Free Ableton Plugin: Monster Timestretch from Point Blank

UK-based production school Point Blank has taken aim at improving how producers approach and use audio timestretching in Ableton Live. This week they’ve released a free Max4Live plugin built in-house that lets producers mangle tracks, sample sections of a track at ultra-slow speeds, and even step through a slowed-down sample locked in time with the project’s BPM. Point Blank tutor Daniel Herbet writes:

“The new Max for Live device [..] is based on a technique known as phase vocoding and can time stretch sounds in realtime. It’s similar to the fantastic Paul Stretch and is ideal for creating slowly evolving drone-like textures as well as more futuristic sounds. There are four different modes which allow you to play through and explore the sound in a variety of ways and literally freeze the sound. The plugin is limited to processing the first 30 seconds of an audio file and only works within Ableton as a M4L device and will not play in any other DAW. We recommend you use resampling if you need to record the effect to a new audio file.”

We expect that producers who regularly sample and time-distort tracks will be all over this plugin – see why in the overview of all four modes in this video:

Point Blank is trading the plugin for a Like on Facebook to unlock the download – click here to grab it now.

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  • Patch

    This looks interesting – definitely gonna D/L it…