What The Next Traktor Controller Will (Probably) Look Like

Crafted deep in the Photoshop department at DJ TechTools HQ this afternoon, we’ve decided to take the rampant speculation and subtext from yesterday’s Maschine Studio announcement to share our speculation on what the next Traktor controller (we’re speculatively naming it the Kontrol S4 MK3) will look like.

Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3: Welcome to the world of tomorrow!
  • Maschine Studio Screens: Native Instruments clearly spent tons of development time in both software and hardware to make the screens on the Maschine Studio look great and work well with the software. We’re positive they’ll use this same technology in the Traktor family, so why not rock two high-res screens right on the controller that give you all the info you need?
  • Traktor DJ Interface: Traktor DJ already has a great workflow designed out for the small screen – why not use it on these screens?
  • Touch Strips Instead Of Jogs: Similarly to the Maschine Studio screens, NI spent time here to make a brand new technology – the touch strip – work with Traktor. They didn’t make it onto the Kontrol S4/S2 MK2 generation, but we’re willing to bet they might make an appearance in the next round.  

We’ll bet you can out-Photoshop us. Share your takes on what the next Traktor controller in the comments below, and vote for others that you like! 

Obviously this is all speculation (specifically, the speculation of Managing Editor @djspacecamp) – and is in no way reflective on any actual controller. 

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  • Ian Brandt

    I would not consider this a viable option if they chose to exclude the jogs- i like jogs way too much and the feel of circular control i don’t think will ever be near matched by a linear strip

  • Jesse Herr

    novation twitch looks sort of like this.. howd that go?

  • Sandro

    I would definitely prefer a “Pioneer: Nexus” “Mixers and Decks” style in separated. Hope someone knows what I mean…

  • Delano Feurtado

    touch screen instead of touch jog would be better

  • Christian Konrath

    I prefer a single controller with highres screen + Jogwheel something looks like a Denon DN-SC2000

  • Polygon

    I want big jogs with transparent tops, and have the screens UNDER the jogs. Would be pretty fantastic IMO.

  • Kasper

    Oh and let it be a touchscreen monitor..

  • Kasper

    When is it going on sale..

  • Kasper


  • FrogsplashMango

    The S4 MkII should have looked something along the lines of this. Incredibly disappointed with the new model, who in their right mind’s would upgrade to the new S4 purely to have flashy buttons and grey filter knobs? I was at least expecting touch strips (For searching through the track, like the DDJ-T1 has) on the new S4. The Pioneer DDJ-SX is the leading controller on the market atm and NI have done next to nothing to compete with it.

  • dj yakka yakk

    I guess having the waveform on the controller is cool but I still LOVE the much needed screen real estate from the laptop for browsing and stuff, so 2 waveforms?

  • Gogy

    So If I get it right, there won’t be anymore need for using laptop and traktor 2 software, you will have it like on CDJs on your controler?

  • Joey Chronik

    I think the problem with this is the drastic rework it would require to be done to the Traktor software. They would have to make it take advantage of the fact that the waveforms are going to be on the hardware so that’s were the focus will be. And they’d still have to cater to those that don’t make the jump for the new hardware but are still fans of Traktor.

  • Stephen

    I think I will love this setup without the jogwheels considering how much I liked uh… That one midi controller… I forget the name. It was small(ish) and had no jogs, just touch strips and the demos I saw of that were amazing… the things u can do with a good touchstrip mix can be AMAZING


    16 multi-colored pads instead of 4+4 please …

  • Guy Williams

    I don’t really care much about how the “look” changes, but if NI doesn’t do something to bring the output of their controller/mixers up to pro standards so that they can drive pro or Big Room systems as a stand alone..I’m done with them!
    Yes the unit works fine running through an auxiliary of a Pioneer Nexus, or for mobile or bedroom setups, but WILL NOT drive Big club systems here in Vegas, kinda embarrassing actually!
    A Denon MC 6000 has EXCELLENT output levels, but the hardware doesn’t integrate with Traktor well.

