Inside Daft Punk’s DJ Booth At The Grammys

Last night Daft Punk had good occasion to celebrate at the 2014 Grammy Awards – taking home five Grammys: album of the year, best dance/electronica album, best engineered album, record of the year, and best pop duo/group performance. They also made their second-ever televised performance, joined by Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell Wiliams for a live rendition of “Get Lucky”, working into “Another Star”.

In the booth with Daft Punk at the 2014 Grammys

There were a few glimpses into the their booth during the TV broadcast, (watch the full song at the end of the article). At first glance appeared to just be a stage set – but then overnight we were linked to a photo gallery by Hollywood prop-specialist Jim Logiudice showing the set being built.

Daft Punk’s DJ booth under construction

Look closely at the knob layout – Daft Punk is up to their old tricks, building in what appear to be 14 Behringer BCR-2000s (a nearly 8-year-old product now) into their set. In the image below we’ve superimposed a BCR-2000 so you can see for yourself how the control layout matches up:

Yep, that’s a BCR-2000 alright.

Jim writes in his description of the photo gallery: 

This mid-century modern style set was designed by Daft Arts. Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set. Very cool. The recording booth is patterned after the ‘Mother’ space craft control room from the movie Alien. The robots gold mirror mixing console actually worked and was played live.

As with most Grammy performances, there’s likely a fair amount of the performances that are controlled and not performed live. Considering how live most of the elements of this particular song were, we’d be willing to bet that the robot duo were at least triggering samples and loops onstage. (skip to ~7:40 to see the performance)


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  • Robert

    Interestingly enough, their performance with Kanye West was more live than this one.

  • H8er

    First of all congratulations to Thomas and Guy Manuel for all the awards they raked home, you are truly worth them, not just for the lucky track but all the amusement you given us over the years.

    You belong among the greats

    Moroder, Vangelis, Jarre, Koto, Serra, that are the true pioneers regarding electronic music

    2nd, its ironic that the Utubevideo has been taken down, and can not be shown to people that help out paying their bills, (DJs and Producers)

  • Eisenhower303

    You can clearly see and hear from the video that they weren’t doing anything. I mean, that should come at no surprise if you listen to the song. They basically paid a punch of talented studio musicians and Pharrell to make them a hit song. It worked.

    Does the author honestly believe that Daft Punk were using 14 BCRs? Come on…

  • Dangerboy

    The booth may be a bit overkill with knobs and buttons and inputs…
    … I love it! …

  • Toontown

    Dan, Daft Punk and BCR 2000s are a touchy subject. Please remember this the next time you write a fun article. Thanks…

    • Dan White

      I’ll be sure to remember that 😉

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        don’t worry about it too much… lol. honestly, i own a BCR2000. i picked it up years ago, when my UC-33e started to show a bit of wear.
        this reminds me of the hate that moby was getting when Play got a lot of press. people forgot about the live loop guru and talented musician/composer that he is because of the mainstream attention or the fact that before moby, he was an old school dj known as voodoo child.
        don’t feel bad due to peoples lack of memory or knowledge of the influences that have brought us the modern electronic music that we enjoy today (i refuse to use the term EDM, as i find it an ignorant stereotype). it is undeniable that daft punk in the past has had an impact on and influenced the genre.

  • Zorlac

    Yesss! I love a good gear circle jerk!

  • Patrick Ijsselstein

    besides behringer’s reputation of making low budget plastic crap, the bcr 2000 inside actually has an amazingly number of parts and a very solid interface. It works. Only minor point is the loud clicking of the buttons.

  • Vader Trackerz

    belle prestation ……. ça faisait juste rigoler….. c’est deux bons commerciaux ces gars maintenant

  • Weyland Yutani

    lol at all the people in these comments being fools of themselves and not realizeing that the 2 robots tht played ‘Get Lucky’ are not Thomas bangalter and Guy Manuel dHomem christo themselves but stand ins… Everybody flaming Daft Punk for doing something different is ridiculous look at how you people behave omg. Daft Punk can make whatever music they want they are no prisoners of their own work. As an artist you are free to do whatever you want.

  • TCMuc

    OMG!!!! It’s Daft Punk!!! And they’re using BCR 2000s!!!!!1!11!

    They are, like, the coolest guys eva, so I’m sure they must be really playing live, at least they are triggering loops and samples live on stage!!!!!

