Pioneer’s DDJ-SR: A Two Channel DDJ-SX for $599

Pioneer has released a little brother to the DDJ-SX – the DDJ-SR is a two-channel version of the larger controller. The controller, designed for Serato DJ (included with a purchase of the controller, is almost identical to the larger controller, with just two major differences, larger jogwheels and a special Pad Plus mode. From Pioneer:

PAD PLUS – By activating the new PAD PLUS button, the functions of the performance pads are transformed, converting the four function buttons into HOT CUE ROLL, TRANS, COMBO FX and SAMPLER ROLL. Holding down the pads triggers the hot cues or samplers that match the beats per minute (BPM) of the music while effects and filters are simultaneously applied. The DDJ-SR also features a new Beat Indicator to display beats while simultaneously using the PAD PLUS functions.

Big Jog Wheels – The DDJ-SR features two large jog wheels for precise scratching and mixing capabilities. The resistance for each jog wheel was fined tuned to provide users with the best “feel” and the shortest latency.

Additionally, the SR is capable of being powered with just a USB connection – something that the larger SX lacks.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR comes in at a MSRP of $699 (street price $599)and like the DJM-900SRT and DDJ-SP1 will be released sometime in October 2013.

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  • Erkam

    I wanna ask you something about connecting speakers to the ddj-sr. Which speaker do you use and what is the watt power of it? Cause I’ve 2 seperate speakers consisting of 60 watt each and I wanna ask you if I can connect them to the ddj-sr I mean is it capable of running 120 watt at the same time ? Cuz I don’t wanna burn the sound card down. So do you know up to how many watts can the ddj-sr support?

  • Miguel

    are you going to release a midi for traktor 2 ?

    • miguel

      midi map *

  • renegadesanta

    Pretty ridiculous price.

  • Kewlio

    Either Way this is a Bad A$$ Mixer by Pioneer. If you can afford it then get it!! Its all about the music and if your nic pickin about every little thing then then your wasting time when you could be spinning and remembering what your really Spinning for!!

  • Gibbran

    HELP GUYS im debating with the traktor s4 or the pioneer ddj sr both look so great but cant decide.

  • Viktor

    I am torn, I just bought the MK1 S4 and of course within two weeks of me getting it like four new controllers come out -_- The new MK2 S4 was actually unbelievable disappointing, but this controller right here is absolutely beautiful. Anyone here have any experience with both these brands?

    Kontrol S4 vs. DDJ-SX/DDJ-SR

    What are your opinions?

    • vincent

      yep , the difference for the price between MK1 S4 and the MK2 is too expensive !! there are just add some colours and rename some buttons … the SX and SR have an excellent build quality but run with serato –” so i have the same problem than you :S the solution is maybe a DDJ-TX (a) 😀

    • 4b0v

      I own both the MK1 S4 and the DDJ-SX. I would say this is personal preference *based on* the kind of music that you play and your “style” of playing it. Let me elaborate.

      You are opening the big can of worms called Serato vs Traktor by asking which one of these controllers is better. I have a “loose” style of playing — could be mixing any two songs regardless of tempo and genre and don’t mind things being off beat (because I use the jog wheels to scratch/pitch bend to get things on beat a lot). I find Serato more intuitive for this kind of mixing/play. This is part due to the fact that the way in which Serato visualizes the songs is more useful to me than the way Traktor does it. Traktor (and the S4) on the other side have more useful looping controls (for creating loops on the fly). So if you play mostly house/electro/techno (or anything else with four to the floor structure which does not change throughout the track) you will probably find that Traktor gives you more options/opens more possibilities *for your style of play.* Traktor also has a more sophisticated browser/crate manager.

      Generally speaking Traktor has more options in terms of creating markers in a song (which would take longer to prepare and will force you to know your songs better). Serato offers more limited, but in my opinion faster/more straight forward way of adding cue points/markers AND allows you to easily beatgrid songs with tempo changes. In Serato you cannot force the software to snap your cue points to the grid. So, again, you have to choose what works better *for you.*

      Now onto the hardware. I personally like the DDJ-SX better than the MK1 S4 (I have not tried the MK2). Here is why:

      – Mixer section “feels” more professional. I imagine this is because it’s built very similarly to the DJM mixers.
      – The pads are higher quality. They are comparable to the ones on the Maschine MK2 but firmer.
      – The platters are bigger and more fun. This one is a total preference/feel thing. I also on a VCI 380 and I think those platters are actually the best ones.
      – I find assigning effects to the channels more straightforward in the DDJ-SX. Traktor is supposed to be way bigger/better on the effects side, but for me the DDJ-SX somehow makes the whole effect thing more straight forward.
      – I think the DDJ-SX vu lights are superior.
      – Better cross fader and channel faders.
      – Beat roll is mapped to pads out of the box.