  • Dj Dynamik

    I think if Traktor Devolpes this hardware integration it will be more feasible to use with turntables and have less time looking at the laptop screen. Questions that I purpose are
    1. Will it have a easy to use time time code setup for turntables?
    2. Price of course
    3. ETA on this product

    Also I’m not sure if its for me if I’m looking forward to purchase Maschine Studio 2.0 its too much real estate for my 2 technics and 2 channel battle mixer?

  • Derek 'SwaZy' Clyke

    After browsing through some of the comments on here I came to this idea, what if they borrow the idea they used in the Maschine Studio. The new NI controller, if it uses screens, could make use of them via the iPad (or laptop), like Maschine does, so that once you plug your controller in and load Traktor Dj or Traktor Pro, you will see the info for each deck on your controller screen, and your laptop or iPad will just be used for browsing tracks or other duties. Kinda a take on the Pioneer XDJ-R1. This way you have access to all your info on your controller, and just need your device for track selection, this would obviously be more beneficial for iPads than laptops, but would decrease the need of NI developing all that CPU tech for the unit; thus decreasing costs.

    With Mixvibes’ iOS version of their software now branching out mappings for loads of controllers (see article on DJWORX: http://bit.ly/1fXXlyX), along with Traktor pushing out 3 iOS compatible controllers (not to mentions Pioneers+Numark and others) I can’t see Traktor pushing the iPad out of the picture so quick. I would love a version of the S4 that uses these new screens alongside the ipad. Give the unit a little resting area for the iPad, possibly develop a new funtion within TraktorDJ where once the new S4 is plugged in, it brings you to a track-browse / fx screen that would be closer to rekordbox than a dj software. I personally love what Pioneer tried to do with the XDJ-R1 unit, alongside remotebox. If the unit didnt come with so many issues I would of picked one up. That being said, the remotebox app is a great idea & something other software makers should look at when updating their mobile softwares.

    Time will tell I guess.. just thinking out loud..

    (p.s. I do love some peeps ideas here for a total modular system .. )

  • REL1

    no platters and i’m def on to something else for sure.

  • Weaver2

    Maybe this is me coming from vinyl, but I’d really miss the jogs if they didn’t have them.

  • Firebird

    I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!

  • Mason

    who says its also not a stand alone? you can use usb/cd/ media on it?? it has everything you need

  • lupzdut

    Seems legit 😉

  • jprime

    I don’t recall any all in one solutions really taking over to date. My main concern would be having any kind of hardware failure on the screen side of things. I think they would be wise to consider easily replaceable pieces of hardware.

  • koningwoning

    Sounds quite right

  • djfreesoul

    What about “all this” and an external screen, for browsing your collection on an iPad (or similar Android device), then your PC could be “under the table”.

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    the more we want, the more we lose… ask yourself what kind of dj u are?? the s4 was never 4 turntablists, but u take, jogs out what happens to backspins… (realspins)

  • Chris Argueta

    I’d like to see a 19″ version of this controller, sans mixer. This way you could use it with your existing mixer, in a combo rack. And USB connectivity for HDD/SSD and keyboards. No more laptop.

  • Dan w

    Ditch the Laptop! Really? YAY!! Bring It NI….

  • DJ Blade Sparx

    The concept graphic is interesting but after the poor S2 and S4 MK2 “redesigns”, it’s hard to determine if they are willing to do better with jog wheel controllers. I would like to see larger buttons in the lower control section where the surface of the buttons also does not peel off like on my S2, some kind of lighting or indicators embedded in the jog wheels like the Numark S4, Pioneer DDJ-SX or Pioneer DDJ ergo, lighted “rings” around the knobs to be able to better spot them in darker conditions, a lighter body color option.

  • Dan Schmidt

    you guys forgot one thing they’ll at least change in the design, which is hot cues 1-8 will all be the same size and have the same look, and the indicators above the loop controls will probably be more subtle and less ugly – possibly with one LED panel only showing you what is on at the moment and not what isn’t

  • RON_E

    Seriously… no jog wheels? Dj Techtools… COMMON.

