Traktor 2.6.4 Update: Timecode + Auto-Gain Fixes, S4/S2 MK2 Integration

Native Instruments released a new incremental update to Traktor Pro early this morning, wrapping in a number of small bug fixes and features into an update that largely focuses on adding Kontrol S2/S4 MK2 integration in time for the controllers’ release date next Monday. The major improvements address auto-gain interface issues, track analysis stability, and fixing of major latency issues on MK2 CD timecode.

Check out the full changelog below – the update is being rolled out slowly to users in the Service Center, or can be downloaded right away in the NI Personal Update Manager.


  • Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL S2/S4 MK2
  • Drastic reduction of cueing and looping latency when using CD Timecode MK2
  • Added Decks A+C as a valid deck selection for TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2
  • Override of factory mapping now also available for jogwheels of TRAKTOR KONTROL S2/S4


  • Improved overall stability of track analysis
  • Auto-Gain value is no longer resetted when locking a track
  • Auto-Gain knob in Mixer and Gain controls in Browser do mutually update each other


  • Metadata Sync with TRAKTOR DJ fixed for certain languages
  • Selected track now remains visible when leaving Browse View


  • Release of keyboard command mapped to “CMD+…” is now correctly triggered (Mac)


  • Improved stability when switching Remix Deck to Track Deck
  • Track Deck now stops properly if option “Stop playback at end of track” is enabled


  • New Deck Header warning reacting to persistent low timecode quality


  • Increased the range of the Bend Sensitivity preference
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  • Emiliano Galván

    Hi ! I have a little question: Where does Tracktor saves your hot cues information? Thanks a lot from Argentina !!

  • Elrood

    Could somebody explain what happened to auto-gain? I don’t quite get “Auto-Gain knob in Mixer and Gain controls in Browser do mutually update each other” as it is already what’s happening since 2.6.0.

  • Tomislav Simi? ToS

    Still haven’t fixed that stupid Alt+F4 key binding, what a shame…

  • Nicolas B.

    Auto-Gain knob in Mixer !!!! Where is ?????????

    • Rayalon

      That little blue light next to the Gain knob. Click it. Turns into orange right?
      This is now the Auto Gain knob.
      When the blue light is on it acts like the regular channel gain.

      • Luiz

        Hi… just to confirm… so does it mean in case the blue light is ON traktor is not adjusting the gains automatically for me?

        I haven’t got well how it works yet. 🙂
        Thank you!

        • Rayalon

          It’s adjusting it in the background even if you don’t see it 🙂

  • Rokthahaus

    The Auto-Gain will finally lock?! PRAISE THE TECH GODS!! I’m ridiculously OCD about my levels and I got fed up with Auto-Gain so I disabled it. If the update really fixed that, I will be immensely happy. It really is the little things for me…

  • Uroš

    Has anyone have problems with Traktor Kontrol Z1 headphones output since the upgrade? Today I started Traktor normally and connected the hardware, but the Right headphone does not work. It worked perfectly since then…And also the Z1 is only 2 weeks old.

  • fiiz

    as im waiting for the arrival of my maschine i was tinkering with this new update. i think there is a bug in the mapping section…as im mucking around to map my keyboard to control remixdeck…it can only start mapping “Add in > Remix Deck > Slot Capture/Trigger/Mute — assignment/remixdeck4/slot2

    or prolly its just me..

  • Cyribro

    My Computer is so old that when I tried to update to the latest version of traktor it actually told me that I needed to update it. I found that funny, traktor said my computer sucks.

  • Mario García

    Does anyone know if i can upgrade to ios 7 with traktor dj 1.3

    • Rayalon

      Don’t do it. It’s terrible. Wait until NI fixes the app.

  • djboom

    im using an s2 with basic functionality shoud i update anyway?

  • IanRaWdriguez

    Traktor DJ 1.3.0 also came out today.

  • César Sánchez

    I’m unable to update due to script problems, anynoe else having problems?

  • DJ Neoh

    It would be nice if you didnt have to upgrade to use timecode with the S4

      • DJ Neoh

        you have to dish out $120 for the upgrade kit

        • DJ 80N3

          Since day one of using the original S4 with timecode, I have not once had any problems. Even using the audio 4 dj with a mixer have not had any problems.

    • Blue Collar Prophet

      i wouldn’t reccomend it anyway… for some reason over the lest year the S4 and Timecode don’t want to work well AT ALL (for me and some others on the forums). I’m HOPING this update might address the issues i’ve been complaining about for over a year now. sad too because upon its initial release i had NO issues what so ever…