KORG Gadget iPad App: 15 Synths + Drum Machines In One

This week Korg has launched a new iPad application that wraps 15 unique compact synthesizers and drum machines into a portable DAW. It’s called KORG Gadget – perhaps a shout-out to the wide array of tools that Inspector Gadget had at his disposal anywhere he went.

The app looks extremely powerful; each of the synths have a unique interface and scaled keyboard that feeds into a sequencer. Watch it in action below:

The app seems like a great introduction to the world of production and digital instruments for new producers – but at the same time the level of control would be appropriate for experienced track-crafters to sketch out new ideas on the go. Yes, you can use the Camera Connection Kit to attach a real MIDI keyboard and play, and there’s also AudioCopy and WIST support.


Here’s a Korg-curated selection of tracks made with the synths in the application – listen for yourself. There’s also a Soundcloud-based “GadgetCloud” that allows sharing of finished tracks with other KORG Gadget users and out to social networking sites.

Korg Gadget is available in the iTunes app store now for $28.99/£19.99

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  • Jamie

    Just curious – can I use this program to create beats for my hardware drum machine? I’ve been a DJ and guitarist for almost a decade now, and I’m getting a guitar drum machine pedal (and I’m not a traitor to “classic drum machines” lol, it’s actually really cool – mybeatbuddy.com ) and I may actually use this program. Do they have a Windows version though?

  • leavesremix

    if only poking around an ipad screen were as fun as playing with hardware! looks awesome. i love korgs stuff.

    • Ezmyrelda

      Indeed. Still there is something about this app and their interpretation of coveted boxes that intrigues me way more than your usual single synth recreation or limited but aesthetically pleasing tablet DAW.

    • Jimmy Burn

      just map your midi keyboard to whatever you want 🙂