  • jake_martin

    you gotta have a usb port for a thumb drive/external HD for your tunes, that would make it Laptop independent.

    • Chris Argueta

      From your lips to NI’s ears…

  • poser99

    eliminating the jog wheels would be awesome that way people and friends don’t expect you to know how to scratch

  • Sergio Pantaleo

    No jogwheel? Naaaaa…

  • Miguel Milheiro

    I would trade the jogwheels for better remix deck control, not for a screen I could easily place next to the controller, i.e. iPad. Does not impress me this design…

  • Kento

    I’m moving to a more professional set up with the traktor Z2 mixer soon and I’d love something more serious like that.

  • Matt Empyre

    I hope they also put a proper mixer in it. It’s the only thing i can’t stand about my S4 MK1.
    I’m used to playing on A&H and Pioneer Mixers, the Traktor Internal one just feels cheap to me.

  • KundaliniRising

    I’d love to see the thing built a bit more robustly. Aluminum chassis and top plate under the mixer section and top nutted pots. Love my S4 but even with lots of babying while being on the road its showing its age. Wiggly knobs and such….Would be nice to see something as robust as what AH or pioneer puts out.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    I really hope something like this happens. Especially after the disappointing S4,S2 ‘update’.

    • lesterhein

      What’s wrong with that? I don’t need my laptop to run Photoshop while I mix, so if it’s purpose built and runs solidly AND is tightly integrated with the Traktor software… what’s wrong with that?

      • nudephotomusic

        The “problem” is that devices like that are dismissed by clubs and the media, and a lot of “pro” djs. Even more so than controllers. This was a very unpopular product for Stanton, despite being actually very good in terms of technology.

        Personally I think its an excellent product and would love to see something that was based on Traktor that didn’t require me to bring my computer along.

        • Weaver2

          Thank god I don’t play in clubs or give a single shit about what “pro” djs think.

    • Chris Argueta

      Yes. We just want it to have NI Traktor functionality, quality and familiarity. Another example of a plug and play, no laptop needed controller is the American Audio Versadeck.

    • nimplysaked

      Must admit, I had no idea this existed! If Stanton had teamed up with NI (for the software) and marketed this better, I guess it could’ve been a great success. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the day an AIO controller unit like this becomes th club standard and finally replaces Pioneer CDJs… until then, it’s DVS for me.

  • DJ Eklipse

    Hopefully this isn’t what the next gen looks like or else it’ll be the end of scratching and turntablism!

  • jprime

    Millions of DJ’s worldwide explode because the waveforms are too far apart to visually match up

    • Chris Argueta

      Good, that will eliminate the chaff.

      I don’t need to see the waveform, I beat-match by ear, even when using Traktor. You beat-grid ahead of time, at home, on your Mac/PC.

      All I need is track name, artist, BPM, key, remaining time, elapsed time, 30 seconds to EOT and that’s it. What’s available now on old school Denon CD players.

      • Weaver2

        Lol I still use vinyl from time to time. You don’t even need elapsed time, EOT warnings, key or BPM to mix correctly, come on 😛

  • derp

    I’m 90% sure their plan is to essentially split the pieces (already started with the Z2)
    and eventually take over pioneer and reign the world as the standard in DJ equipment. (They’re nearly to that point with production hardware and software already).

    Also, expect a piano type thing from them soon.
    Thoughts, anyone?

    • Dilby

      The Z2 mixer is so shit compared to Pioneer. I can’t imagine the majority of people demanding NI mixers.

      • Dustin

        Major companies usually plan the features of the models they want to release for several years in advance.
        Next will be the Z4 mixer which will have 4 faders and not be completely pointless.
        NI has to work their way up the hype ladder to overtake pioneer.

    • Bru Newhall

      ah man if the maschine studio had semi-weighted keys with aftertouch… they would truly have it smashed so long as they got somebody decent to do they keys, and it was mapped to run inside ableton, logic, reason, protools etc. other midi controller manufacturers would be closing the doors on announcement day.
      Saying that though do they need it with the pads.

