Xtreme Mapping 1.5 Released: Remix Deck Support, Mk2 Support, HID Mapping

After a brief hiatus from updating the software, Vincenzo has released Xtreme Mapping 1.5 and is compatible with the recently released Traktor 2.6.5. The 1.5 update includes a few key features, the foremost of which is Remix Deck support. While it still is missing direct mapping of the 16 cells in the Remix Decks, Traktor mappers can use the “Wizard feature” to quickly create a mapping for each Remix Deck.

The second major feature is support for NI’s latest Mk2 controllers: the Kontrol S2, S4, and X1. This also allows users to open and edit any HID or MID mapping for these controllers. Oddly the “learn” function is disabled if you create an HID mapping, but mappers can still use this to quickly create all of the mapped commands, then load the mapping in Traktor and assign your controls in there. One final feature of note: Xtreme Mapping 1.5 features a command browser that lets you search through Traktor’s growing list of commands. It also includes a small description below each command to explain its function – very handy.

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Xtreme Mapping is Mac-only and available in the Mac App Store for $7.99 – but the update is free for all current users. 

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  • Dj Slice

    Any download link or something to this app?
    Every link I click says something about ‘not available in my country’ or what ever… -.-‘
    If I search for it on appstore it cant find it too. (pic)

    Any help would help. 😉

    email me: djslice@deejayslice.de

  • bart02

    I wish *something* existed for Windows… even if it was just a description of the TSI file format.

  • Haakonsson

    where can i find a great tutorial? all i can find seem kind of old?

  • VanGogo

    Any chance of showing the comments and sorting the list by them in the future?

    • Xtreme Mapping

      It’s already there since 1.3, just click on the menu item “View > Show Table column > Comment” to make the Comment column be displayed in the table (last on the right) and click on the header to sort by comments 😉

      • VanGogo

        Thanks! Haven’t had the app long, and didn’t see that option. Now I feel stupid, but very happy.

  • Xtreme Mapping

    Thanks for the article Ryan Dejaegher !

    Few clarifications: direct triggers for Remix Deck cells are available in the Add In… menu right where you can find them in Traktor (Remix Deck > Direct Mapping), just be sure your selected Traktor version is 2.6.2 or higher. Learn feature is not available when creating or editing an NHL/HID mapping because that’s a proprietary protocol and Xtreme Mapping can’t access it.

    • Ryan Dejaegher

      Hey Vincenzo, thanks for clearing that up! I’ll see if we can get a quick update to the article to clarify that. Thanks again for your work on Xtreme Mapping. It actually makes mapping fun =)

    • iernei

      @Xtreme Mapping
      Quick but big question: Are you planing to release a win version?

    • ImADJ

      Hey! Why Xtreme Mapping available in the United States App Store On MacBook PRo?

  • Jake Hale

    does this add the ability to batch change pad color mapping? My F1 is a bitch to change mappings due to each pad+color has to be selected separately

  • Lóránt Döbröndi

    any alternatives for windows users?

    • Jake Hale

      not that i have found, i have to use a virtual machine.