Ean’s Four Powerful FX Techniques for Digital DJs

Over the years we’ve heard endless numbers of requests from digital DJs asking for help crafting clever effects combinations while mixing. Effects have many uses – from creating tension, to dynamically tweaking drums or vocals, to even filling in sparse tracks with a flourish. Watch today’s tutorial and learn four new techniques – the Techno Fill, Vocal Repeat, Off-Kilter Echo, and Filter Kill.

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  • Whipper Snapper

    Ean, the effects are great, but i NEED TO KNOW how you made the leds in the hot cue section of your first X1 bounce to the music like an spl meter, because we all know its more important to look good while mixing than it is to sound good while mixing 😉

    But seriously i want to know ASAP!

  • Jasmin Roy

    Love the Vocal Repeat trick. Very cool. I will definitely use this. Thanks for the tip!

  • Brad Giezentanner

    Like that filter kill!

  • Nylerisk

    Hey DJTT!
    I’m new to the DJ stuff and I really enjoy all your articles on the website!
    But now i’m beginning to miss some articles which refers specific to the serato DJ users!
    For example this article is very interesting, and every other about techniques – but how can i use it in serato and on my DDJ-SX? Is there any alternatives for the NI Traktor kontrollers to control serato?

    I might be ignorant, but I don’t see anywhere that this website is for ‘traktor user’s only’ 🙂
    And i (almost) can’t find anything but reviews on serato + accessories.

    As said, I really like this website and it helped me with a lot of issues! But i still miss some specific serato stuff. as well as you got traktor stuff.

    Best regards!

  • Jo32

    Excellent tutorial Ean! Would love to see some screencaps of Traktor during your final jams in the future!

  • Mark Haus

    What is the “Sweet Love” Vocal from?

  • Renegade

    I have an issue with the beatmasher effect.
    When I turn it on, it takes the sound and I cannot put an effect on top of it (any effect).
    Anyone had an issue like this?

    • Stewe

      ensure to set your Beatmasher to be first in aFX chain because the Beatmash would rather sample the sound from a deck and any other effects which are loaded in a slot that comes in front of a Beatmasher.

  • RePete Pietro

    Why cant I find the fast stretch effect in Traktor 2.6.7?

  • Phil K

    Great work Ean…simple, effective creative techniques and nice mix buddy!

  • Mark Stevenson

    Yes DJTT, more like this please, loving the recent influx if new tutorials. Remember you saying you had to concentrate on the business side of the site for a while which is totally understandable. Great to see the tips pick up now though – keep up the good work.

  • Mozzy

    Such talent!

  • Filippo

    Please start selling MF Twister… I need one

  • Max One

    Nice vid. Good combos and refreshingly simple. Feeling those blue chroma caps on the djm900 too 🙂

  • Futureglue Musik

    Wow! looks like I got my homework cut for me this week.

    Thanks a million Ean. Hope there’s more of these types of lessons soon.

    BTW. Nice sheen on your face. Did you start using coconut oil? I’m addicted to the stuff 🙂


    Really neat !

    What I wouldn’t give for a programmable effector that would be able to realize this without the use of a PC/MAC, as a standalone unit.

    (already have the KORG’s, Pioneer RMX-1000, but somehow doesn’t allow a kind of creativity)

  • iwaiwa

    did anyone notice the Twister controller (00:48) ?

  • Stewe

    Good stuff Ean, I’m trying to automate the Off-Kilter Echo by mapping them to the single knob concept and find some playable settings in the group FX mode. I’m wondering how much of wet signal do you recommend to create a tension but also to keep the feedback within normal limits when it comes to large sound systems?

  • The Mixing Phenom

    This is simply amazing. Thank you for the great video tutorial. If
    Traktor had a video plugin, then I would be in heaven. The effects on
    Traktor are great. I would pay any amount of money for traktor with a
    video mixing capabilities.

  • BadData

    Great vid!

  • antifm

    wow well now. im happy to say ive already been doing effects like these for a few years even with external efx units. Now i do it easier with an S4 + Efx 500 + Alesis Air Efx + MF3D.

  • S_Rig

    Also may DJs nowadays (especially those who combine traktor and ableton) use the psp 42 plug-in that simulates perfectly the Boss delay and allows the user to really stretch sounds without any feedback issues.

  • Rudi-J

    a very very good video – and mix

  • Augusto Angelici

    Great video! I really want to explore the Beatmasher with vocals

  • Ryan Dejaegher

    It’s awesome to see Ean making more video’s, and it’s obvious that the CNTRL tour has influenced Ean’s sound recently. Keep it up!

  • Joe Andolina

    Just added these to the presets in my mapping, can’t wait to start playing with them. The video looks great by the way.

  • Ztronical

    Nice tut, this is what I originally came to djtt for back when, was effects.
    I especially like the simplicity of this. No major mapping or single mode settings. I have spent so much time making complex maps and settings.
    I forgot the basics that you show here.

    Plus great skills at the end. It’s nice to see someone actually enjoy mixing as you do. It helps the groove. I see so many performances and videos that have so much prepwork that it is hard too relate. So much amazing music out there, but to see the fun happening live is what drew me in to dj music.


  • Esbeesy

    I like the part where it went “in my balls in my balls in my balls in my balls”

    Good tutorial and demonstration also 🙂

  • Nick Tsitlakidis

    The last effect can be done with the mixer filter as well. There is a setting to have the effects run post mixer so you can have delays and reverbs after all the mixer manipulations and the tail is still there. 😉

    • Dan White

      This is correct- assuming you’re using the *internal* mixer (a controller works here), you can have the FX run post mixer. If you’re using an external mixer like Ean is in the video, setting the FX to “post mixer” doesn’t really mean anything.

      • Nick Tsitlakidis

        You sir are right! I’m used to the way I mix and didn’t think about the external mixer. 🙂

  • chris

    nice review.
    but most of the kids outside have to learn about harmonics, first.

    • JC

      And the rest of you kids need to stop making DJing seem so glorified. LOL

      • chris

        yeah! “glorified” is really hackneyed.

        • chris

          btw: music is for listeners. there are worlds between music and …. music is also for dancers. no one needs a sick music-maker or an silly dance.
          This is kind of an art.
          To have a big mouth, and no harmony is a bit strange. Cause you never see what is beauty in live. what is love. And you will never stand in love.

          • chris

            a last post to this threat

            i do absolut sure with this: you have more listeners, when you can touch the heart and the soul.

            not to be glorified. but searching for the glory in music

          • athagfrbdr

            That makes absolutely no sense