Wax To Tracks Contest: Become A Producer

When looking at requests for articles and content on our site, we noticed a recurring theme: DJ’s out there are really interested in production, but many aren’t sure how to get started, or haven’t had the opportunity to really dive in. We want to fix this – so we’re announcing a competition that aims to both educate on the topic of production and find members of our community who have it in them to produce some killer tracks! Learn how to enter and what it entails after the jump.


5 competitors will be selected via YouTube, where any DJ – yes, that means you – without commercial (meaning label-issued) releases may submit a video detailing their musical background and what they believe they would bring to the competition.

We thought long and hard about how to structure this contest: we wanted to go beyond the typical structures of production competitions, and create something that incorporates all facets of production. In the end, we came up with a “4 phase” model that integrates all the skills you’ll need to produce excellent music.

Along the way, we’ll have a panel of judges – one from DJTT, one Ableton Ninja, and one celebrity judge, who will both offer words of encouragement and provide constructive criticism.

The four phases will include Sample-Based Producing, Mixdown, Remixing, and Creating an Original Track.


Those selected to compete will receive a free copy of Ableton’s production software Live 9 Standard, as well as a selection of resources we’ve compiled from across the web that’ll help you really get on your feet.

The grand winner of the competition will receive our biggest prize package to date – over $5,000 of prizes from notable pro audio companies including:


As noted in the video, make your own video reply to enter (this means going to the YouTube video page and clicking the “Create a video response” link pictured at right). Don’t worry – we’re not looking for the next cinematography star – focus on communicating your passion for music and DJing and what you think you’d bring to the table as one of the five Wax To Tracks competitors.

We’ll be choosing 5 competitors who will regularly chronicle their experience learning the ropes of production – and checking in with them along the way! We’ll choose the 5 competitors in the next two weeks – and announcing them on our Twitter and here on the DJTT blog!

The contest is open to anyone in the world – just be honest if you’ve had production experience in your video entry. You’ve got until next Friday, August 2nd to submit your video (keep it less than two minutes long) – but the sooner the better as we’ll be watching them carefully! Contestants will be announced shortly after that.


Even if you’re not chosen as a finalist to compete in the competition, we’ll be releasing almost all of the challenge project files and completed projects under a Creative Commons license, meaning that everyone will be able to take the assets and play along at home!

We couldn’t be more excited to see what all of you have to offer. We’ll see you in the studio – if you have any questions, hit us up in the comments!

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  • kenyi

    When do you find out the results????

  • randombeat

    i second that bro!!!

  • Chris

    The suspense is killing me.

  • DJ shugga s.a

    When do we find out who the winners are….

  • OI1

    When will the 5 be picked?

  • Isaias

    I just loaded up my video. (sorry for the lag) Video link below

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Mparcell

    Hey guys im 14 and love music and want to make music my career please check out my entry. http://youtu.be/HH2IzIA4560

  • Brandon Goebel

    Is there a time set for today’s deadline? I’m editing as we speak!

  • Mparcell

    I understand that DJTT will be picking 5 people, but when?

  • Jonathan

    Hi, I have entered the contest and I am curious as to how the very lucky 5 will be contacted. I sincerely hope that no one misses out on an opportunity as a result of not being reached. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • kaRa

    are there any geographical restrictions or can you apply from anywhere from the world?

  • Anonymous

    “until next Friday, August 2nd” confused on wording. Can i submit on Friday.

    • leavesremix

      I was confused on that as well. I submitted Friday morning so I hope it still counts. And there have been several submissions after me so I think it’s safe to say that plenty of people believe friday submissions are valid.

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested, but I don’t make dance music – Does this mean I shouldn’t enter?

  • m.arthur

    Great idea for a contest DJTT. Even if I don’t get selected, it will still be fun to follow along with the 5 DJs on their journey. GL To everyone! 🙂

  • StevenS

    just bought a maschine trying to become a producer!!! this is perfect!! im tired of playing other peoples music!!!

