Sneak Peek: The Midi Fighter Twister and Traktor Drum Sequencer

Today we are very excited to offer a first look into our Midi Fighter Twister project – the next DJ TechTools designed and engineered product. Only a few months away from official release, we are ready to start taking reservations, and share an exciting new development in the project: a powerful analog-style drum sequencer right inside Traktor.


If you missed it, earlier this year we held a design contest to find out what controller our community wanted to see built. We’ve since moved forward with the Midi Fighter Twister, one of the most popular designs that stays true to the simplicity of the Midi Fighter with potential for incredibly advanced uses.


The Midi Fighter Twister with a white case and Chroma Caps.

On the surface, each Midi Fighter Twister is equipped with 16 endless encoders, each with a push state, plus a full ring of LEDs. Capped off with 2 full-color LEDs at the bottom, each encoder can transform into a wide range of displays and functions depending on the mapping, configuration, or page. This provides infinite levels of control with clear visual feedback similar to a touch screen, while maintaining the tactile feel of a real knob.

The possibilities – from Ableton control to Traktor effects – are endless, but to really showcase the potential of this dynamic work surface we decided to go a little nuts and create something totally next level.


Many of you love layering drums over a DJ set, but find that loops and one shots can get stale. The next most creative step for many popular DJs is connecting Ableton and running Push or Maschine in the background. This introduces a big layer of complexity, when ideally that drum sequencing should be right inside of the DJ software.

Inspired by the work of Tomash Ghz, who first built a Traktor sequencer, I asked our engineering team to develop a completely independent clocking system in the Twister. This would turn any Traktor Remix deck into an expressive analogue style drum sequencer complete with 4 voices, each with their own 16-step velocity programmable sequencer. The results are quite simply: totally amazing. Last week I asked Michael, our engineer and the brains behind this project to help me explain what we have done…

Since the Twister will ship with its own optional internal sequencer that requires zero software to function, this same technique we used in the video could be applied to anything including Ableton Live drum racks or even analog synthesizers.


With the project slated for launch in January, we need to get a feel for how many controllers to order so no one gets left out. The final price has not been set yet, but we are aiming for $200. The controller above is a prototype, and is not the final product, which will ship in white, black or two-tone.

If you are interested in purchasing a Midi Fighter Twister, please sign up on this email list 

Everyone on this list will get first dibs on the early batch, along with detailed information as we get closer to launch. Thank you as always for your support and constructive feedback on how we can make this or any other projects better. Also check out Thomas Ghz’s brand new controller, the digital warrior which also boasts a internal sequencer.

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  • seamus

    what program was used to design the controllers in this video

  • ZincKidd

    Are these OPTICAL encoders or mechanical encoders? it makes a BIG difference. Mechanical encoders oxidize and become flaky in record time.

  • Dkdddk

    Linux support? Such as class compliant mode?

  • Sam Marsh

    Ian and DJTT staff, when will the Twister be released? I’m currently waiting on choosing between a Twister or an NI Maschine Mikro mk2. I just need a sequencer of some kind, I have a Novation Launchpad, but it would be great to keep that in a clip launching/clip recording mode, when the launchpad isn’t being used as an instrument itself. It would be great if you guys could lower the price, as I don’t have a job ATM.
    Thanks for making great tutorials and products, you guys rock!

  • DjCoops

    This is probably a “dumbed-down” use for this piece of kit but could it be used to just control the effects on Traktor? I for one do not use/need a sequencer as this is just a hobby for me.
    My midi-controller has some controls but it gets a bit hairy when you want to have different effect banks on different tracks/channels (as per Ean’s Effects Techniques video). Ideally it would control dry/wet and the 3 parameters.. and possibly allow assigning of effects banks to channels. If it did it would be an awesome addition to my MF3d which I mainly use for cue points/juggling.
    And one other thing for the Engineering guys… any chance you could build in a USB hub? The more things you guys create the more we all want and for the sake of neatness this would be cool.. but may be impractical. Just a thought.

  • r

    okok, but what price range are you expecting ? although I assume it depends on the number of units you’ll manage to build on the first batch..

