Maschine Studio + Maschine 2.0 Now Available

Well we know how Native Instruments is celebrating Halloween this year: instead of putting out jack-o-lanterns and playing spooky noises they made with Komplete, they’re launching the new Maschine 2.0 software and pushing the $999 Maschine Studio into stores a day early.

Of course, there’s plenty of Maschine users out there just looking to score the new 2.0 software update – for current Maschine 1.x users the upgrade to 2.0 is a quick (whoops, that’s just the installer!) digital download, but it costs $99. All new purchasers of a Maschine MK2 or Maschine Mikro MK2 now get the 2.0 software – so if you’re already updating the software and want to move to MK2 hardware, take that route instead.

We did a full first look at the Maschine Studio + 2.0 software here, but in a nutshell, the 2.0 software includes:

  • New audio engine (allows sidechaining, unlimited groups, insert effects)
  • Redesigned UI
  • Maschine’s new Drum Synth
  • Full audio mixer

NI has also put out a complete overview video of all of the major features of the Maschine Studio controller, including some of the updates to the Maschine software:

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  • Christian G.

    How many giga can you download from NI site purchasing Maschine Studio?

  • OhSnapDJB

    Does anyone think that Maschine 2.0 software is better than Ableton?

  • Pommy T

    If I buy a Maschine mk2 from an online retailer will I definitely get Maschine mk2 and Komplete Selection rather than 1.8 and elements?


  • AndyCAPPS

    So whack that OG Maschine heads have to pay $100

  • Luigi

    Any of you had problems with previous tags on your sound not being properly updated with the new software? just about to make the update but cautious about losing all my tagging and saved stuff i have now on the 1.x maschine software

  • Jake

    Hey think you guys could make some tutorials soon?
    would love to know everything about maschine 2.0!


  • Bronson bboy

    If I want to buy an MK2… Do I HAVE to buy it via NI’s official site to get the new 2.0 software? Or is it just a case of registering the product online and getting the software then?

    • Tadeo Doberska

      …hi there. If You buy a MK2 in November or december 2013 you get the 2.0 Update for free by registering your Maschine.

  • BtrayinMF

    I just fucking bought my maschine 5 months ago. I got to pay 99 bucks for the new software yet if i would have bought maschine now it comes included!!!!!!!!!!!! then you wonder why we wait for a pirate copy.

    • Tadeo Doberska

      …come on, this happen with every gear from time to time. And 99 bucks isn’t really a lot to raelly enhance the possibilities with your Maschine.

      • BtrayinMF

        I understand what you are saying but ill be honest, If i knew 6 months ago that they were coming out with this model i would have not purchased the $599 maschine and would have payed the $999 for this one! I am also frustrated because again if i would have known that there was a software update i would have waited to purchase my maschine because now the $599 dollar unit also comes with the new 2.0 software yet i have to pay another $99.

        • Mantis

          You got to use the damn thing for an extra 6 months. That’s what you paid for. To save $99 you would have waited 6 months? Sounds like you don’t really even need this product that badly.

          • BtrayinMF

            Key fucking words you just said “that badly” I have other gear i can use, see this is the problem its with you mother fuckers not caring that a company can come out with a product then 3 months later update it and give it away for free to new customers and you got to pay for it. then another 3 months go by and they now got a new version out and you are one of those OMG i got to have it guys…

    • DJ Whozedat

      Be cautious, DJTT work so joinly with NI that they just banned someone from the forum because he used the word “crack” lol

    • White Wulfe

      I purchased mine two weeks before Native Instruments announced the limited time offer that they were giving out six of the expansion packs out for no extra charge with the hardware. Didn’t qualify, and even though I was moderately frustrated at the time I got over it a day later and if I want the expansions I’ll pick them up later on.

      When they announced Maschine Studio and the v2 software, my only thoughts were “sweet, new hardware offering more functionality, and a nice set of perks with the new software.”

      I’ve only owned my Maschine mk.II since June, but I don’t mind paying $99 for all the extras v2 has come out with. Native Instruments has provided numerous updates for free (including the softsynth Massive!), but never have they stated that any and all updates would be free.

    • SG

      It’s like buying any apple product right before the new one comes out. If you want the most bang for your buck, companies release products strategically throughout the year.

  • Namik_One

    is there a 2.0 trial version? change scares me…

  • sinfm

    When are you shipping the preorders? my order status hasn’t changed 🙁 I was hoping to get it for the 1st, tomorrow, and before the weekend.

    • Dan White

      NI actually is still in the process of sending shipments to retailers. We’ll be sending them as soon as they arrive (hopefully tomorrow morning).

  • abits

    upgrading now but sorry tech tools small 20mb download 🙂 try 870mb just for the machine havent started the library update nor Komplete yet… might take a while to download guys
    but still looking forward to it

    • Dan White

      strange – why would they list it as 20 here then? confusing.

      • abits

        This is just the installer… once you run the installer it will then start downloading

        • Dan White

          Cheers, I see that now. Updated the article!

      • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

        The 20 mb is just for the installer program. After that you are looking at a 3.5 gigs for the new factory library. There is a separate download for the program itself. It takes a long time but that is to be expected with such large files.

  • tr4gik


    • Name

      I got it last night after 2 hours of pure download. 3 if you count all my plugins. It was def worth the wait though. The new mixer is pretty sick and I like how you can switch views to maintin that Maschine 1.X look or Mixer view. Kind of reminds me of Ableton switching between arranger/session view. Def a welcome change. I can see everything being done within Maschine now without ahaving to transfer to another daw.