Video: The One v1.2 Released, Timeline Editing Demo

We haven’t forgotten about The One – but this software that aims to break ground on how DJs approach their performances has been off the radar for a few months following a PC-only initial release and quiet ramp up of fixing initial launch bugs and issues. Having been teased since NAMM 2011, it’s fair to say the developers at Audio Artery have been taking their time to build a complete timeline-based DJ solution that looks less like a traditional DJ setup and more like a screenshot of a DAW.

It starts to make a lot more sense with the new demo video they released last week – showing the editing mode being used to make a mashup between Night Train and Might Like You Better:

With the most recent update, the team seems to be aiming to fix a number of stability issues that were problems right out of the gate. The change list includes:

  • usability improvements (for example cue markers and overview gear numbering)
  • several MIDI-learn fixes
  • fixes to possible crashes in decoding audio,  detecting beats (updated zPlane aufTAKT), analyzing collections, library operations
  • fixes to retreiving and showing id tags
  • iTunes fixes
  • several new mappings (device support)
  • snap to grid fixes
  • drag & drop improvements
  • library improvements
  • tap improvements
  • layout fixes

We’ll be doing a full review of The One 1.2 soon here on DJTT – keep an eye on the blog.

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  • Leroy

    With Numark still stringing their Mixmeister Fusion users along with the promise of updates & fixes to some pretty serious bugs 5 years later I’m not surprised to see another group take a stab at the timeline approach

    • dj cl.ear

      I had been waiting years? for this one, wasn’t it announced back at 2011?. What makes it a bit less than what I’ve waited for Bitwig promises (Ableton Live’s rival).
      Nevertheless, The One is released already. No more in the air projected new functions… Like this one that is true Modular, so we may arrange to our liking, specially if we count in the way we may activate, edit, move, transform, monitor, etc. each layer of sound one decides.

      There were bugs and misteps? Yes, but a few moths later and two major updates already solved most, making this the first sofware to provide -for real- Mutiple and Flexible timeline.
      I have been wishing DAWs do this forever!

  • deejae snafu

    No disrespect know it takes crazy money and time to develop this software, however this software claims to be geared towards djs, I cannot for the life of me see editing tracks while I’m trying to read the crowd , pick tunes etc. I cannot see using a keyboard, mouse, chair and cup of tea while I tap my thumbs and feet offbeat , while onstage. This guy seems way more bedroom producer than dj. Being able to make edits in one program is nice I guess, but if I’m going to rework a track for the dance floor, I’m using a full featured daw, not my dj software. With beat jump and looping you can get close enuff for impromptu remixes, without having to actually edit anything. So that feature, while nice, isn’t going to sell this software. What I really do like is being able to customize the interface around your workflow, but I wouldn’t count the big guys out of including this in a patch. Again I really respect what the one Is doing by challenging the norm, but there are some real shortcoming in traktor and Serato that are also not being addressed here either, which defeats the purpose of stepping up to them to begin with. I’d be more than happy to discuss this if you’re interested. Coming from a dj with 20 years experience , I feel I have a lot of insight into ergonomics and viability of features. Again hats off for this amazing looking software, I hope through time you will achieve your vision of changing the way djs approach their performance.

    • Jeff

      Agree totally mate

    • dj cl.ear

      I do see this completely different.
      Great you do things the way you like, as I do so and intend to keep and further in it. And no, I am not a bedroom producer/DJ… well sometimes I am 😀 many times in fact, but also play elsewhere.

      The One fits quite well with my path and dance over my DJ tools.
      Adding instantly thought of sounds or my own extraction of tunes I might just be considering dropping? No software allows what this One, at the easyness it does. It does compete with Ableton Live in my set, but few DJs share this dilema.

      ///Actually the One looks like an excellent tool to improve or get to new levels to those DJs who are stuck with the two/four turnables, looping sameish tracks or bits and actually want to personalize their music bringing mash ups to the live stage.
      For instance, resident DJs could open quite a creative use of their many hours of playing live and get ideas into real at once or their preparations while DJing tranquil hours.
      What could you do with it and time? I do expect quite accomplished and unique performers.

  • Carl Stuart Murray

    Looks a lot like Mix Meister Fusion, honestly… which has been around for a while now.

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand this software, it’s like a crap version of ableton, everything in that video you can do in ableton and quicker too.
    It’s kinda like trying to win an f1 race in a ford fiesta.

    • sulevi

      Hi Jeff,
      We designed One to be primarly a DJ software, but with built in “Ableton-like” features.Timeline editing is integrated in each deck and these timelines can be operated both live or offline. Anything you do on the timeline can be played live; scratched, looped etc. This video shows “offline editing” features. Timelines add more functionality and give more options to DJing, but are just one feature of the software.

      • Wilks

        Hey Sulevi

        I use Ableton and also Serato. Is there any plans to have The One to incorporate coloured waveforms? It seems to now be a standard within DJ software with the big guys now rolling it out.
        This could make me consider a switch with my Twitch.

      • Jeff

        Thanks for the info, I’m not trying to hate on you guys, I’m an experienced ableton user and what the vid showed was like the kind of things I would do in ableton prior to djing so I see what you are saying about the offline mode. Is this still a similar way of using the software in live mode cos I would not like to mess around like that during a set as there is a lot that could go wrong. Also can you explain what you mean about the time line mode? Say I did a mash up and added fx timeline into the track, could this be disabled during the mix if I think the fx won’t work in the mix?

  • Greg Miernicki

    I’ve often thought Traktor could be 10x better if the 4 decks’ waveform views were vertically stacked similar to this video yet you had a play head and a preview head going on across the layout at the same time so you could in a sense premix all your tunes in the future before the real play head reaches them. Ahh, too bad I don’t have an army of software engineers working for me to develop something like this.

    • Dumbfounder

      I think the waveform is sideways to work with the way our eyes are designed to move. Don’t our eyes allow us to see more from side-to-side than from top-to-bottom? I also heard that we can think more creatively or come up with more ideas by looking from side-to-side.

  • Aken

    Does somebody know what is the controller on the right of the article picture ? It looks totally badass

    • Random Guy

      Novation Twitch

      • Aken

        Thank you. I feel dumb 😀