Traktor Updates To 2.6.6, Maschine Control For Remix Decks

Native Instruments has released the latest iteration of Traktor Pro, version 2.6.6. Aside from finally fixing metadata synchronization between Traktor Pro and DJ (which broken when iOS 7 came out), the new update has added Remix Deck mappings for Maschine when using it as a controller.

To use the mappings, you’ll want to load the Remix Deck template in the Controller Editor application from the “Factory Templates” dropdown as well as add a new mapping in the Controller Manager section of Traktor’s preferences. In a screenshot:

The new Remix Deck mappings in the Controller Editor app (left) and Controller Manager in Traktor (right)

On the NI forums, Community Manager Kier notes that the update also includes “Various other fixes”, but the only one that’s listed on any of the changelog information is a crash associated with selecting a custom Root Directory location – not an especially common action for most regular users.

Download the update in the NI Service Center application or log in here for a list of all the updates available if it doesn’t show up yet

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  • Robert Cappitelli

    after I install the template on editor and import the tsi, it still acts as though I use the traktor pro template. Not working like an F1. Pads are not triggering the pads. Can’t find much info other that this page on install, but definitely missed something and followed this to the T.

  • jay kirsch

    Is there a manual for mk2 on this mapping?

  • Traktor DJ for iOS Update - Der Dropbox-Sync ist endlich wieder da (und noch mehr)

    […] Endlich, der Dropbox-Sync ist wieder da. Nun ist es da, das lang herbeigesehnte Update für Traktor DJ auf Version (!). Seit Apples Update auf iOS 7 funktionierte leider der Metadaten-Sync zwischen Traktor Pro und Traktor DJ nicht mehr, was die App für mich leider komplett nutzlos machte. Ich weiss aus einem Mailverkehr mit NI, dass der Dropbox-Sync ein gar nicht so häufig genutztes Feature der App war. Das ist auch kein Wunder. Traktor DJ ist eine extrem erfolgreiche App im iTunes-Store und das bedeutet, dass die meisten Nutzer die App eben nicht komplementär zu Traktor Pro betreiben. Dennoch: Für mich waren die Möglichkeiten, die Traktor DJ im Zusammenspiel mit dem großen Bruder bietet der Grund, mir die App (und ein iPad!) zu holen. Ich nutze Traktor DJ in erster Linie als Havarie fürs große Setup. Wenn mir live schon der Trekker oder der Rechner abraucht, dann ist Stress pur angesagt, ich will dann nicht noch anfangen müssen, Grids und Cuepunkte zu setzen. Der andere Einsatzweck ist mindestens ebenso wichtig, nämlich die Trackvorbereitung auf dem handlichen iPad. Das kann auch unterwegs in der Strassenbahn passieren, aber soweit muss man gar nicht denken. Schon die Möglichkeit abends im Bett ganz bequem ein paar Tunes zu gridden und Übergänge auszuprobieren ist Gold wert und wurde -zumindest von mir- stark vermisst. Booyaka! (Damit das funktioniert, muss auch Traktor Pro auf die neueste Version, nämlich 2.6.6, upgedatet werden. Diese steht im Service Center zum Download bereit und bringt neben dem Dropbox-Sync auch das für einige sicher interessante Feature, die Remixdecks mit der Maschine zu steuern.) […]

  • Icyater

    What about studio? I can not mapping knobs and buttons which are at top of studio controller.

  • ??????? ???????

    It’s only me who has problems with machine mk2 and this mapping? I follow all the steps and the loaded the map. Everything was good as seen but when I pressed the pads deck a start playing, I rotated then knows in machine mk2 and the master volume in traktor moved as the mid knob in the eq…really can anyone help me? I use vms4 midi controller with ni mapping!

  • BrandonD

    Is there any way that I could integrate my maschine studio as remix decks in traktor pro? There’s only templates for the Maschine, Maschine MK2, Micro and Micro MK2. Would there be a way that I could copy and paste Maschine remix deck templates into the maschine studio template directory?

  • Mikey

    Am psyched about this update and mapping – thanks! I am using an S2 with Beaubryte mapping, and Maschine MKII now to control the remix decks. They work well together. Is there a shortcut to toggle between Small, Essential & Full views on the Remix decks so I can play with the Effects selections on the fly, without having to go into Preferences to select the view? Thanks again

  • Rishi Vyas

    significant improvement, about the time NI realize instead of let people use third party sotfware for remix decks. they make their own gear more useful. it’s working flawlessly with my MK1.
    check out on the fly output from remix decks using Riemann and No 1else:

  • Nikola Galamgia Krstojevic

    can somebody give me link to download maschine micro mk2 template… not shure how everything work… video would be nice DJTT 😀

  • uncle jessie

    what are some details on the controls of this new mapping????

  • boom

    any literature on what all the buttons do in the template?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      It’s supplied in the download.

      • funk3r

        well, i see the key assignments in the controller editor, but never seen a map / guide what the key / knobs really control in that template. do i have to crosscheck every single midi controller key to it’s corresponding function or is there such a map? the download of 2.66 was the installer only.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          I’m going to have to reassign my CC commands, but that’s probably because the Twitch is such a powerful controller (for it’s size) and it has a LOT of (probably unorthodox) assigned CCs. There is a PDF document in the Traktor 2 folder, you just have to dig down to it, Traktor 2 > Documentation > Maschine Remix Deck Layout.pdf .

