Routine: DJ Blakey on Pioneer DDJ-SX

Continuing our series of highlighting great digital DJ routines with one on Pioneer’s DDJ-SX controller. The DDJ-SX has been out for over a year now, but it seems like the performance videos just keep coming – here’s one out of the DJSounds camp that shows the controller in use by the UK’s DJ Blakey.

Note the loads of live cue point juggling that shows how decent pads can actually make finger drumming a realistic thing to be doing on a DJ controller – a well-constructed routine by Blakey!

Reviewed: Read our review of the DDJ-SX here

Know of an under-watched digital DJ routine that we should feature? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • MarkQuest


  • Weaver2

    Then, afterwards, the audience just asks you to play Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia for the next 3 hours.

    • jprime

      Someone requests “Dubstep by Traktor” 😛

  • Rutger Willems

    Hmmm…. seeing this device again makes me wonder more and more, what would serato be like? Cause this think looks awesome and if serato is passable i’ll buy this thing and sell my S4 definitly.

    • MarkQuest

      i find Serato to be more closer to the traditional 2 turntables & a mixer set-up, than compared to Traktor, which is more leaning towards a DAW with all of it’s sound engineering capabilities.. Serato seems to focus on the mixing, samples & FX, and leave all the super-highend tech stuff remain out for the time being. That said, it IS incredibly feature-packed, it just makes you work harder as a DJ & doesn’t have as many “catch-me-if-i-fall” fail-safes that Traktor has, like Quantised Beat-Jumping, etc. I think people who learnt on turntables or CDJs will like Serato better than Traktor, whereas the new skool coming thru love what Traktor can do to their sets.. It’s all personal preference, but the DDJ-SX rocks man.

    • jaytwoeight

      i switched from traktor with the s4 1st gen to serato dj with ddj-sx. they are different. neither is better. i prefer the serato setup. if you play mostly house, electro, or techno you will likely prefer traktor because serato does not have quantize, snap to beatgrid, or the ability to shift your loops to the left/right as easily. it does have flexible beatgrids, parallel (and superior) waveforms.

  • Jason Hildreth

    That’s sick, more Live Music Production than conventional DJing really. Pretty Awesome!

  • bassphreaK

    dj braindead’s performance on the ddj-sx fucking slays

  • johnny

    I watch DJ Blakey’s DDJ-S1 performance probably weekly. It’s Unreal Tournament.