Video: Mad Zach’s Megaperformance on Kontrol S4, MF3Ds, Push, and Maschine

Happy Thanksgiving, Techtools! In celebration of the ongoing US holiday and Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale in the DJTT store, we wanted to showcase a brand new routine from Mad Zach incorporating all of the performance gear in his studio: a Native Instruments Kontrol S4, two Midi Fighter 3Ds, a Maschine, and an Ableton Push. Watch the performance below and enjoy:

Mad Zach’s soundpacks are on sale in the DJTT store

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  • Dancin' Mark

    That was awesome! Really creative and fun to watch.

  • Christiaan Gombert

    Maybe Mad Zach should team up with an other great controllerist to control all these instruments at once. Now it’s just a walk-trough of all the controllers in stead of a collaboration.

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    nevermind the haters! that rocked so hard! awesome awesome skills! it takes a shitload of musicianship to pull that off and an insane muscle memory to boot!
    rock on!

  • Ray Orig Riddle

    I’ve been DJing for close to 20 years. I started out with one turntable and no mixer, just scratching sounds that I liked on the records I found. Since then, I’ve embraced every facet of the term DJ (except Radio) as well as producing. What Mad Zach is doing is incorporating the many ways of DJ and production and becoming a new age musician. Guitars, piano, etc. are the tools that musicians used to make music because of technology back then. Today, technology offers new tools to add to this collection of instruments. I myself have embraced even the revolution of DJing. From my one YORX turntable to having 1200s and a Kontrol Z2 with many other controllers and music programs.
    Mad Zack, keep doing your thing because it is inspiring and it’s just plain DOPE ASS SHIT!! “Let your haters be your motivators”

  • Ztronical

    Wait I can’t do that. At least that well even with the samples in front of me. Oh wait I can’t make my own samples sound that good cause I am not an abelton wizard. All the haters better check their skills.
    Just cause you can beatmatch does not make a DJ. Just cause you can scratch does not make you a DJ. Actually DJ just means you play music. A radio DJ may have no talent for controllerism or turntablism or even a basic beatmatch. But the chicks dig him or her.
    Get a clue DJ is music. Like it or not just respect what it takes to get the sound we a like.

    That being said. The routine was a bit short. And no vocal. Which I like.
    But skill none the less.
    beatmatch and scratch is amazing but it is not the only fundamental skill in music. Like it or not modern electronic music is morphing and changing as well the tools. Catch on look ahead. Break this break that.
    If we all stuck to “the rules” this music would still be ten years back.

  • Jimmo

    I’d like to see zach put all that effort into something that sounds good,

  • Nick Barnett

    Inspiring stuff!

  • scamo

    Way to go Zack. Total madness….You did your name justice!


  • rob z


  • Daxton

    Every time I watch a Mad Zach routine I feel like I’m a terrible DJ.

    • Gulli Johansen

      What does his routine have to do with DJ’ing? maybe only that short baby scratch.

      • I like bacon

        It is manipulating audio and altering it in a unique way whilst still keeping a steady rhythm so in fact it has a LOT to do with DJ’ing. Maybe the term you are mistaking DJ’ing with is turntablism which typically includes scratches.

        • Gulli Johansen

          so what your saying is anyone playing sounds and keeping a rhythm is DJ’ing? a keyboard player or guitar player manipulating sound is also a DJ?
          What I see him doing is preforming a song out of pre made sounds as a band would do. He’s more a musician then a DJ in this routine.
          And I think the description says it all”Watch the performance below and enjoy”
          I do enjoy it as it’s amazing skills but never will I call this Dj’ing

          • antifm

            no one said it was him djing
            you hit it on the head earlier, its a performance. Just like any musician, artists, producer, vocalist, …bottom line, “entertainer”

          • Gulli Johansen

            the first post that I was orignaly replying to “feel like I’m a terrible DJ”

          • antifm

            got ya! i think they were just using the wrong words.

  • Percivale

    Now that’s looking more like the part of “MAD” of Zach 😀