  • Palace One

    What about FloRidas DJ-Hardware? 😀 That is the future he says XD

    • Chris Argueta

      post a link. I wanna see.

  • Douglas Wittman

    if they were to make that mixer with dvs support think of the possibilities… :3

  • tr4gik

    I like what i see.

  • bas

    Ni should make a full size cdj type single deck controller with those screens with traktor dj build in. No cd slot, just usb and harddrive connections. That would be awesome!

    • Chris Argueta

      Smartest thing I’ve heard all week (since the Maschine Studio announcement). Your idea would rock. This way we could use it with our own high end mixers.

    • Aaron Fortson

      I agree this idea makes the most sense of any post I’ve read so far. That would give them the ability to lose the Jog wheel on the S4 S2 but still give turntablist an option in the NI realm. Lets be honest, No serious scratch artist ever fully embraced the tiny jog wheel anyway. If anything they are bringing users from Serato not losing anyone. And allowing me to use my Rane or any hardware mixer with traktor would be AMAZING. Im sure others will agree.
      x2 SDC (single deck controller) + Z2 would become the flagship setup. True NI fashion would dictate that they need to add some extra functionality to Traktor that is only accessible via the SDC and non Midi mappable. Not that I think thats a great idea but it is their MO. Perhaps Ableton bridge integration, which IMO they should have added AGES ago. But perhaps they would create their own DJ fashioned DAW. Kinda like what Abelton bridge is for Serato, the SDC and Z2 track completely into it capturing every button press as Midi and the Maschine or F1 controllers launch clips from the DAW. The session clip sets are auto saved as remix deck configurations and are loadable in Maschine or in Traktor when on the road via an NI proprietary file format. You would be hard pressed to dream up a more convenient set up IMO.

      • bas

        Agreed..NI should do it fast also..
        Imagine if pioneer took one side of the ddj sx with a cdj 2000 nxs screen with only usb and harddrive and the device is not tied to any particular software..bomb! Pio would rule everything : cd market – mixer market – controller market.. so hurry NI

    • Bohdi

      I would finally want to use CDJs if NI made them.

  • Sevenkami

    It will probably have 1 extra row of remix pads and that’s it.

  • DJ Jammydrover

    What about being able to change each deck to a,b,c or d. I would find that realy usefull

    • Stewe

      I’d love to see NI add another (second) deck focus in Traktor and let us map each side of controller for individual focus. This update can overcome current limitations in deck switching but as for now I’m using a modifier to create that feature in my mappings.

      • DJ Jammydrover

        where can i find it?
        and also i think that jog wheels were good, for effects.
        or maybe a way to launch stuff like maschine

  • rgregeg

    keep pumpin out an s4 line an then bring us a big all in one everything you make controller the size of the ns7 with machine size pads for remix decks for people who dont want 20 50 bits of equipment!

  • Alfredo

    what about adding usb ports for flash drives and that way you don’t even have to bring you r lap top to the gig?

    • Chris Argueta


  • JPPimenta

    it cust lot of money the computers

  • JPPimenta

    yes i can be more happy to play tunes in the controllers with out computers


    Funny. That almost looks like it could-be a Novation Twitch 2.0!

  • rhim

    Altough all sounds really good i don’t think that native would go that way because then they would lose sales of Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ all at once. And besides all that it would be quite expensive to have a decent touch screen technology on the screens and also good RAM memory, processor and storage in order to have a 4 deck setup. If they can manage all that and still keep the same price range as the S4 MK2 i’m sure all the customers will be very happy

    • Chris Argueta

      No, they wouldn’t lose sales. Some people love laptops and wouldn’t want to DJ without one. Every product has a lifespan. Look at Technics.

  • Gulli Johansen

    what if you are mixing on 4 decks at the same time?

    • Stewe

      Each display should follow the condition of a deck switch button.

