Routine: Mad Zach Two-Handed Logiheck On Midi Fighter Spectras

Mad Zach continues to show off his finger dexterity in his latest routine video on two Midi Fighter Spectras. Watch his performance of “Logiheck”, one of the sound packs in his Volume 3 collection, performed with both hands:

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  • Gerg? Csikós

    I mean,, I do not remember any fingerdrumming vid done with one hand before. 😛 The title should be “… on two MFs”

  • kontrol x1 mk2


  • Djblackjack

    btw what soundpacks are you using in that video?

  • Djblackjack

    man i really wish i had enough money for a midifighter 3D or pro now….. they look awesome!!

  • mike

    where is the rest of the video? it ends abruptly at like a minute and a half… :/

  • Mannequin

    Zach, you do some insane work on those controllers. It’s motivated me to practice FD more 🙂

  • Scott Carritt

    this shit is straight tabasco sauce.

  • frederik

    Awesome i am gonna try this out 😀