  • Tom

    Haha just as I got my maschine mikro today, ni comes up with the mappings. Now that’s what you call perfect timing 😀

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    i’d still rather create loop stems with maschine and put them in a remix set for use with my F-1 decks. the faders and knobs allow for more control, like gradual fade-ins, fx wet/drys and gain adjustments. dragging maschine along means taking a hit on CPU usage, carrying another case with my S4 and fully packed mono kondensor bag. it is just one more thing for half the functionality and twice the size for use with a remix deck. i see it’s applications, but don’t see me using it anytime soon.

  • Hooker T

    Will it work with Mashine MK1?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      It will trigger the Remix Decks (because there is a Mk 1 mapping in the Controller Editor), but it won’t light up the pads the way they’re supposed to… even for the Mk 2. Ok… maybe that’s an assumption on my part, I presume that the pads should only light up to full bright when they are playing and at some lower amount when not playing (but something is loaded into the Remix Deck slot).

  • tr4gik

    No fix for the use of my S2 MK2 with TDJ …. shame on you NI .. shame. … oh wait what is what i read there in small letters “… Expect a solution very soon …” oh very soon, another 3 months OK with you NI ?

  • danny

    i wish you could use maschine as a step sequencer on the remix decks like digital warrior or when djtt showed the twister

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      You mean you want to use Maschine abilities inside the Remix Deck… but with cut-down abilities? Why not ask for the ability to use Maschine inside Traktor and get more out of it?

      • danny

        cause they will never do that from a companies point of view but that would be better obviously

      • nucleartoaster

        just sync machine and tractor via midi sync and voila!!!

        i find it better(less glitchy when syncing using a cable rather than the virtual port.) the best part is, you can buy a 30cm midi cable, plug it into the machine physical in and out port creating a loop, and select the out port as tractor midi send, and the in port as the receiving channel.

        been using this setup for 4 months with no problem.

        • Luiz Zen

          I wish the sync between Traktor and Maschine was tight. One needs to manually adjust the delay (latency) between the two every time start playing.

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          Isn’t it odd that using hardware ports works better than an internal MIDI routing? This seems like pretty basic stuff, but yet the problems have existed for years.

          • nucleartoaster

            actually no, it makes more sense for me since:

            when using the internal virtual port there are 3 processes the cpu needs to work on:

            1 traktor midi clock send
            2 virtual midi port
            3 Maschine midi clock receive

            all these need to be processed realtime while audio is also streaming live, the lightest delay can cause a total wreckage to the listener.

            by using the hardware ports we remove the 2nd process(virtual port) and we are left with a simple send-receive workflow that is much faster, and less “glitchy” and thus working a lot better the the other option.

            for anyone who has a mk2, i suggest doing this as it definitely works.
            and i only had to sync tractor and machine once with this setup

          • DJ_ForcedHand

            I will definitely give this a shot. Although, my only MIDI ports (currently) are on my Novation SL MK2. I guess I could assign them individually.

          • nucleartoaster

            let me know what you think once you have given it a go.

  • Ryan Dejaegher

    This is cool but i’d like to see them make better use of the screens. It’d be awesome if the screens gave you a 4×4 grid of what’s loaded into the cells.

  • zaki

    Good! I dont hav to buy F1

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    HAPPY! I have been wanting this for a long time! So does this mean our Maschine controllers trigger the Remix Decks, or that we have Maschine integration in Traktor and we can use velocity sensitivity, the full array of buttons (not just one button per column) and Maschine (2.0) engine tweaks?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      So yeah, I *can* control the Remix Decks with Maschine now, but since I have a Twitch as well, I have to re-assign all the values because (apparently) the default CCs are already in use, and I still don’t see the color-changing LEDs… and the joy continues.

      • Guest

        just sync machine and tractor via midi sync and voila!!!

        i find it better(less glitchy when syncing using a cable rather than the virtual port.) the best part is, you can buy a 30cm midi cable, plug it into the machine physical in and out port creating a loop, and select the out port as tractor midi send, and the in port as the receiving channel.

        been using this setup for 4 months with no problems.

      • Mike

        CAn you confirm by “control” you mean the full 16 cells in the remix deck? Does it also have control similar to the f1 like size, pitch etc? Sorry I am at work right now but my mind is racing! lol

        • DJ_ForcedHand

          Yeah basically, it’s Maschine-as-Kontrol-F1 without the volume sliders (and at least for me) Maschine Mikro Mk1 pad coloring… this took a bit of the wind out of my sails because I have come to expect so much from Native Instruments. I think I’ll just assign the Remix Decks to my Keyboard controller pads and soldier on with Maschine 2.0 (with my Mikro Mk2) launched at the same time as Traktor… possibly inside Ableton Live as a VST. What really bugs me is this mapping stomps on existing Traktor commands such as “trigger loop active” and “play/pause” at the same time it triggers one of the remix cells (I selected the Remix Decks, not the Track Decks). This is not a mapping I would call a “quality release”, but call me an optimist, I simply want this convergence to work.

          Once again, Traktor lets me down with the Remix Decks… but on the other hand, I have discovered Maschine 2.0 despite all the Remix Decks mishaps.

          • Rayalon

            If you assign the in-port and out-port to Maschine – never again would commands from different controllers engage unwanted commands.

            Basic knowledge…

  • rob c

    Still wish that it had a native link to Traktor as one of the decks. Instead of using a third party software like soundfower.

    • Eloi

      That is so sadly true! That compromises a lot latency and fidelity of the whole system…

  • Eero Huotari

    Yay for the Maschine mappings!

  • Joseph Noga