Roland Updating The 808: Aira TR-808 Coming At NAMM

Roland first released the original TR-808 drum machine all the way back in 1980, and after 34 years they’re finally making a brand new version of the legendary unit. Offering just a simple retrospective teaser that promises the unit will be “the evolution of the TR-808 rhythm machine”, we’ve also gotten our hands on the above image being passed around the web. It’s supposedly a leaked photo of the new Aira TR-808.

The unit appears to have gotten a complete visual upgrade, with a very green set of LEDs around the buttons and faders.

Roland is holding a press conference next Wednesday at the NAMM convention – the music industry’s massive show for product launches in the instrument and software world. Look for full DJ Techtools coverage – be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter feed for all the breaking news and in-depth articles.

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  • neo::caine

    long teeth

  • o

    I just want a 909 so bad but am making due with my mums old 707. I wish roland would go down the same route as korg in recent times. A rerelease of the jupiter and juno and 909

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    i was seriously contemplating whether or not i should get down and dirty and build one from a DIY kit. only one thing to be said at this point…. i want one!

  • D

    And as ALWAYS…..NOTHING will replace the original.

  • DJ Rapture

    High f**kin’ time! Give us a new 303 and our lives will be complete!

    • Jared F

      TB 303 chips are über rare. I don’t think they can even make them at roland anymore.

  • Fatlimey

    So the Roland MC-303 and MC-808 were not the “updated relaunches” they were heralded as at the time? I am SHOCKED,

  • Guy&Girl

    Hate to nitpick, but it’s 34 years ago. Not 24.

    • Dan White

      oh, right, math.