  • Deksel

    I made something quite similar, only with one central jog wheel You never use two jogwheels simultaneously anyway, do you?
    The screens are awesome new features, but are they the way to go?
    the controllers willl be more expensive and more vulnerable. I’m guessing a controller like that will go out for about €1200,- to €1300,- So adding all this, while you still need an external object for the computation (Laptop, Tablet) that already has a big screen built in seems a little double.

    I have always been an advocate of the modular thing: It would be awesome if these screens came as modular add-ons, that you can stick on any controller you like. Or if you could use any smart device with a screen (your ipad, your smartphone, your old smartphone, your girlfriends smartphone) and stick ‘m on your controller and assign a deck to it.

    • Paco Loco

      I agree with you about never using two jogwheels at the same time.
      I would say the same is true of touch-strips.

      For me I would have a jog wheel on one side and and touch-strip plus 16 pad grid (like an F1) on the other side.

      To be honest you can prety much already get this though by combining an X1 Mk2 with an F1 and a Z1 (or even a Behringer CMD MM-1 if you want 4 channels).

  • Thomas C Montano

    I hope they make this the new flagship, that MK2 was beyond disappointing. Please add jog wheels to this design tho, some of us actually don’t use the sync and need them for super tight mixes !

    • ksonic

      I get even tighter mixes with my Novation Twitch than I do with my S4. Jogwheels are only around out of habit, not necessity.

  • KIO

    Off course it could just be pure coincidence, but it is quite a peculiar coincidence that DJTT is writing the same article as Digital DJ Tips did a day earlier (http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2013/10/this-is-traktors-future/). DDJT has also copies DJTT articles to their blog, but they at least had the courtesy to credit and link to the article as written by DJTT. Now if this was not coincidence and DJTT used DDJT’s idea then their article should have been credited.

    • marquee mark

      Dude did you read the articles? Similar sentiments, sure. the same article? DDJT didn’t even write about the maschine studio

  • Diego

    this plus turntables and timecodes would be sick !

  • Paul Muller

    It’s a sexy looking beast! Thinking out loud though, the trend seems to be moving away from proprietary hardware interfaces when a general purpose screen like an iPad/Pod/Phone/’Droid can give you all that and more. Agree they’ll dump the jog-wheels and maybe use that extra space for better control of the C/D remix decks which neitherS4 or Z2 device handles that well right now.

  • Moe

    What’s the point of this, are You drunk?

    • djjendxb

      I seconded! This is just a copy of Novation Twitch with added screen. Not even a stand alone one! :p

  • Poser99

    That would be bad ass!!!

  • jkuss

    If people are considering the idea of using screens with no computer, don’t forget you need that horsepower for computing the audio.

    • Steve

      Ive seen people on forums going nut for the idea of a laptop free Kontrol S4. Is that not just a pioneer cdj?

      • Traktor Tips

        I am seriously leaning towards the CDJ’s.

        • am3nd

          I was looking at the CDJ2000s, but being able to pitch bend on the X1 MK2 controller, I just sat there questioning why I’d want to spend $5k on two CDJs just for a jog wheel. Ehh. Just my opinion of course!

          • Traktor Tips

            Yes agreed – they are very overpriced! However, they are THE most responsive ‘controller’ I have ever used! Besides you only need one as you just switch it to control each deck. But yes, still expensive and certainly not in my budget just yet!

      • Chris Argueta

        Yes but ONE CDJ is $2000. IF CDJs were $400, NI would discontinue Traktor and forget about DJ software and concentrate on recording/production stuff.

        Price is one reason why Traktor, Serato and VDJ even exist today, everybody already owned a laptop, it’s not an added extra cost.

        The second reason is CDJs can’t do what a laptop does. Which is allow you to have immediate access to your entire music library. And effects.

        Laptops though incredibly useful, were a stop gap, a stepping stone, to a new DJ paradigm.

        If Pioneer CDJs were substantially cheaper, nobody would buy controllers that are tethered to laptops.

        Pioneer has basically declared war against laptops in the DJ booth, by making their CDJs with network capability to another CDJ and with USB HDD connectivity.

