor user I know to find the Key-button, but never do use it.

    This is because:
    1) on the software it is a very tiny button with a pretty dramatic usability.
    2) as far as I know it can’t be controlled by the controller
    (If one knows how to do that, please let me know).

  • Aken

    Really cool add. If they add something that makes I can use more than 8 samples for each samples deck, I’ll leave my traktor/live combo forever xD

  • Q-point

    Virtual DJ has had the key detection feature and one button matching for ages. How exactly do you mean that “Mixvibes has managed to take key detection and matching one step beyond even Virual DJ´s key system”? I don´t see anything new in this video compared to Virtual DJ.

    • Gulli Johansen

      that is one of the biggest problems with VDJ it has tons of futures but only a handful of their users know about what it can do and only 1/2 of those know how to script it to get them to work. I’ve had VDJ for years and I did not know about Match_key mapping until now

      • Q-point

        Yes, you have a point there. Almost everytime when I read about new features in other software I see that the feature is “no news” because it is already possible in VDJ. But I agree with you that maybe Atomix could do a bit more to show all the cool features and how to use them.

  • Linzmar

    I got to say that’s pretty nice. It seems funny that the smaller dj software companies are pushing to the logical outcome of features before the big 2!
    I tip my hat to Mixvibes.

  • Tony

    Can you do a full review of the MixVibes-Key feature ?

    • Tony

      Please 🙂

  • Adrian Dooga Martinez

    Phrasing, effects, semitone adjustment between tracks: the three steps to DJ’ing nirvana.

  • Toastmonster

    Mixvibes CrossDJ Killing it while Killing them softly.

  • Ron Maran

    Mixvibes is doing a really good job of leading the pack in terms of useful features right now. I absolutely hated the key locking on Traktor/Older CDJ’s because of the difference in the sound quality. This combined with the all round HID Support for all Pioneer decks will probably have me jumping ship.

  • Michel Losier

    one month and traktor do the same thin

  • Anonymous

    On top of the key update, there was also the addition of being able to overlay 16, 32, or 64 beat markers automatically on tracks to see song structure. Crazy helpful!

  • Vincent Riemer

    Wait…..if mixvibes can use the camelot wheel…….does that mean Rekordbox may be getting it soon too?

    • Guest

      great point

    • Ibrahim Sha'ath

      Anyone can use it if they pay Mixed In Key for the “privilege”. Don’t get me started.

  • Joel McMordie

    As a musician first and a dj second, i’d rather that key detection software used keys rather than codes from the camelot wheel.

    • Dan White

      Both Traktor and Virtual DJ both support showing either Open/Camelot keys or musical keys. Open/Camelot keys are just simpler to understand from a mixing compatibility standpoint for people with less experience playing music live.

      • DJ Darth

        Also Mixvibes CrossDJ does both, you select which to use in program settings. 🙂

  • mattmangrease

    That’s pretty impressive.

  • Gulli Johansen

    It’s key system is beyond any other made my switch about 2 months ago and no looking back.

  • Anonymous

    Now it’s up to NI to fix the Key sorting in Traktor and make it so key changes as well as matching keys are highlighted in an intelligent way.