  • StevenS

  • Pulsaar

    Kind of strange that people today are djs first and then wanting to be a musician. Looks like i’m getting old.. :/

  • Jaden Charles

    i dont see where i can post the video

    • randombeat

      look a couple comments below in my rep,y to lance daniels, its on the page at youtube with the wax to trax video….

  • randombeat

    If we already submitted a video, but went slightly over (13 seconds) the 2 min mark, and also kinda recorded the first reaction to the competition, is it ok to re-record now that we have had a few days to think about it, or submit a second entry video? Ive seen several people doing this, however I did not want to take a chance in disqualifying myself…


  • Lance Daniels

    Where exactly is the “Create a Video Response” link? I don’t see it on Youtube and on DJ Techtools it is not a clickable link. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place.

    • randombeat

      scroll down to the box where it says “leave a comment” on the wax to trax video page… click inside the box, as if you were going to write a comment… you should see a “submit a video response ” link show up next to the “post” button….

  • Beveling Rive

    Is there an age requirement? I’m 14, but I already know the possibilities of ADRS’s and LFO’s, VERY basic subtractive, FM, and RM synthesis, and basic effect plugins like reverb and delay, and have a grasp on dubstep, electro house, minimal house, and progressive house. I use a FL and sylenth most of the time.

    • randombeat

      believe they answered previously that age or location is not a factor, so any age, any location, and even tho some people below are stating producers cannot submit, djtech tools did reply saying that producers are eligible, aslong as they are honest about experience in video and have not had a commercial label release….

  • Hayden

    Any genre or is this directed more towards dance ? I bought ableton but can never seem to finish a track, And every time I try to make a dance song i end up with a deep house ambient beat haha, I do DJ dance though…

    • randombeat

      i have not seen any listed info about it being genre or style specific. i believe they are more interested in your experience and passion…

  • Preston

    Pretty Keen

  • Anonymous
  • Guest
  • Bobby

    i was a rapper for 3 years who only did cover songs.. i suppose technically i produced my own work but all i did was click and drag song instrumentals to my recording program. nothing extensive.. am i eligible for this?

    • randombeat

      aslong as you have not had a commercial label release… did you produce songs that have sold on itunes or beatport under a commercial label liscense?

  • Squeri

    I sometimes feel like I’m the only producer who doesn’t really know how to DJ properly, despite really wanting to… oh well

    on another note, this sounds like a great competition! I’m hoping I can improve my skills even further as well watch some new talent emerge!

    good luck all you guys who are entering!!

    • randombeat

      you spark a good idea, the reverse of this contest, producers with commercial label releases, who want to become djs!!!! 🙂

      • Robert

        While there is a learning curve, it’s definitely not nearly as steep as learning to produce, as I’ve found out the hard way.

        Even while Turntablism will have a lot of techniques that are very precise and specific, a lot of DJing just takes times and a lot of hands-on experience on the front lines and in the trenches.


    🙁 producers can’t join a production contest… well at least its helping to evolve the game! good luck guys!!!

    • Nick Perloff

      As long as you haven’t had a commercial release, you’re welcome to enter! Just be honest with your experiences.

      • LAMEBOT

        🙁 I’ve had a few songs out on labels already, well i push myself constantly anyway, this sound like it will be fun to watch

  • Folk

    Actually devastated I’m already a (sh**) producer 🙁

  • Darrell

    Went to the youtube video page. Clicked on comment box. Clicked on video response. Uploaded video and shared/published it. I cannot see it in the video response section. Did I do something wrong?

    • Darrell

      S’all good I figured it out. I just had to log out and sign back in again and then select the video I needed to respond with. Good luck everyone.

  • Tr1z

    Hmm… I really hope they pick 5 DJ’s that want to become a PRODUCERS (like myself). Not just a producer who wants to be a better producer. I believe that’s unfair or at the least misleading. The whole competition is based around that transition but i see producer after producer submitting their videos to this. I just don’t understand i guess. No disrespect to all the producers out there. I just thought this was like a transitional thing, not an improvement thing.

