Video: Editing Audio Clips In Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio continues to tease the production world with more clips of the feature set that we can expect in the DAW software whenever it finally launches (we’re betting on mid-2014). This time, it’s a video of the audio clip capabilities – including quick access to a ton of controls that will make modifying clips and loops way more seamless. Especially exciting are the shortcuts to the timing, pitching, and playback options for regions inside of audio clips, and you can actually create individual regions inside of clips that can be edited without envelopes.

Watch the demo in the video below: 

When Bitwig was first teased nearly two years ago, it was viewed as an Ableton competitor that was bringing unique or user-requested features to DAWs. The question is, while Bitwig is taking their time building and teasing their own feature set, are they ultimately giving Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic a chance to react and build the features themselves?

For more info on Bitwig and to sign up to be notified when it finally comes out, visit their official site. 

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  • someoneelsewantthisnick

    bitwig, my favourite vaporware

    • Guest

      LOL they did a brilliant job at marketing