Video: Bitwig’s Advanced MIDI Editing Features

We continue to wait for an official release date from Berlin-based Bitwig Studio – which has been in beta for over a year now. That being said, it seems like waiting for them to really double-down on the feature set might be in everyone’s best interest, and the latest video from their YouTube page shows exactly why. Check out the degree to which MIDI instrument clips can be modulated and automated, including a histogram-based note editor and per-note pitch control:

Bitwig Studio is in closed beta. Learn more on their official site

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  • thejone

    Wow imagine if this ever got released! =)

  • HennoLV

    Looks like FL Studio and Ableton hybrid.

  • gowers

    I would have loved to have been in at the BETA stage, I signed up real early too. I’m not seeing may features that I really want to use despite the demos being amazing. I’m looking for real time collab over ethernet for live but also real time production over a home internet connection. There were other things such as curves in automations 64bit etc but these are now covered by ableton live and that is solid (well nearly). Bitwig will never be too late to the party but it’s a very crowded place and I wished they had kept the interface simpler as it looks like a mess now and colors are just horrid. Anyways keep us posted TT.

  • Slykilla7

    If there is independent tempo adjustment for each track I’m buy’n it!

  • butter

    Really really interesting, and also nice to see djtechtools getting back into tech lately.

    Quite curios about what kind of controller integration they are
    thinking about. Seems a lot of mousing around to me. I’ve seen some
    really amazing sets with people staring at computers, so its probably a
    completely personal opinion, but to me there’s a bit too much mouse for
    live, and probably more powerful things for studio.

    Hope they work out a good interface…

  • musician101

    It’s a better Ableton! Thank god for that.

  • p12

    Seems crazy dope, especially the target glide function (pitch bend).