  • Rob Snow

    How much?

  • ap0th1k4ry .

    How close are we to launch on this guys? VERY very excited to have this as part of my setup… ‘sometime in January’ was mentioned for launch and February is nearly upon us!

  • Kyle

    Any news on the release date of the Twister? I’m waiting impatiently! January is almost over. Thanks.

  • Luka38

    You know what would be awesome? MIDI out! If the Twister really has a built in sequencer by itself, that would make it an AWESOME sequencer to control some analogue gear or DAW directly into the sound card’s MIDI in. I would buy 2 if it has MIDI out, because when using 5 pin MIDI instead of usb, the latency is almost zero. Please make this happen 🙂

  • BiggieViIlla

    An Idea for the MiDi Fighter Twister, How bout you put the Motion sensor in the Twister like how the MiDi Fighter 3D?

  • Wil Driber

    i will get one

  • Val_ Diezel

    What about CV?
    That would be really tight!

    Analogue integration, kinda like the QuNexus.

  • jonathan

    so, could i map midi via software and the unit save my settings? I don’t use daws. I would want this for my sp-404 or for my der oto/struthi. For example, can I send velocity ccs like in the traktor video, and select drum parts via midi note? and could I map different knobs to different channels? also, any chance I could save settings as patches and be able to choose between different patches without turning on the computer? sorry, so many questions but also usb out? midi din out? usb powered? can the sequencer be reprogrammed? how many rhythms, etc…

  • Chester

    Please please please please bring back the Classic/Spectra-esque customization options. If I could get a black one of these with a walnut top my producing life would be complete. Lovin the stuff DJTT keep it up 😀

  • robskilo

    Can we make one with touch sensitive rotary encoders?

  • Campeon

    I will take one.

  • joteyo

    Can the knobs map pitch as well as velocity. That would be awesome! have major/minor modes and use the pitch of the sample as the tonic.

  • Steven Taylor

    I’d pay money for a Deckadance V2 mapping of the previous generation S2 controller. I’ve already got Ableton Racks like this made. Fantastic video though. Out standing idea. Quite a flexible controller too.

  • thx

    Novation launch control is just $99 so make that a little cheaper

  • Mr. Skitzo

    Will the MF Twister have combos too? Also, it would be awesome if you would do specials, for instance: buy a MF Twister and get $20 off the MF Spectra. Something along those lines.

  • Dillinger23

    Ean has been watching too many old Steve Jobs keynote speeches!

  • emery

    I will be buy not only one but possibly two of these. I’ve been wanting something pretty much just like this for many years now and can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to produce it. Great work guys! Can’t wait to add to my setup for Traktor and Live.

  • Scott Frost

    Make sure you add a 4 port USB hub in it.

  • Filippo

    this controller it’s beautiful… i’ll take one… i don’t need to take my maschine for my gigs anymore!!! Twister it’s small and is a step sequencer… all into traktor… i think that NI is working for a step sequencer in Traktor 3… DJ TT always in the future… start sell it!!! the only things i didn’t understand is how i can program the step sequencer…. example… if i want a 4/4 kick ?? in maschine i have to press (in step sequencer mode), with the kick selected, the first column of pads (1,5,9,13 pads numbers)… Here? have i to do the same action or i have to turn a knob to decide the time (4/4,3/4 ecc ecc)??

  • Encoder resolution?

    Hey Ean,

    Can you give any specification on the encoder? Are they mechanical encoder? How much resolution do you have? Things like that…


    • Sarrova-Q

      Yes, I would like to know too. Is it possible to implement a High Resolution Mode? Like on Livid’s Code or the Faderfox, you have a special button to make the encoders much much more detailed (smaller steps) which is super handy for fine tuning parameters!

  • Robert Wulfman

    another idea for the step sequencer, melodic step sequencing. Press one of the shift buttons on the side (that’s what those are right?) while in the pattern editing mode and you can adjust the pitch of each step. The controller would then adjust the pitch parameter of the sample slot accordingly. also the velocity should probably modulate the gain of the sample and not the sample volume, so you can still adjust the volumes of the sounds, maybe by pressing one of those shift buttons and then turning those knobs at the top.