    • Tr1z

      want to become PRODUCERS*

    • StopKiddingyourself

      Really? Because you’re making the competition unfair for people who want the same end goal as you. The moment you open up Ableton, you become a producer that’s trying to be a better producer. The journey never ends and you’re fucking kidding yourself if you think it’s really that easy.

      • PassionNotFameDriven

        ^This guy gets it, the guy above him, not so much.

        Tr1z, if you think that you are going to be a successful producer and have a beatport 100 track just because you get picked as 1 of the 5, I think you missed the point of this competition. They want to find people that are passionate for music, people that want to be a producer for the love of music, and therefore have the potential to make killer tracks for the right reasons, not to become the next big thing and gain the perks. Success is more likely if you are working for a love of the music, rather than a drive fueled by fame and fortune. If you think getting picked means you won’t be a producer trying to be a better producer and you will be successful, that shows success is why you entered and you are quite mistaken in that thought. A love for music leads to a love to learn more and create your own style which will always make better tracks than sell outs written for the recognition and accolades. Think about why you really entered this contest, and if the prizes are at the top, don’t expect to be picked because you missed the point. Thank you guy above me for inspiring me to add to this conversation, and you definitely get it. Always improve for love of the art not the prize.

        • Tr1z

          I was just commenting on the details of the competition, not my personal gain or fame that could possibly come from it. I do not think it is easy what so ever. I was just unsure on who this competition was really for. Nice to see that people are quick to lash out and over react at a neutral comment. I picked no sides here. Good luck to you both.

          • Tr1z

            Also within the first 30 seconds, Mad Zach says ” I ‘m excited to day to be announcing a brand new competition we’re launching for all you DJ’s out there who want to get started producing tracks of their own but for some reason have never have gotten a solid shot…”. This is the only thing i was talking about. It seems as if you two went on a tangent based on something else you deducted from my post. Apologizes if there are any discrepancy with the quote. I just want to be clear on what I said in my initial post. I still don’t understand what your statements had to do with mine but i agree with them. I was just trying to find out if you were trolling.

        • HI5GHOSTY!!!

          I agree with what everyone is saying. Tr1z did not say anything about what you two are talking about. You guys def look like your trolling Hahaha.

  • Andrew McEwen

    I haven’t djay’d in club or anything, just on virtual djay programs on my computer and ipod but this competition is a great way for me to start producing because it is my passion. i was wondering since I have only djay’d on programs can i still enter ?

    • Nick Perloff

      You’re still fine to enter! Just as long as you haven’t released anything on a label.

      • Andrew McEwen

        I haven’t. Thank you for the help! This is a great competition and i really hope I am one of the 5!

  • Luca Comanducci

    if i’m not a dj, and i have only been producing music at an amateur level, can i still compete??

    • Nick Perloff

      Just be honest with your experiences and we will judge.


    Yes I make Long time Music and by 2006 i thinks hmmmm what can i do and now is 2013
    many like my Original Sound i look many youtube video lern many and NOw i am very Happy So many like my Sound and i looks evers for good Produzents and Artist so i can more lern and make togehters music Electonic love music is very big Future

    best reg DJANSY

  • Vini Garcia

    Hi! this competition is worldwide? Thanks

    • Nick Perloff

      Yes! Anyone across the globe can enter.

  • Thomas C. Mauldin

    This should be a given but is there an age limit?

    • Nick Perloff

      There is no age limit!

  • Tr1z

    Can i get an answer from an ADMIN, how long do the videos need to be? Is there a limit?

    • Nick Perloff

      Try to keep it under 2 minutes.

      • Tr1z

        Thank you good sir! Mine is 1:59 mins lol. Really hoping that this competition is my shot.

