REV: Producing In Reverse

Lots of sounds in electronic music have a elements that make them unique to computer-processed sounds, avoiding the realm of possibility achievable with traditional instruments. Launched this morning, REV from Output allows producers to quickly play and create sounds in reverse – worth highlighting because it takes a smaller process (reversing audio) and builds an entire massive library out of it:

For $199, the full library includes:

  • 4 unique engines: Instruments / Timed instruments / Loops / Rises
  • Over 1,000 patches, including 14 GB of content (uncompressed)
  • ALL sounds lock to tempo and come with cutting edge features (filters, stutters, tweakable fx, trigger fx, on screen-help, etc.)
  • REV is built w/in Kontakt and is installable through Native Instruments’ Service Center.

Want a closer look at how the engines actually work? Watch this series of tutorials on the product:

Learn more about Output and REV on their site. 

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  • Rusty

    I am still trying to figure out how to load Kontakt in FLStudio with the engines.

  • Fluency

    Does anyone know if using Rev with the full version of Kontakt will make a big difference over using it with the Kontakt Player? I’m really interested in Rev, but I only have the player version of Kontakt…

  • scamo

    Where is part 2?


    • Dan White

      It’s in the annotations at the end of Pt 1. Same with Pt 3.