Felix da Housecat On Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 [Video]

Native Instruments has just released their brand new Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 today, meaning that the touch strip, multicolor version of the classic controller is now available in stores. The price point comes in right at about $200 – and as per usual NI has bagged an exclusive video for launch with a well-known artist. This time it’s Felix da Housecat – watch as he discusses the brand new controller and how it integrates into his workflow of a Pioneer DJM-900 with two X1’s on either side, each controlling two decks.

Watch the DJTT homepage for a complete review of the Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 coming tomorrow! 

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  • b

    So where is that review that was coming uhm….yesterday???

  • Rockney

    The coolest thing in this video which I’m willing to bet you can probably do without this particular controller is what is going on starting @ 2:02, and I would love to know how he does that, I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that I could do that without setting up separate cue points and relooping. If anyone has any further information on that, I would greatly appreciate it!

    On a sidenote I just ordered two of these as well, not for that feature in particular, mostly to assist my effects controls. But I am pretty excited about it! I never had an mk1 tho, however I do have a set of F1’s that I love!

  • scamo

    Is it me, or do the examples of the new features and the way they are presented seem weak?


  • NeilOughton

    The best thing about the X1MK2 is the robust USB port on the back, the first gen was very loose and shoddy.

  • StuckOnSofa

    Sorry for sounding like a noob – can anyone tell me what features what extra functionality you get out of a DJM 900 vs the S4’s built-in mixer?

    • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

      The DJM is a standalone DJ mixer meaning it does not need a computer to work. The mixing happens through the hardware. The S4 is just a midi/HID controller in which the mixing occurs inside the software. There’s a bunch of other differences too but that’s the main difference.

      Oh, and the DJM 900 is probably already in most DJ booths where Felix plays. If not, he can request it on his rider. Either way he can travel with just the two x1s and his computer.

  • Alexio Beez

    no vu meters activity when showing off the fx mapped with the touch strip,heehehhe…

  • MadeInMachines

    Sold my X1 mk1. Might go for this or wait and see what the S4 mk2 has in store!

    • Chaser720

      Wait. I bet NI will use a touch strip on the MK2 S4. I bet each deck will have something very similar to the X1’s performance section replacing the loop and move control section.

      • MadeInMachines

        Yeah, I wonder if the touchstrip will replace the jog wheel or be in addition to it.

        • Chaser720

          Definitely in addition to it. Getting rid of the jog wheels would leave a huge space to fill up. Only thing I could think of is a pad section but that almost makes it into a Maschine and NI wouldn’t want to encroach on that market.

          • MadeInMachines

            They could potentially make it a lot more portable instead

          • Chaser720

            True but I think thats what this whole Z1/F1/X1 push has been all about. NI has gotta be thinking in terms of market niches. They have the ultra portable covered now so I think they are going to stay the same size if not bigger on their big (read expensive not size) flagship controller.

          • MadeInMachines

            It might be a bit out there but there is a possibility they won’t release a replacement and will continue down their modular controller route. Perhaps they may replace it with a Z4. I guess both of those a pretty unlikely but interesting to think about nevertheless. Most probably they will do something pretty conservative though. This article sparked my interest in this a while back: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2011/03/ritchie-hawtin-jogwheels/

          • Chaser720

            I could see a Z4 happening but I don’t see NI giving up the S4’s section of the market when others (Pioneer) continue to produce new controllers with the same layout. I think NI is forced to come out with something and would be dumb not to.

            With the price drop in the S4 and the ongoing “Out of Stock” VCI-400 SE I feel like there is definitely something on the horizon and everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move.

  • chraevis

    Felix thinks he’s cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin’ a milkshake in a snowstorm.

  • Matt Orozco

    @64e5955d5fc1a2dca37f80b5ab886ea6:disqus The X1 only controls the “decks and effects”, so a mixer is still required to use it. Perfect fit for the recently released Z1 for the ultimate in minimal gear set ups. I’m excited to put one of these to use.

  • kenneth ssecky

    i really admire the machine its gd

  • JoBushwick

    I am confused of what the DJM 900 does for him? Can someone explain this set up? The X1 is plugged into computer?

    • JoBushwick

      DJM 900 is compatible with traktor…
      But then how does he get these to be the two decks.

      • Gulli Johansen

        You can select what decks to control on the X1 MK2 just like you can select witch remix deck to control on the F1. It’s shift loop knob combination or something

  • soeiug

    I need new headphones but after seeing the tech these days i might as well not buy any!

    • Charles Mykid

      let’s say you have 5000+ tracks, you know each track? how are you going to select the right part to make a loop or make sure its the right one? and what if the track is not in actual sync and you decide to bring up the fader and its a complete mess? you need the headphones

      • David Wujcik

        Not sure I’d randomly drop in a track I’ve never heard before… odds are if I’ve heard the track, I’ve played it, and I’ve at least gridded it fairly precise. A quick check at the key of the current track vs the new one, and I’m pretty golden… the odds are at least in my favor. As long as you have knowledge of the incoming track, you can probably mix it in w/o any headphones.

        • NeilOughton

          Why would you drop a track you have never heard before? Isn’t that point to know what you are playing consciously?

          • Charles Mykid

            that’s not the case, for example, I have a huge track collection, i dont remember the name of all of those tracks and i dont play only the hottest track of the week, the old tracks do their work as well, what i meant is that you have 5000+ tracks you wont remember all of them, you use the headphones to make sure its the right one, also you could have tons of remixes and you wanna choose the right one or the right acapella, see my point? you can rely on how you organize your tracks on folders and stuff like that, but it will happen eventually, using headphones doesnt make you less of a dj and is also good to be prepared, what if you are not going to use traktor? instead you have cdj’s with usb ports and let’s say the cdj is not working propely (i’ve seen it) the bpm shows nothing for the next 5 minutes, what are you going to do then? you have to use your ears, im not against technology or new skils, but the headphones even if you dont use them, in the long run you are going to need them

      • Jay Dizzle

        Well. If you have all tracks beatgridded and marked with hot cues you can go far with out headphones. But like u said, then u would have to prep all 5000+ songs to make it work 😉

        • Jay Dizzle

          But in theory you don’t NEED headphones 🙂

          • Chaser720

            In theory no but you’d be crazy to play a set without them. I use 8 cue points per song and there is no way to remember how every one starts.

          • Jay Dizzle

            I totally agree. I always use headphones and I’m the same. Got about 5000 songs(different type of music). Got about 20 percent beat gridded and cuepoint marked. I just don’t use them as much as I used to, time wise 🙂

      • NeilOughton

        But you wouldn’t suddenly need to prep 5000+ songs, nor in a real situation would you need access to that much music… even if you were a wedding DJ with multiple genres thats a lot of music… Chances are you would be looking at a couple of hundred tracks, and yes you would know them all.

    • NeilOughton

      It’s true, If i am playing say, 30 or so tracks that i know well, you dont need headphones if you are using S & Q…. I’d like to see felix mix out of a CDJ or Record with an X1, its a right pain in the ass with no tempo slider.

      • pxlbrk

        that’s why I’m still hanging on my A&H Xone K2…with a good mapping it is a beast.

        so sad it is an underestimated piece of hardware