    I sure hope those dots on the side are shift buttons, if not none of this really works

  • Robert Wulfman

    Any chance of making the encoders capacitive touch?

  • Sarrova-Q

    Will the software editor of Twister allow you to program your own banks and control changes? I would love something like this: Push rotary-button 1 = bank 1 = yellow LEDs; Push rotary-button 2 = bank 2 = blue LEDs; and so on so I can have 64 different controls (4 x 16) divided over 4 banks with 4 different colors for each bank. If that’s possible, you hit the jackpot (and I will start some advertising for this little gem)!

      • Nolej

        Is there a limit to the number of banks?
        (For example, would a 16 push button X 16 encoders = 256 virtual encoders setup be possible? (Or to go one extreme further, 6 side buttons X 16X16)

      • Sarrova-Q

        Golden!!! I’m DEFINITELY ordering one, just doubting if I should order right away and pay whatever tax duties for importing to Belgium or wait till it hits the big european stores. If the quality of the unit is as good as it looks, I can tell you these are going to sell like hotcakes! – I’m gonna start telling this around, this unit is everything I was waiting for the last couple of years! Better than the BCR and less expensive than the CODE2, infinite encoders, colored LEDs, banks, programable and small enough to take it with you or to show what you’re doing to your audience (I’m not lifting my PUSH in the air :p). FAN-TAS-TIC!

  • DJ Iceburrg

    Looks dope! So, is the drum sequencer just an example of the many uses/mappings? Could you map the knobs to control different FX (e.g. Ableton)? I’m thinking of more and more different uses if this is true… is it??

    • Michael Mitchell

      @sofreshla:disqus you got it man – this will easily map to anything you want in Ableton

  • matheus

    Dont forget mappings that work combined with the other midifighters! apreciate it, love your work guys, keep on it! congrats

  • Kyle

    Dang guys, I thought the MF3D was sick, but you guys outdid yourselves again. Looking forward to it!

  • Vanceg

    Is there a possibility of including standard MIDI I/O (not USB) on the Twister? While USB does make a lot of sense for many situations, there are a few for which I’d really like to be able to connect directly to my other MIDI based hardware.

  • Stewe

    Looks like so much fun! Especially if Twister have four internal sequencers in each of MF banks. Looking forwards to find out more on a firmware side.

  • rayk

    is is possible to integrate a melodic step sequencer (like mtrx8)? if yes, will you think of implementing it? that would be great for using the device “outside” of traktor.
    and once again: importing to germany could be easier 😉

  • djblackjack

    two questions
    1. will the potentiometer’s function be completly programable?
    2.what about the other winners? the ultima and the astro looked interesting. it would also be cool seing something with drum pads.

    • Mr. Meoff

      “…something with drum pads”, heh.

  • Jaime

    A little discount for the people from the community who participated in the Midi Fighter Design Contest would be much appreciated. Are there any possibilities?

  • Marcel Mono

    The biggest hurdle for me will be the toll you have to pay when importing it to germany :/ hope the twister gets to europe/germany as the MF3D did.

    Other than that, amazing device, could replacing my maschine as a drum sequencer, less to carry arround 🙂

    • Ferran

      That’s a drawback also for me: I live in Spain.

      • Michael Mitchell

        Hey Marcel & Ferran – We hear you! You may have to wait a little longer but it will be made available through a select few online European gear stores.

        • data:fux

          You should sell it through your own shop (with custom color croma caps) like the MFspectra

        • Sarrova-Q

          The big stores like Thomann or Music Store would be great! Any idea when?

        • Marcel Mono

          Thank you 🙂
          Maybe you should run a second poll asking how many wanting a twister are living outside the US?

  • Rama Bosch

    Hi guys, this is awesome! I was waiting for a new controller full of knobs to use with Ableton Live, cause my FaderFox just died. Could you please upload a video with Ableton mappings? like sends, or eq’s? and how we can custom all the colors of the controller, or if it is possible to control several parameters with only one knob?

    thank you! and release it soon cause I can’t wait to my black one! haha

  • KAME

    Hi Ean, How does the knobs feel like? Can you compare them to the ones from a wellknown controller like KontrolX1? Since I’m from BuenosAires I’m not able to try them, please give as information as you can.