      Now here are some ways in which S4 is better than the DDJ-SX:

      – Loops section is just more robust, straightforward, and useful. Having the two knobs and the well sized loop buttons makes a huge difference.
      – You could argue that the pitch faders on the S4 are superior. Because the ones on the DDJ-SX are easy to hit by accident when you are playing with the jog wheels.
      – Browsing inside a song which you have already loaded is faster and more robust in the S4. Because you can use one knob to define the browsing unit size (1 best, 1/2 beat etc) and another knob to actually browse back and forth based on the unit size that you chose.

      Last thoughts on the hardware/software comparison. I’ve encountered a lot more bugs in the Serato DJ/DDJ-SX setup than in the Traktor S4 one. Serato DJ is a new piece of software and the DDJ-SX is not that old either, so the theory matches the practice here. Traktor offers a lot more options in terms of settings and ways in which you can tweak the software. Serato is in some ways a little more more “barebones,” but for me it gets the more/most important points right (flexible beat grid, quality pads, superior visualizations) and this is what I care about — I can live with the bugs and less robust hardware controls for loops).

      I am leaving three super important parts out of this comparison: midi mapping, portability of these units, inputs/outputs. If you want to know about these let me know and I’ll post another reply.

      You can summarize everything that I just said as “I like the DDJ-SX/Serato better than Traktor S4 MK1, based on the ways in which I play/mix. You have to decide which one suits your style of play better based on your own experience (ie trying both).” Let’s not start a Traktor/Serato flame war — they are both excellent pieces of software (and their is quality hardware for both), they just put their efforts in different aspects of the mixing/dj experience.

      • djib

        Amazing comparison. As a S4 MKI owner looking to possibly crossover, this was very helpful – thank you.

    • 4b0v

      I left the sampler/remix decks out of the Serato/Traktor + hardware comparison, too. That point depends heavily on your style of play, too.

  • vincent

    you think the “PAD PLUS” is soon available for the SX in a uptdate ?:)

  • johnny g

    it would had been perfect but its so big. portable should be 45cm wide not 55cm !

  • Oevl

    How does one manage the 4 decks with the 2 channels ? o_O

    • Chris Rodríguez

      That’s the point, you don’t.

  • Dj Leo Production

    I love the fact that its smaller, which is great for some smaller dj booth:

    Pioneer DDJ-SR
    Maximum Dimensions: 21.8 in (W) x 12.6 in (D) x 2.6 in (H)
    Weight: 9.9 lbs


    Pioneer DDJ-SX
    Maximum Dimensions: 26.1 in. (W) × 14.1 in. (D) × 2.8 in. (H)
    Weight: 13 lbs

    its liter and for the price for a back up or choice awesome!

  • Bildz

    I’m torn between getting the SR vs SX. One thing I need are LEDs for the volume level, so I dont have to glance at the PC to see if the level needs to be adjusted on the track. I also find it odd that the pitch faders to be located at the top instead of the side.

    • tide

      There seems to be a switch that allows you to switch between master level and channel level, right above the leds.

  • vincent

    can’t find the “dual decks control” … ??? 🙁

  • Primate Cuts

    Okay can anyone please explain to me, how this controller costs 599 and the

    DDJ-SP1 499, that is basically half of it without the soundcard? Dont really get pioneer’s pricing….like…at all 🙂

  • Tony Okay

    Do we know the Dimensions yet?

  • Ron Maran

    One other thing worth noting is the reduction in the length of the pitch faders for the decks. Might make it a tick trickier for the not perfectly beatgridded tracks.

  • stefanhapper

    Maybe worth mentioning is also that the new 2-channel DDJ-SR has just one AUX-in so can hardly be used as a stand-alone mixer anymore.

    • Dj Sonhador

      You’re right. It could be perfect if it could be used as a stand-alone mixer. Its first negative pointof this beautiful controller.

      • stefanhapper

        Well, I just realised that the DDJ-SR is now USB-powered (which is a nice feature). So it’s just logic that it can’t be used as stand-alone mixer like the DDJ-SX.

        • Dj Sonhador

          You’re right but it could allways have at least a DC input to power the unit to use it as a mixer. A useful feature i think.

  • Percivale

    Just treat it as a DDJ-SX lite.

  • David Whalen

    Love the feel of those jogs!

    • Joseph Moore

      Me too.

      Just keep in mind that on the DDJ-SR, the center rings on the platters don’t have illuminated markers like the DDJ-SX has. Might explain how it’s able to be USB powered.

      • Twist

        I don’t think that is the case. From what I read I understand it “can” be powered by USB, looking at the back I see a hole for a power supply which would suggest the jog rings could light up

        • Polygon

          they most definitely won’t. They are shiny, just like the center of the SX platter, which does not light up.
          I mean, they had to do something to differentiate it from its bigger brother.