    Erm, right… now let’s leave excitement and fanboy-ism aside and look at the facts…

    So, what do we have…

    14 BCR 2000. At 32 encoders each, that’s 448 encoders in total. Since Daft Punk is a duo they have a total of 4 hands at their disposal, which means each of them has to be tweaking 112 encoders with each of his hands!

    Could it be, that Daft Punk are the fastest, most skilled and versatile live performers EVER?? Maybe.

    But much more likely, that took advantage of the fact that a BCR is the easiest and cheapest way to get you an impressive looking number of knobs. They probably aren’t using a single one of these units. They probably aren’t even wired up.

    As for triggering loops and samples live on stage: they could be doing that by what seems to be touch screen controllers, but I actually doubt that.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Daft Punk and wouldn’t really expect them to be only electronic act to actually perform their music at an award show.

    But this article is just useless.

    • Radadam

      “But this article is just useless”

      I think this article is for preparing the release of the next knob controller from Ean. Sentence like: “a nearly 8-year-old product now” are just here to allow Ean to say later: “our controller is the new Behringer BCR2000” or “buy 1,000 of them and you can be as famous as Daft Punk”.

      Not very classy nor elegant but the method has proven powerfull in the past…

  • Sergio Cuadra

    Am I the only one here who thought the album was amazing? I cried hearing Instant Crush after going through a heartbreak, Giorgio by Moroder was the song I could relate to as a struggling aspiring musician, I was amazed with the closing track Contact & with DJ Falcon’s contribution, and Get Lucky was a fun song.
    I admire Daft Punk for being innovative, and I applaud them for not deciding to create another Homework or Discovery. This is the future now, if you want to live in the past, live in the past and listen to Homework all you want. Your time is over.

    • oz

      i feel you bro. album is good. daft punk been more famous and people start to annoy. i understand that but we are not talking about avici. so calm down, have a listen to new mix of nu called saga. he deserves better love than nico jaar

  • riddimdojo

    Firstly, was I entertained? Yes. Secondly, if we are to believe the man who built the set Jim from his twitter:

    “Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set. Very
    cool. The recording booth is patterned after the “Mother” space craft
    control room from the movie Alien. The robots gold mirror mixing console
    actually worked and was played live.”

    Soooo, unless you were there, don’t hate. Just enjoy the music.


  • DJ Gerard

    What was Stevie pounding on ??

  • Jupiter Nine

    Just like anyone else on this site would love to believe that it is in fact, a working console, I don’t doubt that it isn’t. But lets be realistic, on a night like the grammys where you’re told that you’re playing beforehand, for any given amount of time they want you to play, everything has to go over perfect, and everyone on stage is wearing in-ear monitors. They obviously played to a pre-recorded track. I’m not hating, but its just the truth. Fairly obvious even in the recordings. We all know they COULD play an even better set than they did, but its the grammys. A bunch of rubbish. You can see Guy just waving his hands over a panel that isn’t doing anything remotely in sync with anything. Thomas is actin a fool next to him turning knobs on the mother console midi controller of doom that isn’t plugged into anything. Patch bays are cheap props, they’re like 30 bucks. Throw some LED’s and some shitty midi controllers into a panel and you have a dope setup for cheap.

    All that aside, I thoroughly enjoy the kraftwerk

    • Sketch

      “mother console midi controller of doom” <– Win

    • radley

      Yeah, it’s all computer controlled and scripted… talent has nothing to…

      er… wait a minute:

      Maybe there really is mind-boggling “we make it look easy” talent going on at these events.

      • elev8d

        I had no idea NPH was that talented. Just blew my mind.

  • BiGGi

    First…sorry my bad english, I´m from germany

    so nice booth daft punk, an i agree to the article, they fired there samples and thats it. The daft punk voice samples are their hangout sign and they make their songs sound like daft punk, although they very minimalistic, but they are art. and thats whats all about. I think at a venue like the grammies, where the top of the world in music production is taking part of, every single person in the arena knows that you don’t need 10 or more midi controllers to fir e these samples that give the performance the daft punk sound. But the amazing build of the studio on this stage is performing art, and then there are the ironic Guys of daft punk 🙂
    As i read, second time ever on a tv live performance, in business for many years, faces never seen in public and trolling all with a complete exorbitant number of buttons and knobs in the booth. Nice! I like!

    but maybe its just for the use. they can hit the buttons to fire their samples and the Grammy production company is fine with artificial interpretation of a recording booth 😉

  • Erwan

    Having 14 BCR ? For what ? It’s useless… and create an article about that is even more useless… On the top of that, they was playing the guitar and battery on their latest clips and now they would turn knobs to replay their records ? FOOLS.
    “Alive” will stay the best album, random access memory is just to make money.

