Hilarious DJ Mag Top 100 Campaign Ads From Oakenfold, Afrojack, and Alanis Morissette?

Wait, is it election season already? Maybe if you’re a DJ trying to grab votes for the ever-contentious DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list. Over at Funny Or Die a brand new video has appeared featuring some of the industry’s biggest stars “campaigning” for your vote. Enjoy:

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  • 1000 Cutts

    hmmm they are still begging though….

  • ksgdjDgsdkgkaSDGKgdsk

    hahahahaha dillon is sooo awesome <3

  • tothecloudd

    love it, where do i vote?

  • Linzmar


  • Krus

    This is hillarious, the apc40 was a nice detail haha

  • Greg Miernicki

    I always figured it was kids in India (or Africa) being paid for votes to rig this thing.

  • Pablo 'Charlie' Rodriguez

    just plain stupid!!

  • Superstyle

    “I approve this message”

  • Kento

    This made me very happy. I love Dillon Francis.. or as I call him, Pope Dillon Francis.