        • Steve

          But adding the processing power to an S4 to make it run laptop free (while still retaining Traktors features) would substantially increase the price of the unit, probably to pioneer cdj territory (you can get a pair of CDJ 850’s and a decent 2 channel mixer with effects for around 2k total)

          • Chris Argueta

            The only way a laptop free controller would rule would be if it was cheaper than two CDJs. Guitar Center sells the CDJ-850 for $899. Two of ’em are $1800, not including the mixer.

    • Spencer Graham

      The s4 already already has a CPU in the soundcard.. its not crazy to think they could add another or beef up the current one as smartphones are now coming with like 2Ghz quad core processors.

      • jkuss

        It is crazy to think that. They would have to write an operating system, drivers for all the hardware, and THEN a ‘headless’ version of Traktor in a language that will compile to the ‘dropped in’ CPU.

        • Chris Argueta

          You are seeing it through a technical point of view, which is good. You are realistic. But money talks. If the masses are willing to pay for this, someone will provide it. As crazy as it sounds to you, it can be done. If Stanton and American Audio already did it, why can’t NI? And do it better, I think.

        • Spencer Graham

          Na thats dumb. Its called linux. Drivers are already written, traktor is written. They have traktor DJ on an iPhone, its not crazy to think they can bundle it with their hardware.

          Grow up and troll elsewhere kid, some of us know what we are talking about.

          • jkuss

            This isn’t a troll. kid. I work with software developers. I know how products have to be built. There is no “drop in a CPU” solution that doesn’t take years of development. IF they use Linux, they have to customize it heavily as there’s limited space once you’re putting the computer inside the S4. The drivers then have to be written for that OS, AFAIK there is no version of Traktor for Linux so this is all brand new. Then they have to write a version of Traktor for Linux which most likely does not have the same toolkits for their chosen language that OSX, WIN, or iOS has. These are not small problems. Not insurmountable, but not “drop in a cpu”

  • Chris Argueta

    I like it! Would we use one of the two screens or both to browse our tracks? This would rock, if we didn’t need a laptop for the actual performance and need it only for track and playlist preparation.

    • Junk Rhythm

      As you select a track, the current empty deck would show the browser.

      • boomshanka

        there are 2 screens and 4 channels…

      • Chris Argueta

        So you would have to unload the deck that just finished playing to browse?

        • Junk Rhythm

          Yes, that’s how I would approach it. This would leave the other deck playing and you would still be able to see where you are in the other track easily. When browsing the library it could be the same folder structure where you use the encoder to select the folder and then click to open it. Browse through it and load.

          I personally would go away from anything more than two screens. Sure there are four decks but four screens would increase the size, weight, and power requirements. The increased size would eventually make it bulky and cumbersome to lug around. At that point, I would rather use dedicated devices like CDJs and a mixer, because well chances are, the club, venue, location, etc already has that gear setup. Then it’s carrying around your music like it was done years ago.

          For instances where you want to visually see the other decks, a button could be used to call the C/D deck. It would be just as quick to jump from screen to screen. Actually, now that I look at it closer there is what looks like a LED/button above each screen for selecting the C and D decks.

          • Chris Argueta

            I don’t know brother, I mean, now you need a dedicated unload/eject button. Having to unload/eject to see the browser is an extra step, too. That’s kind of regressing back to the Turntable/CDJ paradigm don’t you think? How about a toggle to view the browser on both displays? That way you don’t have to unload/eject the track that just finished (or is still playing). You simply toggle to browser view and search for your track.

  • lesterhein

    Capacitive touch screen displays…

    • Dan White

      I like how you think. Let’s just merge Traktor DJ into hardware already, right?

      • lesterhein

        Exactly, this would be a perfect way to have even tighter hardware and software integration. I feel kind of like they need to just go nuts with it, instead of just ‘logical iteration’ what about something like a modular unit with swappable processors or memory banks or hdd bays….

