djay and DJ Player: Optimized and Updated for iOS7

After yesterday’s concerning warning from Native Instruments, it’s good to see that two alternate DJ app developers are leading the way with new versions ready to go on iOS 7:


First up, DJ Player from iMect has had a complete rebuild from its previous version, offering a dramatically cleaner interface (the developer notes that previously DJ Player was “the UGLIEST and HARDEST to learn” iOS app for DJs) and a barrage of new features aside from iOS7 support – we’re especially excited about the last item on this list:

– Redesigned user interface for new look and feel.
– Vertically controllable knobs.
– “BIG” alternative mixing interface.
– Secondary features for all faders (tap the fader body outside of the fader head).
– Easier looping workflow (similar to CDJ-2000).
– Beat/tempo/off/hidden sync modes instead of separate sync/quant.
– Effects simplified to 3 units per deck. 11 different effects available (two in FX 1 and FX 3, seven in FX 2).
– Almost all settings are reorganized into an easy interface inside the app.
– Super low device utilization, improved battery life and even lower jitter.
– Great smoothness, no GUI stuttering, 60 fps on every device from the iPhone 3GS and the first iPad.
– Bluetooth audio and AirPlay.
– New default MIDI mappings with tighter integration. Please remove the old mappings in iTunes File Sharing.
– Beamz laser controller support.

DJAY 2.1

Algoriddim’s djay application has already had their major visual app update just a few months ago with the launch of djay 2 (read our review here) – so this new 2.1 version brings along minor interface updates simply to make the app feel more integrated into the iOS7 world.

However, they have also included two fascinating forms of content with this update – a set of “signature sounds and exclusive vocals” from Snoop Dogg (hey, isn’t he Snoop Lion?) and a “Scratch Toys” record from DJ Q-Bert (featuring classic scratch snips – the record naturally starts with “Fresssh”).


It’s good to see that some developers in the DJ world have taken a proactive step in being ready for a major system update like iOS7, but in the case of both of these developers, the apps are their bread and butter. In a larger company like NI, mobile apps are still slow to rise to the top of a long list of priorities – but considering how front-and-center the iOS app was in the announcement of the Kontrol S4/S2 MK2, any issues will likely get a rapid fix.

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  • Sonic Fantasia

    I have not been at some of the recent shows while seeking medical treatment.

  • itseze

    I think this is just a matter of unfortunate timing for NI… They are usually really good about things being up to date. Trying to get new products up and running while updating to a new mobile OS must be A LOT of work.


    Beamz laser controller support. iMect runnin the game! lol

  • Biz Caus

    Snoop Dog is Calvin’s hip hop stage name and Snoop Lion is his reggae stage name. Snoop Lion didn’t replace Snoop Dog it just separated his reggae work from his hip hop work.

    • Dan White

      The more you know!