    Thank in advance!

  • Robert Wulfman

    The drum sequencer needs to have headphone monitoring so you can edit a sequence in your headphones before adding it to the mix. Also, it would be awesome if the twister could record a pattern that you play in by hand.

    • LoopCat

      Can’t you just check it in a mixer channel?

      • Robert Wulfman

        I mean the ability to select an individual sound for monitoring from the controller, like you can on the F1


    Great idea, Will be purchasing 🙂

  • MatthiasDebernardini

    I SO EXCITED!!!!

  • OmnilimbO

    Why do the top 2 rows have frosted LED rings, while the bottom 2 look glossy? Is there a difference in functionality?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi OminilimbO,

      That is just an early prototype, we are trying out some different options for the color of the LED lenses, the final version will be all the same color.

      • OmnilimbO

        For what it’s worth, I think the glossy gives a much cleaner look to the controller overall. And would it be possible to double up the LEDs to make them more of a continuous ring?! That would be even slicker.

        • Nolej

          Doubling the LEDs would be great, but I’m guessing it’s not really a possibility, as:
          – 2x LEDs -> 2x Power for LEDs need
          – 2x LEDs -> 2x LEDs for the “brain” to control
          – 2x LEDs -> 2x Cost of LEDs
          That’s probably not everything, but you get the idea.

  • Lexor

    Would you consider giving the white one a white top?

    • data:fux

      I support that! & custom color chroma caps so that my twister will fit to my spectra!

  • Benjamin

    Love the sequencer implementation.
    Given that remix decks support loops as well as one-shots, you should make sure the Twister handles loops intelligently – for example, I would think that instead of pattern selection, on a loop that knob would be more useful, say, adjusting loop length.

  • N8r0ck

    would this be integrated into a live set, because the process seems a little time confusing if so..

    • N8r0ck

      okay i see, i could really well use this in ableton.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I was hoping that these push-in knobs were going to be a little more “buttony.”

    What I mean by “buttony” is that I was hoping they’d be more like the arcade buttons (easy to push) but would also be twistable knobs. Still finger drummable (like the MF3D), but if you held down your finger on the button and twisted (clockwise or counter-clockwise) you could affect the way the triggered voice sounded.

    I envisioned them at least half-as-tall as they are. but with a wider table on them (as wide as the base). Anyway, yeah… just how I envisioned them.

    • Lexor

      Maybe look into a custom controller (talk to Livid). For general use though this is much more versatile and will be less expensive. I’m extremely happy with this design as it’s similar to the BCR2000 but way more portable and way cheaper than Livid’s Code.

  • EPokoj

    is the sequencer ability usable with ableton live 9 by any chance??

  • LoopCat

    This would be cool to use with logic x as well

  • dovlvly

    Yeah, that drum machine is nuts, definite buy. Will this still have usb ports?

  • Fluency

    Hm… might be a good addition to an MF3D, except my wallet is pretty much empty right now.

  • Chris

    Awesome work as always! Are you guys working on an instant grat. style mapping for the Twister, it would be pretty cool to be able to change effects parameters with encoders. Thinking it might be time to move on from the Midi Fighter Classic…..

  • Flo0980

    Great product, probably gonna buy it, but there will be multiple layers/banks (4 basically) like the Xone K2 or Akai LPD8 or just one ?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey Flo – There will be at least 4 banks available, with the ability to set unique preference for each element in each bank

  • Lappen

    How about usling a F1 and Twister on same deck? Will there be any conflict?

  • Kevin Reynolds

    looks great!

  • DjVertigoMTL

    This looks great. Please make a mapping for DAW control if possible. it would be really awesome if you could use this with Logic or Live to control whatever plugin you are on, and say for a compressor the LEDs around one encoder shows gain reduction etc. Even being able to use it as a 16 volume mixer is going to be amazing.

  • Paul Meneshian

    F1 REMIX????