  • blake rangell

    are we allowed to enter as a duo, or is it strictly one person entries?

  • Andre D'sa

    So what if I already own a copy of Ableton Live Suite and Push but I use them for DJing?

    • Nick Perloff

      You’re still welcome to join the competition.

  • BiGMAc


  • chris

    yeah, fruitfully against the crisis!


  • Devos Tom

    Submited my video love to emprove my skills 😉

  • Tr1z

    Hey, what if my video is about 6 mins?? 🙁 i couldnt get all of what i wanted to say to fit in 2-3 mins :((

  • Cova Bishop

    Oh, didn’t see the video had to be less than 2 minutes :/ sorry about that

  • sigh

    reality web show?

  • Yann

    Is there an minimum age to enter the contest?

    • Dan White


  • Zak Psyqlopz Caralis

    Hello My Name Is PSYQLOPZ & Eye Love To DJ !

    Eye Just Wish Eye Knew How To Produce Dancefloor Bangers 😉


    • Jonathan

      what’s the track being played in this video?!?


    yay cant join because i have releases even though i would kill for those prizes, oh well 🙁 …the quality of tracks in this should be interesting to see

    • SRS BSNS

      like jesus those prizes are insane

  • Chaser720

    So we have to make a selfy video to enter?… Uggg

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I don’t understand why you’re holding a competition for the best DJ/Producer when the general theme of your research was to get started in production. It seems like you’re beginning at the end of this process.

    • Nick Perloff

      The “competition” hasn’t begun yet! Right now we’re just looking for people who are interested and passionate about producing but haven’t gotten into it yet!

      • David

        Does that mean aspiring DJs (bedroom DJs) can also enter this comp?

        • Nick Perloff


  • Greg

    What is the time table of each and the completion of this contest?

    • Greg

      time table of each phase sorry

  • Constantin Laskowski

    i recently started producing myself, can i still join?

    • Dan White

      As I’ve noted elsewhere in the comments – just be honest about your experiences so far in the video.

      • Giacomo DiLullo

        Hey Dan, for some reason when I post a reply to the contest video on Youtube my Video doesnt show up in the list. Am I going crazy or is my video blocked? Why? Its already uploaded on youtube.

  • Edward Glassman

    What an awesome contest! Is this a global contest?

    • Dan White

      Global! Everyone is eligible.

  • Dante

    Contest for people all around the globe or just USA?

    • Dan White

      International entrants welcome.

  • Frederik Braad

    what if you have been producing for some time, but hasn’t got so far with it yet?

    • Dan White

      As long as you’re honest about that in your video, we’ll watch it and consider you!

      • Frederik

        okay cool 🙂

  • DJ Eklipse

    Awesome contest! I’ll be submitting a video tomorrow!

  • martin

    when’s the deadline for our responses and when will you be choosing winners?

    • martin

      choosing the finalists for the competition* sorry.

    • Dan White

      Updated the article.. you have until next Friday!

  • Ben L

    How long would you suggest the video be

    • Dan White

      Less than two minutes!

      • Lujxio

        is it cool if we already submitted a video a little over 2 mins before we knew

  • Chris Crux

    How many contestants will be chosen to recieve Ableton Standard?

    • Nick Perloff

      5 contestants!

  • Lujxio

    I made a video response but it’s not showing up on the video

    • Dan White

      Ok, I’ve changed the video’s settings and it should show up just fine now! thanks for letting us know 🙂

  • Alvaro Sandoval

    I think this is great!
    I’ve been looking for a competitive way to engage/talk with fellow aspiring producers.
    Perfect timing.

    I’m definitely joining!

  • All Day

    Cool but kind of dissapointed that you are choosing completely new people. what about people have been at it for awhile and are close to achieving a good sound?

    • Dan White

      As long as you don’t have a commercial release, you’re eligible. We want people who are starting relatively fresh to keep a level playing field.

      That being said, we’ll be letting you play along with the 5 chosen contestants 🙂