    • Joey Szabo

      You do realize they were making right around 27.5 million annually before RAM came out?

      • Graham Thorne

        WOW – just wow. How can you say that @Erwan. I am not a huge fan of Daft Punk but they are super iconic.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      lol… 14 BCR? For what?… FOOLS?!?… yeah, when you can walk away with 5 grammys doing something you love. then you can talk. apparently they have been doing something right with 14x BCR-2000’s, it’s been part of their set-up for a few years.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        Even if a few of them are just for show. For all they do though, I just don’t see the appropriate devices. I imaged a keyboard would be in there… perhaps a vocoder, but… hmmm (scratches head) where are all the… things?

    • maomau

      You are wrong, and be thankful for this guys trying to take music back to their roots.

    • Toontown

      Oh come on… RAM was a great dance album. 90% of the set were props–who cares? It’s the Grammys not a musical exploration at a festival full of DJs.

    • belindashort

      Its almost like you don’t know them at all.

    • djcl.ear

      Well, I would play the whole mutitrack from the DAW, assigning most every track to a single rotary control…if it were me there, I would have chosen most of the setup to be BCF2000 with the sliders instead.
      So basically you would have access to every single layer Live, and be able to tweak levels or even EQ as you please.
      Thus, yes there is use for many controllers when dealing live with a complex multitrack.

  • César Sánchez

    No disconnected CDJs? XD


    So much musical genius on that stage, who cares what they were using!

    • Dan White

      People who write about DJ technology, of course! 🙂

      • KILLMeDJ


  • err0r

    this just seems like half an article. no mention of what the patch banks do? the monome looking thing? this article is more of a “look! we spotted a bcr 2000”

    • Dan White

      Patch banks: Those are the elements of retro audio equipment that likely do nothing. There’s nothing patched during the performance that I can see. The “Monome looking thing” is just lighting to make the booth look cool and light up DP.

    • Toontown

      You must not remember how much this space loves the BCR 2000. Chances are high most of the setup was prop, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Pablo Fernandes

    This reminded of how good Daft Punk used to be.

    • Dan White

      Remember how Alive 2007 was just them remixing/mashing up their own songs live? Seems like they’ve got the stems to an incredible album that would be perfect for just that – an album that just happened to win five Grammys.

      • Andre

        Fact is, Grammys are just like Top 100 DJ pool, it just reflects popularity and tons of money spent in heavy market. I am not here to judge anyone’s taste for music, but nobody can’t deny that today’s Daft Punk has absolutely nothing to resemble to the once brilliant duo who created a piece of art like homework.

      • Andre

        Fact is Grammys are just like Top 100 DJ pool, it just reflects
        popularity and tons of money spent in heavy market. I am not here to
        judge anyone’s taste for music, but nobody can’t deny that today’s Daft
        Punk has absolutely nothing to resemble to the once brilliant duo who create a piece of art like homework.

  • Leslie Brohm

    A BCR2000 article and me not writing anything here….?

    Not possible. So cool to see that these guys are doing more and more with the BCR, I remember they started of with just two… Now it’s 14?

    Can’t wait till Behringer start building a next gen BCR2000 tbh!

  • BiGMAc

    Must be nice to have money…and rip off every big name in hoaxstory..

  • Rowin Grunder

    ah great research! too bad the appearance of this DJ booth wasn’t filmed that great. anyway cool article.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    Things to come for when they tour next? Would be a dope booth. Gonna be hard to beat this though!

    • mr.415

      Everytime I see this picture, I’m both in awe at the setup and in disgust at the lack of knowledge of whoever labeled the gear for the magazine.

      • Prof_Strangeman

        RIGHT?! Infuriating info-graphic.

      • Loic.L

        ah ! that’s what i was wondering.. I see moog instruments but not labelled “2” …

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        Well, those rectangles with lighter spots (along the edge of the booth), behind most of the equipment, are Colorblast LED uplights (the BCR-2000s are right in front of them).