  • LoopCat

    This looks like it will be my first midi fighter.. nice work

  • D.O.G

    do you think about to integrade a swing function?

    • ldrbts

      i would like to underline the importance of this feature.
      no swing – no jackin.

    • Ferran

      This is absolutely a must!

    • Michael Mitchell

      I got you – swing is already implemented I just haven’t decided where the control should live

      • EZTouch

        well there is some flat space around the front and sides. Maybe public opinion would think it a cheap thrill but each of the 4 sides could have a fader that could lock in any position and in an on/off state kind of like a gear shift.. I know january is too soon. Its great how it is really. Something universal other than USB might be good for plugging for those of us running out of powering ports… maybe battery power with a meter?

  • lumbafritz

    This could be interesting to some Spectra and 3D owners: A drum rack sequencer for Ableton with Max4Live…(Mavericks users have to wait for the next update)

  • Andrew Bowers

    Not sure if this was discussed at any point, but after seeing so many different design submissions and configurations, have you considered developing a Modular Midi Fighter? I would imagine something similar to Motorola’s Project Ara. That way you could build (and re-build) your controller like a Lego set to adapt to your needs.

  • Robert Rl

    Will the LED coloring be RGB? and user assignable?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Robert,

      The large segment at the 6 o’clock position is RGB, you can use either the Midi Fighter Utility software or MIDI to control the color and animation state.

      The 12 o’clock position has a red/blue LED as well as the white, the Red/Blue can be set to Red, Blue or any mixture of these two colors.

  • Leslie Brohm


    I wanted one while it just entered the design compo…. Seeing it here, WOW! This would be WAY easier to carry around, than it would be carrying my BCR2000 around! 😮

  • Jake Hale

    i guess we know why they finally came out with encoders

  • Alan Strahsburg

    January is perfect release for me. Will definitely be getting one. Any chance of adding push button rotary encoders?

    • Lion

      Looked like Ean was pushing the encoders in the video.

      • Michael Mitchell

        Hey Alan – already sorted, all 16 encoders have integrated push buttons!

  • robjac

    Count me in Ean!

  • OmnilimbO

    Mark me down as interested in a pair of these. Big ups and respect to Tomash Ghzegovsy for birthing the idea… kudos to DJTT for integrating it into one snazzy unit.

  • Zentrix

    2 Questions: Will the pots have a center detent, or a “reset-to-center” function for the knobs when in left-right mode? And will these be able to send 14bit MIDI?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Zentrix – Yes using the utility you can configure each encoder as having a detent, in this mode the indicator starts at 12 o’clock and also when the control is at 63 the 12 o clock LED changes color to clearly indicate that it is in the detent position. Push to reset is a great idea, we will certainly consider it!

      • Leslie Brohm

        Here’s me thinking there would be a button in the big center led? 😉

      • Zentrix

        Awesome. Love what you guys are doing, keep it up!

  • Kyle

    Will it feature the previously mentioned built-in USB? Hub to connect other midi fighters?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Kyle,

      Unfortunately with over 256 individually controlled LEDs in the Midi Fighter Twister there was not enough power left over to support the addition of an integrated USB hub.

      • Kyle

        Bummer. Oh well, still excited to get one of these!

        • Dj Cl.ear

          Well, when the “sliders” version of Midi Fighter is finally released, it might have the needed connectors so we could plug the three of them to the laptop, from a single USB end, possibly from a 5v USB3.
          Have in mind that the few faders the small space allows for, will demand just a few extra leds.
          This will complete a near perfect modular DJ controlling system.

      • doclvly

        ::sigh:: that was actually a huge selling point for me as silly as that sounds. I currently don’t need a sequencer (but oh god do i want it) and like many people i’m already knee deep in controllers. since i have to use a usb port, this would have just replaced something already in my chain. Thinking of it, I would have to buy a new USB port just to use this with my setup 🙁

        please consider the ports on the future projects.

  • Eric Ameres

    how about making the encoders touch sensitive so they could double as buttons or “pads” ?

