Denon’s MC6000 MK2: Serato DJ-ready

Denon is joining the parade of controller manufacturers who are releasing a second iteration of their flagship controllers – this time, it’s the MC6000 that has a MK2 version coming out. The MC6000 MK2 has been redesigned to work with Serato DJ, and it comes with Serato DJ Intro (Virtual DJ branding and inclusion seems to have been dropped from the controller entirely?) – and features a redone set of controls on the face of the unit. The controller has had a bit of attention to the finish + feel as well.

The MC6000 at top with the MK2 iteration below it. (click to zoom)

We’ve put the controllers side by side in the above image- you can see that most of the layout changes are to match the controls in Serato DJ, and overall there’s been a reduction in clutter, making it easier to tell at a glance what each section of the controller is for.

The MC6000 MK2 is set to come out in January 2014 at price points of $699 / €649 / £569. Watch Denon’s introduction video below – instead of a teaser, they go through the full feature set:

Read our review of the original MC6000 – and if you’d like to see a review of this new unit, let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Bob

    Where can I get the mapping for Mc6000mk2 for Virtual DJ?
    Any help thanks

    • Mark

      Hi Bob did you manage to get the VDJ mapping for the MC6000mk2?

  • Bill Lodato

    Ouch no rec out? I have the original MC6000 mapped for serato and it works like a champ. I like it better then my pioneer DDJ. smaller and has more input possibilities not to mention the mic on the DDJ is terrible quality.

    • Franky

      Hey Bill,
      how did you map it with serato. I am trying to do the same thing but having a hard time with the orginal mc6000

  • teo

    so this wil be cheaper than the previous model?

  • massifone

    Hopefully Novation will present MK2 of Twitch as well.

    • stefanhapper

      Indeed – but what I would love is a 4-channel twitch with full stand-alone mixer functionality – or put differently: a DDJ-SX without the jog wheels and smaller

  • Joe Carroll

    Needs Traktor & full length pitch faders and they’d have me sold, otherwise, I don’t see any reason to upgrade from my MC3000 for this.

  • Jerr1233

    For the most part I really like this as an update to the MC6000. I like the new color scheme (except for that green LED around the center knob…thats a bit strange ) and how the mixer and player sections are clearly defined. The player sections are cleaned up and less cramped. The pitch faders are in a better spot and it looks like they dropped the “Denon” rubber buttons at least on the Play & Cue buttons. Something that nobody seems to have caught is they also reversed the mic EQ knobs to LMH as opposed to the MK1 the went HML. That has screwed me up several times. As far as it only including Serato DJ Intro, I think it is a wise move…especially for an update controller. Because this controller is natively supported by VDJ, MixVibes and Serato with Denon provided mappings for Traktor, it makes better sense to not force current users of those programs pay an extra $100 for a full copy of Serato DJ they don’t need. So only the people who want the full Serato license have to pay the $129 upgrade fee…not somebody like me who is more than happy using Traktor, VDJ or MixVibes

  • stefanhapper

    I’m a very happy owner of the original MC6000 and this is why: *very* good build quality, full stand-alone 4 channel mixer, balanced output (both master + booth) and not least its size: it is still portable, despite its full feature-set.

    Having said that, the update is disappointing (so were those of NI – Numark’s new NS7 being the notable exception). Especially the jog wheels look cheap – even the € 250 DDJ-SB from Pioneer has nicer jogs.

    My conclusion – especially for those using it with Traktor: get a used MC6000 mk1

    • wgo

      I fully agree

  • zukushimo

    Its still ugly not professional looking controller similar to toyish hercules, lol

    • Jerr1233

      I would disagree with you on the looks of the controller, but if that is your opinion nothing wrong with that…However comparing it to a Hercules is like comparing a 3 story apartment building to a skyscraper…

  • westman

    This is worst than the prevoius model. There s no rec out anymore , same tiny jogs , no chanel vu meters , no hotcue pads and more more more . This is not a 2014 controller. I ve waited for it to come but now i m sure that the ddj sx will be my next controller. Sorry Denon !

  • Nuke from orbit

    Looks like a lot going on in a very small controller, I’m liking it, and if I was in a situation where I was doing mobile or otherwise short on space I’d give it a solid consideration.

    There are a few things that bug me though. Firstly, their “flagship controller” only comes with the Intro version of Serato DJ, and at the prices it’s listed for I’m a bit suss on that. Also, and I know this is only really because they’re a bit pressed for space, but there is actually less monitoring on this unit than the last in regards to VU meters.
    This are of course somewhat minor niggles in a controller with so much happening in such a tiny space.

    As a more personal negative I think the older colour is actually better, it just seems more “Denon” to me, and matches a lot of their other products much better than this.