        • Traktor Tips

          I like the idea of being able to directly connect an external hard drive to the next S4. Or even just a USB stick. The thing is though NI need to start innovating instead of copying! CDJ’s were ahead of the game. Now companies are just using good ideas from other people, where are the real brains in all of this? I wanna see something cool and functional.

          • Derp

            Innovating? New? Cool and functional?
            Dude we’re not going to anything revolutionary because CDJ’s already happened and NI continues to improve on the whole concept. That’s pretty much it though. We don’t need anymore options. The next major step for DJ’s is video integration which can already be done with ableton. I’m guessing that a new system for DJ’s to control visuals will be the next closest thing. Yo NI, get on that shit! 🙂

          • Traktor Tips

            Yep – True! Pioneer are the pioneers!

            Music is music and there’s only so much you can do. Time for people to stop being gear whores and to revert back to what’s important! The Music!

          • Juicy Jane

            so you still use a DAT-recorder or not….

          • lesterhein

            “I don’t need any more options”


          • EveryDay

            You can connect both of those things to your computer already… The Z2 can do this 🙂

          • Traktor Tips

            No, what I’m saying is, connect an external hard drive ‘directly’ to the S4 (with displays for wav) and then no need for your computer!

          • Mac Joseph

            They would need a touch screen then you wouldn’t need a computer

          • Adityo Maltais

            yes and the s4 is the best with individual sliders for pitch control, I hope it will keep the midi in and aout

          • DJ Marcel

            Something like a double-screen Stanton SCS.4DJ?

          • Traktor Tips

            exactly! Looks great. Although I guess NI will shoot themselves in the foot if they make something like that cos then Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ will be useless…. or at least need a re-haul.

          • Q-Trax

            You must have not used a Z2 mixer mate. Its layout that you can pitch correct a turntable, hit both channel fades, X fade, cue points, loop control, 2 pre assigned effects, cutoff filter, switch between deck A/C – B/D all while jamin the flux mode with ONE HAND. Not innovating enough???

        • Juicy Jane

          is this not a PC ?

        • DarthDiggler


          Making swappable components would create more support issues. If they are doing the hardware built in they will optimize it. I would support a removable drive bay.

      • EveryDay

        I think it would take a lot of development to match the iPhone/iPad processors. see:android

    • Paco Loco

      What is the point of putting touch screens on the controller when you already have a touch screen on your ipad?
      All you are doing is moving the touch screen about 6 inches closer to you, but at a massive increase in the cost of the controller.

      I can see the point if the controller is completely standalone (no laptop or ipad), but I don’t see why you would want that either as it would push the cost of the controller way up, well over twice the price of the current S4 I would imagine.

      • SpencerG

        Yes the point is the setup would become standalone and you wouldn’t need a 700$ iPad or laptop.

        • Paco Loco

          I think that pretty much everyone who wants to do digital DJing already owns either a laptop or an iPad, hence it is no extra cost.

          • hanover_fist

            There’s also reliability, less crap to carry around, less stuff to wire up, etc. Lots of my friends say they prefer CDJs over controllers (even though they’re basically the same thing nowadays) due to their increased reliability and not having to worry about windows crashing.

            There’s a lot of issues with digital DJing still. For example, my laptop has an i7 and 8GB of RAM, but still glitches occasionally, especially if I have other stuff running. Yeah, I could set up a dedicated partition and disable everything but audio stuff (and I do for playing out), but that’s a pain in the ass and not everyone knows how / wants to do that.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            hardware, hardware, hardware… traktor is only as stable as your platform. when looking at laptops find a decent processor and some dedicated memory for your video. have you modded your OS and disabled things like transperant glass and your wifi card? i have no problems running an i5 w/ 8Gb ram, but at the cost of an extra $120 i installed an SSD, my toshiba running win7 beats a macbook pro’s on a restart race.

          • lesterhein

            … and I think pretty much everyone wants to take the least amount of stuff required to a gig. Multiple links in your setup chain means multiple potential failure points.

            If I could do everything ITB with no required iPad or Laptop, then I would definitely prefer that. Easier to do, not to mention less stuff to break or lose.

