Pioneer Introduces CDJ-900 NXS

Pioneer has just announced a brand-new version of the CDJ-900 line, adding on a NXS label and packing a brand new full-color LCD screen (pictured above: left, CDJ-900 NXS model, right, CDJ-900). The LCD screen actually has the highest resolution screen out of the entire CDJ line, and displays track information similarly to the CDJ-2000NXS, including waveform display, beat countdowns, and a phase meter. The 900NXS’ also are totally compatible with Rekordbox, including playing tracks wirelessly off of smartphone and tablet installs of Rekordbox. This also includes the “controversial” cross-unit beat sync that was introduced on the CDJ-2000NXs units, as well as slip mode, quantize, and beat divide features. 

Watch the full demo of the unit in the announcement video below:

The CDJ-900 NXS units will be released next month, and come in at prices of: $1,399 / €1,399 / £1,149. Have a closer look at the CDJ-900 NXS in the image below:

CDJ-900 NXS (click to zoom)

Check out Pioneer’s official product page for more info.

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  • KoenraadVDS

    I bought one but I’m struggling with connecting it to my Z2 and traktor HID integration. It works with timecode, but no HID stuff. There is also no mapping available in Traktor 2.6.6 There is also very little to find about the cdj. Google keeps directing me to the DJM 900 nexus.

    • nimplysaked

      Thanks for the heads up… was considering buying some to use in conjunction with my Z2 and Traktor but I think I’ll wait in that case

      • KoenraadVDS

        Got word from NI

        “Currently Advanced HID mode is not supported for Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus. It is onlysupported for the following devices:

        Pioneer CDJ 400
        Pioneer CDJ 900
        Pioneer CDJ 2000
        Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

        Thanks for your understanding.

        Best regards
        Diego, Native Instruments Support Team”

    • skinaldo17


      Did you find a solution for this problem, i currently can’t use the CDJ as controllers. i upgraded from the 900’s and the connectivity for that was simple as it says plug and play.

      I’m contacting the store i bought them from to see if they have any official word on it?

      • KoenraadVDS

        The HID feature isn’t there at the moment. We’ll have to wait for a firmware update from Pioneer on this. (and software update from NI)
        The store I bought it from said the HID feature was on every nexus device. Some websites even said they had HID, but they do not. It isn’t listed on the feature page of pioneer too. Hope this gets added soon.

  • Norm

    Ive noticed that the new 900 nexus has no USB port like the old one which made it really easy to connect to a Z2 mixer. Why would they leave it out this time?

    • Rob Holme

      It still has the USB port mate 🙂

  • tr4gik

    1400 …. oh wow .. : /

  • Al

    I’ve been looking for a ‘best of both worlds’ technology. This comes close. But no hot cues? WTF Pioneer!? Were the guys in white lab coats sitting around and thinking.. No hot cue buttons.. its just too expensive to add those buttons.

    • Weaver2

      They’re trying to justify the absurd cost of the CDJ-2000 Nexus 😛

  • fusiongrooves

    I’m in, the screen on the CDJ 900’s are difficult to work with in daylight…

  • Andrew

    Denon SC2900 is so underrated.

  • FVCK

    That looping function is still confusing as fuck for me. I’m still impressed to this day how NI simplified that with just a push button knob.

    • FVCK

      …on their Kontrol controllers.

      • nimplysaked

        It’s on the Z2 Mixer as well

  • Darku J

    Price point is just too high. If I’m about to pay that much for CDJs I rather just hold out a few more dollars for the 2000nexus’

  • Scott Frost

    Denon SC2900 is a better deal.

  • Charles Cushman

    The problem with CDJs nowadays is that they become obsolete faster than laptops. I would hate to buy a pair in hopes of getting the “club standard” and a year later be behind the curve again. Or, on the other hand, getting used to using these and then playing at a club that only has 1000s.

    • DJNR

      They release new CDJ models about three years or so. They don’t become obsolete very quickly.

  • Cody Avant

    Why even bother with CD slots? Call it the XDJ 900 and price it at $999. Boom.

    • Justin Villeneuve

      because then they have to charge less..

    • Matt

      wow, pretty close prediction

  • thq

    still no hot cues = still no go for me

  • Ryan

    Still no hotcue buttons like 2000s either. Really just a 900 with screen and no tilt now. and added slip. Looks nice but ill just wait and get 2000s.

  • Guiltysounds

    So really there isn’t much difference from the new 2000 nxs…..only difference seems to be needle search and wifi, too of the least useful things on the nexus. Why would anyone want to pay for the 2000 nxs now??Dang when these get cheaper I may get some.

    • Peter_Maxwell

      No hot cue buttons

  • pxlbrk

    I’ve always found the 900 series more fun an engaging than the 2000s…the screen is nicer on the 2000s but the 900NXS is up to par with the CDJ900NXS regarding screen

  • Brice Sarver

    It’s not clearly mentioned, but the screen no longer tilts upward like the current 900/2000Nexus.

    Not sure if this is exactly worth the upgrade from my current 900s – given the $2800 price tag for two, that is.

    • Dan White

      Good catch – I wonder if that’s an advancement or if they’re saving money by not tilting it.

      • andreimatei

        I bet it was another on-purpose design change to attempt to curb the cannibalization of 2000NXS sales.

      • Hedgehog

        I like the upward tilted displays a lot. For me that’s a step back.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    I’m really not a Pioneer person but this is the 1st CDJ from pioneer that I would consider buying.

  • Polygon

    Whoa! This is gonna be mine.