Rick Fresco: Memory Lake Soundpack [Video + Free Download]

A lot of our readers have been asking about the status of the DJTT soundpacks and newsletters – and we’ve got great news. Not only will we resume sending out super-regular soundpacks to subscribers on our newsletter, but we’ve also got Rick Fresco (perhaps better known as Riccardo Betti, winner of the DJTT MF3D contest last year) onboard to produce sound packs in addition to Mad Zach’s!

Watch Rick show off his new soundpack in a performance video below – and if you’re not signed up for my.DJTT newsletter, you can sign up right herewe’ll be sending out this soundpack for free to everyone on the list tomorrow at 8AM PST!

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  • dj.cool123

    how do i get free sound packs?

  • Dennis Parrott


    that is SWEET. very nice little composition Rick. where is the link to all your compositions and videos?? (you have more than just that one, right? please say you do… that tune has me wanting more!)

    thanks for sharing the soundpacks.

    • Tim


  • WTF

    Where the heck are the samples????
    I signed up but no download in my account.
    If this is fake i simply unsubscribe!

    • Kinnik Kinnick

      I got it today. Yet to play with it… It was sent to me at 8am Pacific Time, so if you signed up after that you ‘may’ have missed it.

  • Connory

    I never got the email! I want this!!!

  • Awesomer

    I’m pretty sure I registered an account, is that different from registering on this list?

  • Kinnik Kinnick

    Sweeet! Thanks Rick. ‘Me Duele’ is my favorite finger drum routine. Stoked that you’ll be sharing some packs! Keepem’ coming 🙂