          • White Wulfe

            A number of people still use desktops at home, and I wouldn’t doubt it if a number of people didn’t have tablets either, so the additional hardware cost isn’t exactly something that can always be shrugged off.

        • Paco Loco

          I agree with you all that in an ideal world NI would make a stand-alone Traktor controller which required no computer or tablet, however I just don’t think it will happen. Here’s why:

          Firstly, cost.
          Laptop and tablet makers sell products (and hence order components) in their millions, so they benefit from massive economies of scale.
          NI would be looking at selling a fraction of these numbers of a high-end DJ controller, so would have to pay way way more for parts.
          Hence integrating a £400 iPad into a controller might actually cost far more than £400, at which point the customer starts asking “why should I pay £800 more for a controller with iPad funcitonality built in when I already own (or can just buy) an iPad??

          Secondly, software.
          NI are a software company first and foremost. They only currently sell hardware that supports their software offerings.
          They could of course change their business model, but that would be a lot harder than you think.
          Taking desktop software like Traktor and making it work on bespoke hardware running without a typical desktop operating system would not be so much an adaptation as a ground up re-write of the software. This would take a massive effort to do and they would then be in an ongoing situation of having to develop and support multiple different platforms for the software – a big headache for them. (Notice how Serato just consolidated all their DJ software to specifically avoid this problem).

          So, much as I like the idea, I’m willing to bet it won’t happen.

      • Jake Hale

        based on what analysis? all the processing power you need is already considered paltry by tablet and phone standards- the tech is already out there, they don’t have to create it, just license it, they wouldnt have to incorporate the cost of as much R&D. if this costs $200 more than the current s4 (which it probably wouldnt cost anymore than this current generation) it would still be less of an investment than the current model of ipad/laptop + controller.

        an AIO solution makes complete sense

        • Paco Loco

          If they could do it for the price you suggest then I would agree that it makes sense. However I don’t think they could do it for anywhere near that price, since they sell no-where near enough DJ controllers to make the economies of scale work out.

          • Weaver2

            They should just buy one of the new form factor PS Vitas at $200 and glue it in there then 😛

      • Chris Kenestrick

        because maybe…just maybe…I don’t want to buy a damn ipad or lug my current one around to clubs to have it torn to shit…

        • White Wulfe

          Exactly what he said. I love the features that Traktor DJ offers, and putting that right into the S4 would be absolutely wonderful. The moderate increase in cost to the S4 to make it fully all in one and operable by itself would more than likely still be significantly cheaper than purchasing an iPad as well, and having to lug around two items.

          • stefanhapper

            I think you completely underestimate the cost of putting these things into the an S4. The iPads are featuring one of the most advanced processors right now and you would need to built it in into the S4 to be standalone. The touch screen itself is actually the minor part, technically.

          • Weaver2

            I’m pretty sure a snapdragon could do it and you can buy a qualcomm chip for $30. Obviously you need the main board, memory, etc; but just because apple has about a 150% markup on their products does not mean NI has to follow suit.

            If you’re interested, check out the bill of materials here:

            I’m not asking NI to keep the $800 price point, I’d pay a premium for such a device obviously; but if they were smart I’d hope they could roll their own for something cheaper than what the iPad costs.

          • Realist

            That manufacture pricing is completely off, those are commercial end component costs to the consumer (in 2010), not trade costs, which I think you will find are much less than half that, probably nearer quarter that cost.

            I just love it when people throw figures out there designed to make to consumer believe they are getting a good deal; brilliant, keep them coming!

          • Weaver2

            I wasn’t trying to make it seem like anyone was getting anything but completely fucked over.

          • Juicy Jane

            Yes coz we all can buy our stuff directly from the factory…. no need for shops just go to china very cheap parts there 😀

      • am3nd

        Not everyone wants to bother with an iPad. 🙂

  • Thiago

    XLR outputs , USB Hub , very welcome …..
    off-line computer ( pc/mac) too…. rss