  • Unreallystic

    As a producer via Reason, this won’t do much for me personally, but I just had to stop in and say “damn they did a good job”.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Thanks Unreallystic – We will definitely be working on support for Reason soon!

      • centomila

        Send me a Twister and i can try to map it. (i’m joking, but if you take me seriously, I’ve already done a mapping for VCM-600 from scratch for Reason 7 :p )

  • lanceblaise

    Being a blind DJ/Producer I think this will be an awesome integration into my DJ setup. I am already loving the MF Spectra. This will be a definite piece for me and I will probably stop using my Maschine Mikro for sets. Really looking forward to this, nice work!

  • Ryan Dejaegher

    This is genius! Building the brains right into the hardware. Can you guys get more specific on how this is being done. If it’s being done by midi clock/sync how reliable is the sync?

    • Ean Golden

      Traktor is sending out a MIDI clock/Sync message, which we lock to an internal sequencer. So far the sync has been surprisingly stable and really tight! It works perfectly over any track as long as all the decks are in time.

  • DenDeMunk

    This “community project” you mentioned is actually the impossibly hard work of a single person, called Tomash Ghzegovsky, who’s not only the first to come up with the idea and write the code but also made the first controller to ever step sequence in Traktor. Please give proper credit where it’s due. Mentioning “somebody” in the video and a measly link in the article is not good karma.

    • Ean Golden

      I agree, Tomash’s full name should have been included from the start, so we updated the article and video. It’s amazing how this community continues to support a dynamic circle of inspiration, which brings to life new ideas and produces quality better products each year. It’s a good sign of a healthy group when common ideas are shared and incorporated into each other’s work. The overall advancements raise all boats, providing a better world for everyone.

      • Dancin' Mark

        Well said.

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      I really hope Tomash Ghzegovsky was included in the project instead of the industry standard “thanks for the idea, we’ll take it from here… stupid.”

      • Lexor

        You’re ignoring the fact that his work is completely separate…they developed their own step sequencing and Tomash did his own thing. Tomash inspired them to make their own step sequencer in the MF Twister.

    • Lexor

      You’re making it sound like the fact that the MF Twister has a step sequencer means it’s ripping off Tomash’s work…electronic step sequencers have been around since the 1960s. The fact that Tomash created a step sequencer is not innovative or unique in any way (like I said–step sequencers have been around since the 1960s, and that’s electronic ones, not talking about piano and music rolls). What’s innovative about Tomash’s work is his use of Traktor’s remix decks for sequencing; but, that’s working around NI not adding plugin support to Traktor yet. Perhaps Tomash’s work inspired DJTT to add a step sequencer to the MF Twister because he showed an implementation allowing step sequencing in Traktor. But, that’s not near as big a deal as you’re making it, since that in itself is implementing something that’s been around and in other software and hardware for decades in software that hasn’t seen it before. Is his work useful and cool? Sure (although admittedly only for Traktor users). Is DJTT ripping it off and not giving proper credit? No. They could have not even mentioned Tomash’s work and no one would have batted an eye since step sequencers have been around for so long. The fact that they even mentioned his work as an inspiration behind adding a step sequencer to the MF Twister shows their honesty.

      • Aken

        Does Traktor exist since 1960s?

      • Tomash Ghz

        Lexor you are absolutely right! Step sequencers have been around for quite a long time, as well as Traktor and Remix Decks. Anybody could have thought of linking them all together, NI should have done this long ago, but they didn’t, giving the opportunity for others to step in. Were in touch with Ean and they have given proper credit now (but lets also not forget about Peter Morris as well, who’s design took shape).

        • Lexor

          I’m glad you didn’t take what I said wrong:) Didn’t mean any discredit to your work–after all, you came up with the idea for using remix decks for step sequencing and then did all the hard work to bring it to life. I know that’s a lot of work. I just didn’t think the hostility in DenDeMunk’s post was warranted acting like they ripped off your idea. They added a common feature in hardware nowadays (step sequencing) to the MF Twister, what inspired them to add it was your work. Inspiration is very different from ripping off. Glad you didn’t misunderstand the point I was taking:)

  • Tomash Ghz

    here’s a melodic step sequencer in Traktor from the Digital Warrior project ( comunity project mentioned above)

    • Melo

      Hey Tomash, I love the Digital Warrior and would love to be able to use it to draw in patterns in Logic’s Ultrabeat drum sequencer. Anyway that it could do the job? There currently isn’t anything on the market that does that & I know a lot of other people are interested the same thing and would def. spring for the DW if this was possible.

