Junglator: Interactive Drum’n’Bass Mixing App

DJing on just an iPhone can be relatively difficult; with limited screen space, it’s not the most ideal platform for a lot of musical interactions that work better with larger control surfaces. The Amplify app studio team created Junglator with that in mind, creating an app that allows anyone to quickly make interesting and fun versions of drum’n’bass tracks.

Junglator separates the drum track from the rest of the song, letting the user manipulate the percussive rhythms with a number of effects and beatstyles. Want a double kick, a shuffle beat, a triplet snare? The center pads offer 12 different percussion effects, and are best used with the effects and filters found on the outer columns – including filters, spindowns/ups, a gater, and an echo.

As always, it’s easier to watch a demo than write about these things – here’s DJ Embassy showing off just how fun it can be:

The app is Audiobus compatible, meaning you can route the audio output through the Audiobus system into other apps and effects units for even more possibilities. The main limitation of the app? There are only four songs available to mix between (including a recently-added holiday track from Bad Santa), we’re hoping Amplify is working on adding more in the near future.

Junglator is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 / £0.69. 

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  • Roger

    The App will be AWESOME With a RECORD BOTTON!

  • jimbo

    Wow I really like this app. — so expressive and so simple – yet it makes beautiful mentalness!