  • Mark Stevenson

    Just signed up. Does depend on price and also I’d like to see a sidechain mapping so the drum hits / sound effects glue to the track being played over better – I am not a midi mapping expert by any means so this would probably sell it to me (there was a similar mapping for samples that you guys came up with a little while back).

    • Matt

      This would be super easy to setup in ableton.

  • Rob Burns


  • Far/Low

    This is awesome, simple as. Would love to see an example using bass/synth samples to make a glitch/dubstep style break!

  • Capitol-J

    Looks like a great tool, i can imagine i could do wonders with ableton aswell if possible. honesty for the right price i would be interested.

  • Johbremat

    Not currently using a MF in any incarnation, wondering if it’s class-compliant or requires drivers (appreciate there’s nothing driver-specific for the MFT to run as a sequencer, but is there are requirement for installing a high-level device driver)?

    Digging the idea of using this with Live drum racks – as so nicely pointed out in the article.

    Nice work fellas.

    • Ean Golden

      Good question. These are all class-compliant plug and play midi controllers. no drivers are required.

  • Luiz Zen

    Great idea, guys! I have been trying to use Maschine for the same purpose, but as you guys stated, the setup gets so cumbersome and complex! This one would be awesome to have! 🙂

    One thing: the rotary knobs are endless, with no middle point click (only visual feedback), so I wonder if it would be possible to make something to ‘feel’ that the knob is on ‘0 hours’. Or maybe a way to reset the knob to the center….

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Luiz – We didn’t have any way to provide a physical click when the knob is in its detent position, however the 12 o clock LED can change color to indicate the control value is at 63, and we also massage the data to make it very easy to quickly turn the knob back to center with out over shooting the mark.

      • Leslie Brohm

        This is one of those little details I really like.

      • Jake Hale

        if the internal processing is an option, would that make enough power available for the hub? or what about adding a supplemental power jack (ideally one that could use a USB to Barrel pin or a regular wallwart to barrel pin) ?

      • cokeramirez

        A cellphone vibration motor for tactile feedback??

      • Torran

        What about an option during the ordering process to replace some of the endless pots with rotary knobs with center detent? Kind of like how you could select different button color combinations on the old MF’s.

  • Monsieur G


  • djfreesoul

    I´d like a mapping that makes this control all the filters and effects in Traktor.

  • Graham Thorne

    VERY VERY interested. I hope this works with a Kontrol F1 too?

  • synthet1c

    this is totally unrelated, but not a fan of the “one new comment below” box of the blog that is placed absolutely on the screen. it would probably be better on the side…

    In regard to the controller how easy is it to set up the midi clock for the sequencer?

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    Sweeeeet! Nice one techtools, will it be poss to run more than one of these in sequencer mode?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hey DoubleDutch – absolutely! Due to RAM limitations we cant support control of multiple ‘sequence’ decks from one device but by using multiple devices this will be possible.

      • Ferran

        I would only use one remix deck sequencer. However, I would like to be able to deactivate and have four normal decks, or change the deck where the remix deck is on the go. I just can’t be happy if I’m always limited to 3 standard decks.

        • Michael Mitchell

          Hey Ferran, the sequencer is just a mode of the Twister, not a separate firmware, so you can change between sequencer mode and any alternative mapping you want on the fly.

  • Omar

    Link does not work. Looks awesome. Wish it would be out by chrismas , would be my perfect gift to myself 🙂

    • Dan White

      Which link are you having issues with?

  • Bijanstein30000

    How much is it gonna be?

    • Ean Golden

      We are still waiting on final costs to set pricing but it will probably land around $200

      • Kevin Hayes

        ill get one if there 200!!

      • Matt

        Haha! I love how everything Traktor is $200. It’s a sexy number.